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  1. I've been saying for a while now, Shaidar Haran is going to be killed by Faile.
  2. I always thought the Choedan Kal access keys were sculptures made of almond bark chocolate. Rand "destroyed it" (as in ate it). He was denying himself of that delicious chocolate (since he was obviously on a diet) and that's the reason he was in a bad mood. Once he ate it, he's been happy ever since. He's finally realized that for one to be on a successful diet, one can't deny themselves of what they want. They need to make a lifestyle change and remove any negative thoughts. During the Cleansing, Nynaeve's hands were simply sweaty. Thus the reason why that one melted. Hope that helps!
  3. +1 for the Illianers sounding a mix between Scottish and Welsh. That's the way I always thought of it anyways. But I could see it being Dutch also. For the Seanchan, I always thought of them as having a Russian accent for some reason. So when I read that they have a Texas accent, I laughed a little. I was SO far off.
  4. I for one want it to be done in just one, final book. I guess I truely don't want EVERYTHING to be tied up. One final book should be enough to cover the main point of the series (I mean come on; Each book is like 700 pages long). Having everything getting tied up would feel fake to me. Yeah, I know it's fantasy, but in my opinion, doing that would make it feel childish. Just my opinion.
  5. Here would be a couple of interesting scenarios. 1.) Lanfear was one of the three girls that Rand fell in love with (Instead of Elayne). Initially she wanted to use him for power, but as the series goes on, she truely does fall in love with him. When Rand finds out, this is what nearly pushes him to surrender to the Dark One. Lanfear convinces him not to. 2.) Someone else said this a while back, but having Perrin go over to the Dark side to save Faile would have been kind of cool. 3.) Egwene getting killed by Mesaana. I'm not an Egwene hater. I just think having arguably one of the most powerful characters in the series killed off by a forsaken would have made them seem a little more dangerous approaching the final battle. 4.) Asmodean lives. Later in the series, Rand and company find a way to convert people back to the light. Asmodean is converted and figures out the song. He lives happily ever after with the Tinkers. 6.) The ability to make waygates didn't even exist. I can understand the reason (why Robert Jordan invented this), but something just doesn't feel right anymore. The journeys used to be a cool part of the story (at least in my opinion). 5.) The page numbers are in completely random order.
  6. Nothing behind this theory at all... But how about he's raising an army for Fain?
  7. Random Speculation? I've just got done re-reading the first three books (and I'm going to stop there because I don't have the fourth). Moiraine was a Dark friend the whole time until she went into the Aelfinn World (where maybe she wished to go back to the light). - I understand that she's suppossed to be an awesome Aes Sedai and everything, but it seems like she finds out where (and who) the forsaken are way too easily. I think within a span of 50 some pages, she finds where two of the forsaken are ruling. It's like she just goes out on a walk and finds out within a couple of hours. How is that even possible? It seems like you would need to at least know some darkfriend to keep you informed. Also, she knew balefire (which at the time, no one else in the world knew save the forsaken(I think)). Now, this is assuming that she's pulling off a "Verin" here. But who's to say that Verin was the only Aes Sedai to be a double agent? It just seems like there would be more in the world. It seems like Moiraine is the MOST determined character in the series and that she would do ANYTHING to keep the world safe. Just to clarify though, even I don't believe that this will happen (just throwing out another idea). However, I think it would be a really cool twist. Just imagine how much respect she would get being known as "The Aes Sedai who outsmarted the Dark One." Also as a quick idea, I do believe the three becoming one will have something to do with the wounds on Rand's side. I believe the third one wound will come by the blade of light (possibly while he's "sheathing the sword"). All 3 wounds will be dealt with by a blade like object.
