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  1. Oh yes, I must agree with this.
  2. Hahaha, I was just wondering the same thing when I just logged on.
  3. I reckon this is pretty impressive. The battle at Manetheren: http://firebrandfantasyart.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=search&cat=0&pos=1
  4. I reckon it'd be cool if the DO managed to break free for just a second or so before Rand and co. managed to bind him again. And just in that second we say the absolute chaos the DO would bring. I doubt its going to happen, but a man can dream. We'll see anyway.
  5. My pronounciation's pretty poor. I wouldn't mind learning to say them all properly, but it's just not going to happen. Oh well.
  6. I've read the first in that trilogy, and I've got the next two ready. Good stuff.
  7. I went classical in the absence of metal, which I listen to a lot. I espcially like epic black metal, viking/folk, and thrash. Whilst there are many talented (technically wise) metal bands, I think the crown of technicality goes to jazz. Probably. I believe the hallmark of metal to be there willingness to incorporate new things into the music. Just my $0.02
  8. RIP. We'll miss ya big fella. I'm gonna have a beer in every pub in Australia. Anything else would be disrespect :) Just gonna throw this out, but does anyone reckon Steve is the Aussie Chuck Norris?
  9. I'll preface this by saying I hope Snape is on Harry's side. But Stevenator, you say that Dumbledore is coming clean with Harry, and that Snape performing the Avada Kadavra on Dumbledore is planned. Sure Dumbledore would've let Harry know about the plan...
  10. Ashaman becoming Aes Sedai would be very cool. This seems the sort of thing that would lead to the Age of Legends, but perhaps that is too far in the future for the moment. However, assuming the Ashaman are around after the last battle, something is going to change about them. I can't see Randland putting up with male channelers who are bred to be weapons. Ah, so much more interesting stuff that we'll probably just have to speculate on after the Last Battle. Probably for the best though.
  11. I agree, can't really see Thom dying. At least I hope he doesn't. He's had enough stuff happen to him already :D Seeing Moiraine back will be very interesting. I wonder what she'd have to say about Egwene being Amyrlin Seat.
  12. I've only read it through once. But I've read the first few many times.
  13. Another possible motive for Moiraine: If she we're to kill Asmodean before the fell through the doorway, she would probably distance Rand from her (I believe this is the point at which Rand was getting very stickly about Moiraine trying to control him). Although I'm sure maybe she could have killed Asmodean without Rand realising it was her. One other thing I'm curious about: If Moiraine asked as one of her wishes that Asmodean were to be killed, what would happen if said wish was granted? Would she be permitted to actually kill him, or would it be by other means. Personally I think t
  14. what do plan on doing with your aerospace degree?To be honest, I'm not too sure yet (Have only just started the degree). I wouldn't mind working in Europe, where I hear there is a large Aerospace movement.
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