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  1. When I re-read my Wot's I must admit I skip to certain sections, and mostly I find myself reading about Lan and Nanaeve (Lan reminds me of my hubby - many women could love him, but only one could put up with him.) and of Mat and Tuon (She is just so cute and quirky). However, between them all my loyality is with Lan. He just seems so Rock Hard yummy. :twisted:
  2. I have to agree with Diceman. Loved the series at first, not so much in love any more. However, I still bought Phantom the day it came out.
  3. I am a mom. Yep, honest for goodness pearls and pumps stay-at-home house wife. I do have a BA in Art and I would consider myself a Master in Stained glass. Took up quilting recently. Love love my job. Could use some help with the laundry and dishes if anyone wants to come over and help. The hubby says I have to go back to "work" when all the kids are in school..... I think we will be adopting some babies in the next few years...... heee heee.
  4. Having had "RJ" (wow that feels so personal!) in my life for some time now, seeing me through my first tat, finals and college graduation, too many lovers, marriage, kids, new homes, towns, jobs..... etc.. I've come to rely on the "next" book to sustain my fantasy need and long story short, I AM IN NEED. And thus because of my selfishness, I have been *takes a deep breath* cursing Jordans name lately. Yes, I have been wishing ill on him. So out of anger, I broke down and looked up when his next book would be out.... and found this site. I feel like a huge heel, shame and saddness have overwhelmed me. Made my husband make dinner because I was too sad. I wanted to say that I was SORRY to RJ and his family, and to all the fans of WOT. I know you had no idea that I was being so horrible, but I do. And I wanted to send some prayers out for him. So, RJ, fight this thing, and fans thanks for such a great site. I will wait more patiently.
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