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  1. Looking over the prints, my personal opinion is the cartoonish style really doesn't so the characters justice, would've preferred a more lifelike interpretation. In response to Nerv's comments, WoT WAS made into a game using the second iteration of the Unreal engine, it had a spinoff storyline of an Aes Sedai unable to fully channel but an authority on the use of angreal, Tar Valon is invaded and a number of terangreal and a seal are stolen, it takes the player from Tar Valon, to Shadar Logoth and through various other locations until you face one of the Forsaken, Black Ajah and some Whitecloaks with a final cutscene at Shayol Ghul where she reapplies the seals to the Bore sort of missing the whole point of the series. The game itself was a flop and only really played by the hardcore fanbase. As an animation student, I can see huge potential in the story but because Jordan created such a massive world and an epic larger than The Lord of the Rings turning this to film or animation would have to be done very very carefully, a full length feature would be almost impossible to make and still stay true to the story and characters. Short films based on events however would be possible and I am considering doing that for my degree work if I can obtain permission...
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