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  1. Am I the only one who sees the Seanchan being more asain than african or even egyptian?
  2. This is true, my friend. I have just despised the Seanchan since the beginning. i think they are blind to a whole lot. I think they need to open their eyes to the Suldam being able to channel as well. I would like to see Tuon get collared and then see what happens. Would see then right.
  3. Interesting idea. Certainly gets around the who submits to whom scenario. Personally, I thought we'd see more of that kind of thing by now. There do need to be a series of Light setbacks before the Big Dustup if there is ever going to be any suspense about the outcome. I figured this book would be "The Empire Strikes Back" volume, and it wasn't, so... The thing about writing a whole new series of books is, we dont know a whole lot if where Jordan wanted it to go, Sanderson is doing great with what he was left with and such, i think it would be a mistake to go in another direction like that. I think i speak for alot of people when i say that i wanna see how it ends. i hate the year and a half wait between books to see what is gonna happen. I have been reading them for 21 years now or so. im 33, but i feel like im gonna be dead before they are finished.
  4. I'm kinda confused. When she saw what she did, i mean if she doesnt change things by telling somebody, we know how the story ends basically. Kinda upset me, but also leaves you on a cliffhanger. I have been reading these books since '89 I belive and havent been hanging like this with any of the novels. I mean, come on, really? When does the next book come out? The suspence is killing me.
  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures. The only thing i was skeptical about was Tuon. I always saw the Seanchan being more of an asain culture. Everything about the way they do things speaks of it.
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