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  1. Tried these, Steam horses Constructs Soul transmigration Nature of the dark one Duality No go!!
  2. I have tried: Sealing the bore Opening the book of translation Channeling saidin Channeling Saidar Then got timed out!!!!!
  3. Just a thought, could it be first sight of psuedo Aiel seen in epilogue of TOM? Black eyes, cadinsor etc. Bit tenuous, granted. But a possibility!
  4. Thanks, didn't have time to look properly sorry
  5. Is there any ideas out there why (and I assume its Verin), has left four letters (that I can remember) to certain people? Mat obviously has one, Rand gets one, Alanna gets one and finally Galad gets one before Morgase's wedding? Any thoughts?
  6. When Gawyn is recuperating and we get his POV, he mentions that a search of the tower turns up the other blood knife, who kills a couple of guards and a warder(maybe 2, cant remeber exactly) before she is taken down.
  7. Read in another thread that BS said it was sophisticated enough to pass through a gateway.
  8. Guys, just had a thought.(Apologies if this has been covered already) What if Bode is leashed by the Seanchan in their next attack on the White Tower. If Mat enginneers her release with Tuon could this spark the release of all Dammane and the truce with the invaders? Thoughts please.
  9. Again sorry if this has been asked before (didn't have time to read whole thread), What the hell is a remarker? (spelling maybe a bit off). Grendal noticed this in Moridin's stash of one power artifacts.
  10. Maybe Fain needs his dead trollocs to see him through to Shayol Ghul. Obviously marching through the blight he is going to attract some attention from its denizens. I know he's defeated worms (hard to kill) and a fist of trollocs but what if he was to encounter trollocs on the scale of the battle of Maradon or what the Malkieri are facing at Tarwin's gap. Dont think he has enough Power to defeat shadowspawn of that number so he's going to probably need some foot soldiers of his own. What do you think?
  11. Intersesting thread, IMO I would say Aviendha, the reason being even though Tuon has self defence skills, she would only have to use it as a last resort due to the protection of the deathwatch guards, and if an assasin got through those they would have to deal with Selucia first before they attacked her. With Aviendha being a former maiden of the spear, she would have been training everyday and participating in endless raids on other clan septs this would have given her invaluable battle/fight experience.
  12. The thing that bothers me is how much screen time is Demandred going to get with all the other plot lines that have to be finished up. We should have had some clue or build up to his whereabouts and schemes before now. I now he states to Moridin that he is ready for war but thats all we get. So I hope its not something thats over in 3 chapters or that would be a huge kick in the nads.
  13. Hi guys, Been a fan for 21 years when a mate first lent me a copy of EOTW. Looking forward to some in depth discussion and debate. Ryan
  14. I like that theory, never really thought about it in that context so its got me thinking. Can I ask do we know if there is still the connection with Moridin going on? Since VOG there does not seem to be the description of Rand seeing a face etc when he channels.
  15. Hi Guys, new to the boards but been a fan for the last 20 years. Am i wrong in saying that the DO bestows the ability to channel the true power, because if this is true its very doubtful that he would allow Rand to channel the TP after his intergration. I think and agree with a previous poster,that its his intergrated knowledge from LTT that allowed him to channel that amount of the one power and the complexity of the weaves. Any thoughts?
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