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  1. So...I just finished my reread of the book. I didn't want to post before as I probably missed some big stuff. Anyway I still don't see em and here my questions go: I distinctly remember an interview which said this turning of the wheel was unique, that Padan Fain was unique. Well nothing unique happened with it. Fain got butchered like a trolloc. The DO got back to starting position. And hey if he's been doing this since Creation why doesn't he just tell Moridin not to touch Callandor? Can't be that hard. Found Androl to be an awesome character but it was just too much. Made everything related to him lose value somehow. Regarding the battle of Merrilor. While I understand that it's quite possible to kind of do something like that. With luck. It's just a little bit more luck than Mat has. I mean it would be really hard to do if he was facing a 5 year old commander and with Demandred it's a no no. Light most of the time the battle sounded like he was just facing 1/2 odds. And tactics...use the 2938523958 trollocs you have in reserve to do what you were doing with the Sharans and gateway the Sharans behind enemy lines. Liked the Egwene part. While Demandred dieing like that was cool he probably should have seen it coming. And AHA to whoever was saying Galad/Gawyn being better than Lan. He should have died though. Same for Talmanes. The bluff at the meeting was kind of weak. Thank the Creator for him being taveren even if ti didn't work. Would have enjoyed more Nyneave. On the other hand Perrin was awesome. Mat too. Rand/Mat meeting was probably the best thing in the book. Really expected more of it as it was the FINAL BOOK. Still it was a nice ending and I'm glad I read the whole thing. EDIT:HOW DARE THEY KILL BELA.
  2. The only thing that gives the Seanchan advantage when all the countries join is that they will be able to get their hands on the dragon plans. As they have more soldiers and lots and lots of resources(entire continent) they can make a lightload of them. That could be advantageous. Plus I can totally see the AS getting conquered easily. Which is strange since in the vision they were the last to fall. Anyway about the vision changing just because of Rand...I don't agree. I belive that it would have changed only because of itself{ a vision like that could change only if the future changed; the future could only be changed by something from the future(the vision) but Avienda did nothing after the vision that could affect Rand in any way/I'm assuming she wouldn't do anything like that if she didn't see it either/}. So if she goes back and if a vision like that appears it will be totally different. But not because of something Rand did. Because she sow the last vision and intends to do something to change things. The third vision would be different from the second because of THE SECOND and so on...I don't know where I'm going with this. My theory is that she is going to crash the Rand/Fortuona meeting Portal style and tweak the Dragon's Peace a little bit so it includes the release of a bunch of WOs. In exchange she doesn't stab them both too hard. All the while the Seanchan will get their mainland back. The Empress may she live forever will start channeling. Mat and her excellency will squash a few lordlings trying to kill her and channeling will become legal(I'm guessing in the vision they died around that time because one of the damane WOs sided with the enemy realised how to deal with Mat...or something). Then they discover lots of stuff and live happily until channeling disappears and Bush gets elected...TWICE...and channeling appears and Lanfear goes all bitchy and the circle goes round and round. I am deeply sorry for this wall of text. I get carried away sometimes.
  3. Tar Valon. Only some borderland cities and Tear come near it in defense capabilities(rivers+Aes Sedai=one city you won't capture unless there's some kind of world war and everyone else is captured already coughseanchancoughshaitanwinscough)and none even gets close in architectural beauty. No crime. Free healthcare if you have the guts to ask for it. If you're lucky you can even get a gal that won't ask you if you'll leave her when she gets old. Plus I hear it's kind of rich. No famine(excluding Elayda's rule). Hell if they get some Internet running there I'd probably go.
  4. uhh created this post by mistake...anyway these are among the funniest things I have seen...EVER
  5. I personally don't see why the belief in the Creator would be strange...I mean as far as we know after we get the DO sealed there are ages and ages in which The Creator is chatting with people...like when the portal stones were invented. Or some priests from the time when wolves and people hunted together. Then one day the Creator from the neighbourhood decided to attack our world. The Creator stopped most of him but there was a weak spot in the barrier between creators...the way in which the creator could chat with Randland...way back. Then a hottie decided she could have some power and made the link between Randland and the Creator from next door... PS: In case it's not entirely clear I'm talking about a world of creators that each have their own world...only they have a creator of their own which lives in a world full of upperclass creators...and they...well you get my point. It's like thinking That each electron in an atom could be an entire universe like ours...stuff like that. PPS:I'm sorry I went this off-topic. The point is there could have been an entire age in which he talked to humans and every single human was as sure there is a creator as he is sure he has to breath. Things like that tend to stay for a while...until they fade to legends. And the legends fade to myths. And even the myths are forgotten when The Creator shows up again and says he's the Creator. EDIT: I just read my post...I'm sorry to say that I barely understood what I had meant...and I am in my head. You aren't.
  6. The AoL North Pole expedition decided to make kids...and kids...and a city...and active volcanoes for protection... Then one day they get bored and travel to SG only to find Shaidar Haran and Rand al'Thor with their pants down. On a more serious note that could be pretty darn awesome. It could also be an AoL prison. Eventually the prisoners got out and defended themselves for 3 thousand years. Either that or there was a zoo somewhere north. The animals evolved in the blight, one day migrated south and stamped the DO. Then Randland. Then the rest of the unknown world. And so came the Triassic period. During the Cretaceous period they evolved some more and created the waygates. Then one of them became bad and one of them became good. The bad one tried to kill everything. The good one sealed the bad one but sacrificed his entire species in the process. Then came humans. Then came channeling. Then came Lanfear.Then there was a zoo somewhere north...
  7. You balefire the one that made it. About gates...the cuendillar will absorb/destroy the gate before it appears. About the Dreamspike...I think it was made in both TAR and on Randland. Like a circle of AoL channelers+dreamers half asleep doing the same thing both in the dream and irl.
