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  1. At first i saw the cartoonish style and was like "meh" but then i went to the site and looked at everything else and then i was like "whoa" Great stuff! Keep up the great work , I agree with Luther on the scene illustrations. Im thinking that a major studio could pic up these character designs and make a great anime franchise with them! Or maybe the next step should be Story board designs? I always wished ScyFy network would do something with this series. Or maybe pitching these Illustrations to a game studio!?!? Man im an artist and the more I think about these guys designs the more im kicking my self for not giving it a shot! WoT would be a SICK RPG for XBox or PC! But you know, as a WoT fan, what REALLY pisses me off? Is buying that Illustrated guide to the WoT series that was illustrated by that loser, i forgot the name and i dont have the book with me right now but everyone knows who im talking about!!! Man was i disappointed in those illustrations. YOU would Think that with the amount of money the series of novels has brought in over the years they would have originally invested in a MUCH higher quality illustrator! but this guys stuff is an incredibly much needed improvement to the visual interpretation of the series. ... and dont even get me started on the cover art for the novels. (except that i was pleasantly surprised by the Towers of Midnight cover art)
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