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  1. As well, isnt it mentioned that as moridin is continuously tapping into the "true source", a side affect of such regular use is insanity?
  2. Or it could be that rand didnt tell narishma about all the traps, as a test.
  3. I am still in highschol, but in my spare time i am an active member of the canadian military reserves.
  4. Children of the light Bio Username: Lord_Of_The_Eastern_Marsh Division: Children of the Light Email Address: Jellacot@smus.ca Character Name: John Alabaster Place of Birth/Raising: Fal Dara, Shienar, The borderlands Physical Description Height: 6’ 2†Weight: 200 lbs Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Green Age: 18 John Alabaster stands tall at Six feet, two inches, which although not entirely strange considering his borderland background, still lends itself to making Alabaster physically imposing enough to warrant from most people a second look. Working on a farm all his life has given John strong hands and a fairly muscled physique, and working in the fields for days at a time has tanned and darkened his skin to a deep nut colored brown. His brown hair is left long to his shoulders, as is traditional in the borderlands and his stunning green eyes portray to some, a look of understanding far beyond his age. He bears many scars as is normal considering the many farm mishaps that happen, but the most blatant of these is a long flowing scar that runs from below his eye to the bottom of his jaw, which John received in a scythe accident while fooling around with his brother at the age of 12. Character History: Ever since he was born, John Alabaster was destined to join the ever victorious ranks of the Children of the Light. Being the fifth child of Jackam and Darla Alabaster he was pre-ordained to leave the house as soon as he came of age, due to the fact that the family could just not support a fifth person for longer than mandatory, he had it better off than other children and he knew it, his parents were kind enough to support him as long as possible and send him out into the world with enough gold and a horse, to transport him the way to Amadacia, and the fortress of the children. His parents could have chosen to send John to any other military force on the face of the continent, but as far as they were concerned, sending their fifth child to join the children was in turn, an offering to the creator, thanking him for the many successful harvests and plentiful crops over the years. Johns parents had treated him no different than any of their other children, and he had grown up strong and healthy, he could manage a team of plough horses and look after a crop to ensure its success, but of the outside world, he was truly ignorant. John did not take much to strangers, and many people counted him anti-social, but in truth he was not. He needed no one’s help, so what need did he have to be friendly? Due to his majorly hierarchical family structure John counted himself level headed, and believed that he could take orders well, and succeed in the ranks of the Children of the Light. As for fighting experience, John had none, he did not count himself familiar with military strategy, or the ranks of the children, traveling across the continent to reach Amadacia would be an amazing adventure in itself, and the only useful skill that John could say he would bring when joining the Children, would be his boxing talent, for five years straight, he had won first prize at his towns local boxing challenge, an annual affair that fought off the strain of living in the borderlands. John had a hard fist and a cunning mind, and on his eighteenth birthday he set off for Amadacia, and his future in the greatest fighting force on the face of the earth, The children of the light.
  5. Hmm, i always associated the song "Animal i have become" by three days grace, with rand, but other than that, i dont like music while reading.
  6. Schneb makes a good point, And as for what the books have said, Like mules, myrdraal are born infertile, they cannot reproduce (although that doesnt satiate their lust) A myrdraal is produced when a trolloc, and another trolloc mate, and due to some random genetic non-comformity a myrdraal is produced rather than a normal healthy trolloc baby. And back to the original question, could it not be that Neverborn, implies that by rights and morals the myrdraal should never have been created, and therefore never born.
  7. Hello all, im fairly new here, in the sense that i havent cruised the site with all these new changes in a long while, and although i have been here before under different names and Alias's its good to see that the roleplaying site has finally merged with the regular Dragonmount site, hope to participate in both fully.
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