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    goodie *throwa down a couple*
  2. Rand lost his hand O_o man i really shudent have been reading here currently reading books 7 but i have read the first 9 books befor but that was some time ago
  3. Egwene and Elyane migth bwe my least fav chars they seem to arrogant for my tast at times i also think they pushe Mat and Rand inn to doing some stuff he really does not want to do, and if i don`t remember incorrectly supposedly they were not going to be very responisve to that kind of treathment but it still seem like they tend to let them selfs be bullied to muche havent read all the books so this migth chnage reading book 7 atm i also feel that the chars (all of them not only Egwene and Elyane) often do have problems that cuolde be easyly solved if they did talk to each oter but instead they tend to try to walk around the problems. but this migth be cause i like saying what i think and well come what may :) and for the person who think it is strange that only the male mages go mad i actually like that a lot, it gives the oppertunety to inclued some stronge female chars even if i don`t like all of them :) and yeah i also think Rand shud have killed ahh man can`t remeber har name the green sister who bonded him. but then i like heroes that does do some pretty mean things at times
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    Aes Sedai

    yeah i think it was hanging
  5. viking


    hmm what can i say my nett broke down and then my pc broke down and....yeah i have had a lot of fun latly :D thats why i`m waaaaaaaaaaaaay late with my response :) were i live ? i live inn Trondheim currently studing chem :)
  6. viking

    Aes Sedai

    just wondering if any one els think this is strange if i remeber 3 three oats the Aes Sedai have correct then the only time they are allowed to use the power is against creatures of the dark one or inn defence of the lifes, but then how did Elaida still Siuan ? i mean as far as i understand she is not a Black sister and i also think ther are multipel oter instanses were aes sedai use the power inn the books inn vialation off the oats, it kinda irritates me cause when a setting is made you shud not break it without an explantion at least i think thats makes the books less "belivebal" as anyone els noticed this or do anyone have an explantion ? i love the books but this think kinda frustrates me :)
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    Your first time

    i started reading wheel of time after a couple of my buddys recommended it.
  8. cause i`m from Norway and well usaly no one has taken this nick and it keep me from thinking up a new one yeah i know i`m lazy :D
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    yes i loved the show so sorry it`s gone
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    i have read the 10 first books inn the wheel of time series and i most say i really like them even if some of the later books are not as good as the first ones but ther is one thing that kinda does not seem rigth to me, it is said many times that 2 river folks are stubborn and will not be forced inn to doing anything or doing anything but they migth follow folks they find wordy but as i see it all the 3 main male chars seem to be nothing but hounded inn to doing thing buy oter folks primeraly female chars personaly i think that at times gives the impression that they lack both stubbornes and charcter strength that they are suppose to have as ta`veren or at least that is what i interpeted ta`veren as meaning one that formes the world aound himself and well you can`t form the world around you if you constently get hounded around by oter folks. so i guess what i`m trying to say i that i think Mat Rand and Perrin needs to show more leadership qualites. what do you folks think ?
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    Hi i`m a 22 year old man from Norway i`m a fan of the wheel of time series :shock:
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