  8. I really like the whole Mosc and Merc going to the stars on a ship idea being Russia and America. Props to whoever found that. Maybe in the first age, the ability to channel was created (say by genetic mutations or some other scientific method we don't know about yet). Taking into consideration how much technology has advanced within the last 100 years, I don't think it's too far of a stretch to believe something like that (in say 1000 years) is achievable. Maybe the introduction of channeling ended the first age. With the introduction of channeling, people started to get lazy and not work on the (non-"power") technological side of things. I mean, why would they? It sounds like the Age of Legends was a time when there was no sickness, starvation, etc. Then the introduction of the True Power (I think that's the DO's power?) to be used by people ended the second age. And possible Fain's new power will somehow be made available to people thus ending the third age. And channeling is a recessive trait (genetically) and the reason why the amount of channelers have been dwindling. Of course all of this is just a stab in the dark. I'm sure we'll never get an answer on whether the first age really is our age, but it would have been cool to talk with Robert Jordan and actually learn what the first age was and how things got to where they were today (today as in Wheel of Time today).
  9. If I'm not mistaken, the blade of light Rand uses at the end of TEotW was not the same as Callandor. Also, Ishamael and Fain have given Rand wounds through the use of some sort of blade. So my question is, would it be ridiculous think think that Rand will Sheath the Sword on top of those wounds? That could possibly be another way that the "3 becomes 1" with blade injuries from the Dark, the Light, and Fains weird power. I'm not sure if this has ever been brought up before, but I'm just wondering if any of the hardcore fans have thought about, or even have a solid theory backing this up?
  10. "I was re-reading ToM recently, and I remembered an excellent section before Rand's meeting with the Borderlanders where he tells Cadsuane she can call him Rand Sedai because he is the only male Aes Sedai still alive who was properly raised and never turned to the shadow. The relevant part here is that he says he was properly raised. Keep in mind this is in the same book that we see the raising of Nynaeve (the only raising we see in the books). Does this juxtaposition suggest that the raising is the same now as it was before? So maybe the 100 weaves are something they knew / practiced in the Age of Legends, so it's nothing to do with sealing the breach." -navahgar (sorry. Don't know how to quote) I think I also remember Nynaeve breaking the rules during the test and saving the "fake" people's lives. Maybe this is actually the correct way to be raised to Aes Sedai status. It would prove that you are a servant of all, no matter how dangerous or difficult the task actually is. Just a thought.
  11. Just some random speculation. Demandred is going to led a massive invasion on ALL of the major cities in the WoT world. We get the perspective of Caemlyn at the end of ToM. However, (this is speculating that he's behind the Caemlyn invasion) what if he did it to about 15 or so unsuspecting cities. Most of the world is unprepared as of now due to that one get together (Fields of Merrilor? Not sure of the spelling). If this happened, I could really see a chapter being dedicated to a rapid fire invasion of the Dark written in the form that the "cleansing of saidin" was. Throughout this whole series, It seems like the Light has been near invincible. I just want to see the bad guys do at least something. They really need to redeem themselves. Just some other things I'll speculate. - Rand will go and try to break the seals. Except the seal Taim gave to him was a fake. Therefore, the Dark One will be running amuck (not physically) in the world for the majority of the last book. - Lanfear will somehow get back to the light (maybe one of her wishes from that supper weird and crazy fox world). - Lan will find something (not sure what) in the blight after he blasts through (if he does). Obviously I could rattle on and on and give hundreds of predictions, but I'll just leave it at that. Also, sorry for my Wheel of Time stupidity (not knowing names, etc.). I'm not a super Wheel of Time knowledge database like some of you here. I've only read the series once and don't spend that much time on here so some of my ideas are bound to be stupid. But this place is pretty awesome.
  12. Like DPT24 already mentioned... I just have a feeling that Mat is going to be the one to kill Fain. Maybe with the effect that ruby hilt dagger had on Mat, perhaps he would be immune to any effect Fain's "zombie like" powers would have on him. Like all of my posts, I have absolutely nothing to back it up, but I've just got a feeling. I voted that Mat will not be a let down. He could have a chapter only about his opinions on hats and I would be happy. He's that cool.
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