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  1. Egwene- All of twenty some, and she thinks she knows more than the 400 some year old Dragon.
  2. Gawyn. He egts the vote for taking the longest to grow up. Everyone else had dealt with their issues before Gawyn made up with Egwene, though maybe Perrin, Lan, and Galad were close.
  3. Nynaeve. From the most hated and annoying, to my favorite, and almost the only one I can stand, other than Min. Getting a man calmed her down I think. I knew a cat like that once.
  4. I chose tam, though that is a recent change, after rereading tGS. Rand says in ToM that the reason he was better this time was because of the way he was raised. Tam always has good advice, and is never ruffled by anything. Plus he is secretly a blademaster and captain.
  5. Can you be sure? Prove it. ;-)
  6. Could it be that the stedding are pockets of magnetism? This might explain why the stedding were lost during the breaking, when the earth was shifting. Also, perhaps the inability to channel inside them is a result of the magnetic effects on the body/brain? Also it might explain the longing (magnetic attraction?) The guardians in Far Madding might also be magnetic, though not as strong. What do you think?
  7. Was the giant white sphere (Can't remember the name) above Paaran Disen actually the DO's prison, or just a "focus" like the seals? If it is actually his prison, two things: 1 Why did they build the greatest city in the world under it 2 Is Shayol Gul actually where Paraan Disen was? The Aiel in tSR where moving east, couldn't go north, then went south. On the other hand, LTT went to Shayol Gul to seal the bore, not Paaran Disen.
  8. I pronounce all the names properly. I also cringed when first listening to the podcasts. Eggweeen?? If the author explains how to pronounce something, that is how it should be pronounced, and if you say it differently, unfortunately you are wrong.
  9. 1.tGS 2.tSR It would be a tie, except for Faile's play to get to the Two rivers.
  10. Audiobooks. I'm a truck driver/fantasy nut, and was looking for long series to listen to. I found one. So I can pronounce the names properly, but can't spell most of them.
  11. Man 27 Fav characters- Rand (especially after ToM), Mat, Logain, Min, Tam.
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