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  1. IIRC ther were black streaks in the land too. And they traveled faster than in their own world. Must be coinsidence.
  2. No offence to RJ or GRRM fanboys/girls, but there are other fantasy writers than those two. I have two books/series that sould be mentioned. First is Guy Gavriel Kays Tigana. I liked it because the main character was second (probably fourth) in command , in other words not the king who comes and makes everything good just by showing up. More points to the fact that wizards have to perform self mutilation. Second there is my favorite fantasy series. Death gate cycle by Weis & Hickman. It would have been perfect if they had cut out that annoying crazy wizard character. This far in my life Haplo is the only character in fantasy i can totally relate to (that tells a lot about me). To those unfamiliar with deathgate novels in WoT terms it would be like the Dragon Reborn was Elyas doing the work of James Bond. Unlike Wot or ASOIAF ,DGC is a "true" fantasyworld in a way that there is no known culture which works in ways as any of cultures in that series. And magic system atleast tries to be logical to what was known about quantum-physics in the time it was written.
  3. Few points I'd like to make. To all of you people who are casting yet another supermodel as Aviendha , do they look like they can pick up a spear and fight eefficiently? And yes I'm counting Milla Jovovich to this lot (since they don't have slow motion in real combat). When I think of Aviendha I think of someone who can actually fight , first name in my mind is Cynthia Rothrock back in the days. And I know she is too short and way too old even at the point when Aviendhas character was first introduced. Closest match I can think is Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby , with red wig and contact lenses. And I know she is too old for the role. Let's just say that I don't like Kate Hudson or Ryan Reynolds even mentioned in Wheel of Time forum. And to bring something original to this conversation , here is my idea of Elyas: I know he is too young but still. In 2020 when we hopefully see WoT movie Heather Graham will be perfect Morgase.
  4. Thanks to quite bad translation I thought that 'that's a lame name for the bad guys'. Come to think of it IIRC trolloc was the only "fictional" word that was translated to fit the local language. As the visuals go i thought something like the movie Company of the Wolves or later lycans in Underworld obviosly addding different animal traits.
  5. IIRC in Ishamaels case that name was given to him by his former allies and he just stuck with it.
  6. My idea wasn't to make yet another casring thread , tbh i don't mind since actors/actresses are people who are seen a lot. IMHO that guy playing Thor is just too skinny to be Perrin. I've always thought him more like a some of those guys who pull airplanes with their teeth. Meaning something like this. I mean that the guy is huge and seemingly unstoppable.
  7. She's in politics, current prime minister of Finland. So i think it IS fair.
  8. After watching too much bad fan art (no offence) i started to think actual persons who look like WoT charaacters. So the idea is post people who look like your idea of those characters. If there was a one already close this and put a link to previous one. First of all since i hate pretty boys my idea of Galad is Elaida to me is and always will be she
  9. From my view of the world id' surely be Ishameal , or the guy he used to be in AoL. When it comes to looks i think that i'd be Gaidal Cain , hopefully as lethal too. Considering how good my life has been so far i think i'd be victim number 4 in a tavern Rand walks by and is launched to orbit.
  10. I have a better idea idea: The AoL Aes Sedai knew how to make "Universal Translator" ter'angreals. All of the Forsaken wear them. To a person like me the old english is still more understandable than english used in most forums. But i've learned english as a totally foreign language. On topic i find common language unrealistic. I mean there isn't even a slang.One would think that borderlanders had figured out a word for "scythe like sword". Or that tairens and illianers had a different word for silverpike. To me it seems easier to have different words for things than having the same language and speking it backwards. IRL swedish danish norwegian and islandic are almost the same language with some differense in spelling but hardly any in grammar.I think that outsider couldn't hear the difference between a swede and a norse in spoken language. The point of this rant is that should be more variety in language around the world.
  11. Thanks for the links and for mentioning Fenrir. I read about him but did not think of him in this context. I really should read up on Nordic mythology. There seem to be a number of interesting clues there. In particular, Mat is supposed to be based on Odin (as you say) and also on Locke. But he is safe from being killed by Slayer I think given that RJ planned some outrigger novels about him. However, Slayer might just be the one to kill Rand (or at least give it a good try). He mentioned once that he'd like to and Gitara Moroso apparently foretold that he'll play a major role in the Last Battle. But if Slayer is Fenrir then he is a twisted "bad" wolf. I was wondering if Perrin's connection to "good" wolves has some basis in mythology too. It doesn't have to of course but given that so many of his other traits are based in mythology I would be surprised if this one wasn't. So Thor apparently has no special connection with wolves? It could also be that Perrin's connection with wolves is based on some other myths. I remember reading a quote that WoT is most heavily based on north American and Nordic myths. The former are not often discussed, I guess because few people know much of anything about them. I know absolutely nothing about them myself. The link on myth in mythology that you gave mentions Dena'ina people in Alaska who believed wolves were once men, and viewed them as brothers. I wonder if that's related somehow. IMO there are no "good" wolves in any (northern) european myths. Since all myths are from rural areas and wolves and cattle aren't such a good combination it's no wonder.
  12. Or he wants to die for good, in other words not reborn again.
  13. It would be hilarious to see someone telling for example Nynaeve that he has burning feeling while peeing :D "Nynaeve, please go back to tug your hair, our just box my ears instead" But seriously, how many women would Mat really have to have been "safe" with. I can only think of two off the top of my head. That is not really that many for a four year time span for a good looking young man. As a matter of fact it is quite chaste. I was under the impression that Mat 1. walks into a tavern. 2. grins. 3. gets some action. But then it was probably in my head
  14. It would be hilarious to see someone telling for example Nynaeve that he has burning feeling while peeing :D
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