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  1. wow I wonder if we were reading the same book or watching the same movie? Neville had nothing to do with Voldemort's death, if so we might as well credit Ron and Hermione. Both of them had a hand in destroying individual pieces of Voldemort's horcruxes too.
  2. No, there were far more than 13 Forsaken in the AoL. The only reason the 13 are the only ones known as "Forsaken", is because they are the only ones who survived. When LTT struck at SG, the 13 that were present were the most powerful, most influential, most important. The rest were all forgoten in time because they all died in the Breaking. But during the War of Power any channeler who was on the DO's side was known as a Forsaken. The thirteen that were sealed were not necessarily the most powerful. RJ said that only six among them were at the top of the Forsaken hierarchy during the war of power. Obviously Ishamael, Demandred, Sammael and Lanfear were in that group. The other two I am not sure about.
  3. Sorry you are nitpicking. Ishamael also tried to recruit Lews Therin after healing him. thats far far more important in the grand scheme of things than worrying about research equipment. You also under estimate the loss of human resources. Probably the scientists who had the knowledge to make the tools that made the tools that Aginor used to make trollocs were channelers and they also ended up mad during the breaking. Seeking them out would have been tough and useless. the whole word was full of chaos at that time and remember the organisation of the aes sedai had been totally decimated. I think Ishamael was doing more important stuff while he was free. we know that shadow armies were still operating at that time under the leadership of other dreadlords and that Ishamael was sighted every now and then for 30-40 years after the sealing. I can totally imagine that he was trying to reign in the dreadlords who had turned on one another etc and lead the fight against the light. He is easily the most impressive and successful of the forsaken. His actions over the years have kept the human lands fragmented and stopped them from reaching the tech levels of the AOL. How can you say hes not evil or smart? he tops in both of them.
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