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  1. I always got the impression that RJ originally intended Ba'alzamon in The Eye of the World to actually be The Dark One, and later changed his mind to have it be Ishamael instead.
  2. I'm honestly not sure that series would have ever got written, or at least not until very late in his life. TWoT is/was a huge cash cow. After completing the main sequence (who knows how many books it would have taken him despite saying book 12 would be the end), I'm sure he would have gone straight into the other prequels and the Mat trilogy.
  3. Aside from the books that we know were planned, I think a novel taking place during the Age of Legends would be great. I would love to read about LTT and the Forsaken and the events during that era. Perhaps have it start with the opening of the bore and end with the sealing of the DO's prison, though that likely would be far too much material for one novel.
  4. I've always assumed that the OP will eventually be forgotten because as technology becomes more and more advanced, the OP becomes less important. At some point what you can do with technology will likely surpass what you can do with the OP, so people will stop caring or bothering to train in the OP, and eventually knowledge of it will be lost and forgotten.
  5. Olver = Gaidal Cain was a popular theory for a long time, but I believe RJ himself debunked it. Androl was made into a semi-main character because Brandon Sanderson wanted a character of his own that he could expand on, so an Asha'man of little importance that little had been written about was chosen for him to make his own. As for Shaidar Haran, I don't have the exact quote, but when Rand is in Shayol Ghuk in AMoL, he encounters a Fade's corpse and Moridin remarks that it is a form the DO no longer needed.
  6. True, but my belief about the pattern producing a new dragon comes from the fact that there were an increasing number of false dragons prior to Rand proclaiming himself, and once Rand proclaimed himself, the remaining false dragons were defeated and new ones stopped appearing. Perhaps Logain, Taim, and the other unnamed false dragon were something like "backup dragons".
  7. My thought is that if Rand was killed, the pattern would simply spin out a new Dragon. That's why there were so many false dragons before Rand proclaimed himself the Dragon Reborn. Perhaps if Rand had died at Winternight, Logain or Taim actually would have been the true Dragon. Thus, Rand had to survive at least until the Last Battle and then be defeated there to prevent a new Dragon from emerging. That could also explain why they wanted Rand alive, but not Mat or Perrin. If Mat or Perrin die, Rand's chance of winning goes down drastically.
  8. You're definitely getting to the part of the series where it can start to be difficult to follow. Book 4 was the first book that the main characters don't all end the book in the same place, and this is where you really start having plot threads diverging significantly from each other. Don't feel bad if you're not getting everything. People can reread the series five or six times and still pick up things they missed, it's just that complex. Reading chapter summaries online after you read through a chunk of the book is definitely a good idea to make sure there aren't any major details you misse
  9. New Spring is a prequel to the main series (which starts with The Eye of the World and ending with A Memory of Light). However, New Spring was published between the 10th and 11th book in the main series (I believe I have the timeline right). Despite taking place approximately 20 years before the main series and containing younger versions of many characters that appear prominently in the main series, New Spring is written in such away that it's assuming the reader already understands many of the concepts and is familiar with the characters from reading the main series books. As such, it's
  10. I recently started doing a full reread of the series (it will be my first time reading all the books straight through with the series complete). I just started The Great Hunt this week, and this might be a dumb question, but why did all the Aes Sedai come to Fal Dara at the start of the book? Obviously Siuan wanted to meet Rand, but only she and Moiraine (and later Verin after she figured it out) knew about Rand. Why did the other Aes Sedai come to Fal Dara, or why did those Aes Sedai think they were going to Fal Dara (an urgently, since mention is made of altering the currents to get there fa
  11. I'm not sure if you've read New Spring or not, but Elaida has a rivalry with Siuan and Moiraine dating back to when Moiraine and Siuan were novices, presumably because they were the three or among the three most powerful channelers in the tower at the time. Moreover, once she learns about Rand, she believes that she is the best person to lead the Aes Sedai and control Rand. That being said, Alivarin plays a major role in Elaida becoming Amyrlin. You will learn more in later books about the role that the Black Ajah played in the White Tower split, so since you haven't read past book nine I
  12. Remember, one of the major premises of The Wheel of Time series is that time is cyclical, and what happened in the past will happen in some form in the future. We don't really know how similar each age is during each turning of the Wheel, but in the distant future, when the second age rolls around again, the DO will be partially freed again, as mentioned above, and then eventually he will be sealed away again similar to what happened in the books.
  13. I think it would be cool to have some info about what happens (high level summaries) in the first, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh ages.
  14. http://encyclopaedia-wot.org/ Does anyone know if anyone is still working on this site? This site is/was a great resource and I was just wondering if anyone would ever complete aMoL on it.
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