  8. I just had a random theory and I'm sorry if somebody already made one like that but I had to write it down before forgetting lol. So anyway I was wondering about the light/darkness in Rand's mind. Now there have been some theories about a light power needed to balance the TP out. Well what if they are one and the same? Now I'm not really sure about this but I presume that the madness seen in Rand's and the Ashaman's minds connects them with the DO. Rand was almost driven to the dark side by it. Now we know that the Forsaken draw the TP from their link with the DO. If there is darkness like that in their minds and that is their connection to him then that could explain Rand's TP in a way not connected to the link with Moridin. "A white radiance, like liquid Power. Light given form and life. She gasped. It coated each of the dark tines, driving into his mind alongside them." Now the light seems to be like a wall between the thorns and Rand's mind. Well what if it's not only a wall but a filter? That would leave Rand able to use power great enough to fight the TP on equal grounds and also the Marathon thing. Just because an Ashaman sow his weaves doesn't mean it's just Saidin. We know absolutely nothing about a power such as that. Not even if it exists. As far as we know it could be seen by anyone and only channelers actually make out the weaves.(there could be complications for female channelers and differences too) Another part of this theory is that the Creator and the DO are one and the same. Like two sides of a coin. Good and evil. Something like: In the begining there was nothing. There was balance. Balance ripped itself apart between good and evil. Good became the world. Evil became the DO. Their battle became the Wheel of Time. Good and Evil were still one and the same. And yet they battled. Something like that.(sounds a little like mistborn I know) In that case the DO's goal could be to destroy good => destroy itself and return balance because it was bored being sealed away. Now Rand and Moridin's link could be something like that only on a lesser scale.
  9. I imagine something like this happening: Rand:Hey guys. Everyone:yo. Egwene: Come inside have some tea. He comes inside and drinks one drop. Rand:I remember 3000 years ago when Aginor created a most devious herb. He managed to spread large quantities of it in (insert ancient city name) water supply just before attacking it. The people were helpless. They couldn't channel. Now if you don't mind I'm gonna pass on tea. Egwene: Ehh...right. Anyway you shouldn't break the seals. Rand: I will. Everyone: Then we won't join ya. Rand: Fine fend for yourselves I'm going to Seanchan. I hear it's pretty warm there. Nice beaches. Cya. Ohh btw if you change your mind ask Logain to send me a message boy. Rand makes a gate and leaves before anyone can say anything. Mat and Moarain break in and shout about seanchan at WT and trollocs at Caemlyn. Then Nyneave ports to Lan dyeing, Rand killing trollocs left'n right. 5 hours pass Everyone: Sorry Rand we do what you want. Rand: Get me a pizza. I killed him already.
  10. All right so we've got a 100 or so immortals. So what. DO can send enough trollocs to make them stay put for a few centuries(it does take even them some time to kill something and they are just 100) and still completely overwhelm any light side armies that don't have rand with them. So what does that mean? They are good at spreading panic(so useful as the 1st wave in a full scale attack) or as peeps guarding a relatively small area/passageway(which I think will be what the most important part of whatever they're going to do(they could do both too). Anyway they are going to be about as useful as the massive armies gathering all over but the light needs both of them to stand a chance of making trough TG. Besides what kind of books would we be reading if the main characters had the most powerful thingy in the universe and actually used it. It would be boring.
  11. The nymphs have certain power over life but changing the seasons is another matter entirely. It's true that they can counter the effect of the DO but to my understanding that is so only with living things.
  12. There could'v been some prophesies about the world being destroyed if they didn't do something like this (we know that the Aes Sedai that created the Eye had some of those) which likely would have happened(Aginor kills Rand => DO kills Randland). On the other hand Rand would have never been able to channel enough to wound Ishy/whoever that was and temporarily restore the natural order of the seasons. A winter as long as it was was bad enough already. Imagine Randland giving resistance to the trollocs after say 3 years of winter. It would have been instant win for the DO. About the Aginor thingy...well who's to say if channelling saidin while connected to the DO doesn't give him a bad headache or something. There's also the possibility that drawing from the Eye was like drawing from an angreal...only without the buffer to stop one from burning oneself from the true source. Which could explain both Aginor pwning himself and Ishy/whoever that was's comment that Rand shouldn't draw that much of the power even though Rand still could barely touch it(he still couldn't draw much more power than to make a single lightning) and there not being a headache mentioned when he does => he could either draw enough power to kill a few thousand trollocs but barely enough for a lightning or the eye being a hybrid between a well and an angreal. OR: RJ didn't have the minor details like the Eye completely figured out when he wrote it and changed some stuff in the next books therefore one shouldn't look at it much.
  13. For some reason every time I read an aeil chapter I think of desert rose by sting...idk it may be just me but it really sounds...aeil-ish to me. EDIT: I just realised from when this thread was...am I the lord of the grave or what :D EDIT2:Chosen ones by Dream Evil is pure forsaken material...after they win that is.
  14. When Mat escapes from Ebou Dar in WH he shows a sea folk windfinder how to remove the collar. He doesn't remove it himself, just teaches her how to do it. However if I remember correctly from Egwene's capture one can't even touch the collar/do something as a means to escape.Then is this an author's mistake or am I just missing something here? PS:Sorry if this was already answered. I couldn't find it anywhere.
  15. If I remember correctly she tried to kill them with fire and lightning in the ter'angreal but it didn't work and since that's pretty much all of an Aes Sedai's arsenal against non-channelers nothing else she knew of could work. EDIT:I guess she could have tried some air ropes but they wouldn't be killed so w/e. Besides she said only SURE way to kill them... So she knew how to kill them by simple trial and error.
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