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  1. I dropped out of the series for those exact reasons about 13 years ago. And I started in 1990 reading these books. I'd had enough after book 7 (Book 6 was completely a bore). I've only recently started again, buying the paperback books (cheaper), and with the aid of the online World of Time Encyclopedia. I also printed out the plot threads, and pasted them in the front of my books, so I can skip the boring chapters. I think in the hands of a different author the meat and heart of the series could have been done in about 8 books.
  2. I'm definitely on board with you on that point. Perhaps Lanfear will instruct Rand on how she opened the Bore, which might lead to clues on how to help seal it? That would be awesome. It would even be cooler if Lanfear repented, turned to the light, and Rand seals the bore with Nyneave, That other chick, and Lanfear! Then Rand dumps the whiny sisters and takes off with Lanfear who changes her name to Lana. They then retire to Illian and open a consulting business on Shadowspawn destruction.
  3. This is my favorite thread since I saw the one about Mat's inbox. Classic.
  4. If I lived in the wheel of time world, I would be angry at the creator for putting the dark one in such a weak prison that a black haired little milksap named Mierin could just drill a hole in the dark one's prison. Creator: "Oops, my perfect creation just got ruined by a little whench seeking power." In this regard, Lanfear is paralleled by Eve. Both introduced evil into the world. However I find Lanfear much more exciting. Too bad Rand didn't dump the whiny sisters and chase after her! :)
  5. Nyneave was such a winer at the beginning. Now, at the end of the TOM, she is the only one Rand trusts, because she really treats him with R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
  6. Well, things being as it is then... It's interesting how he didn't account for their destruction to anyone. I assume Lanfear will be madder than hell when she finds out. I don't think anyone else knows that Rand/Lews Therin has them though. Cadsuane might be aware of Rand's former possession of the CK, but I'm not sure. But so far, in the T.O.M., their absence is completely overlooked. It would have been fun if Rand had kept them, and showed them off in front of everyone else. That would be fun to watch Egwene's jaw drop, and make her eat some humble pie, when she realizes that Rand can out channel all female Aes Sedai in the entire world combined.
  7. Let me say, that I think this part of 'what happened to Lanfear', is very exciting, and gives these last books a real depth. (Too bad it took until book 13 to solve what happened in book 5). I've never seen anything in the books that would suggest Lanfear died coming back through a gateway. Similarly, I've never seen anything that would suggest that Moridin would have a hard time going through through a Finn gateway.
  8. Religion only gets a superficial white-wash in this series. I've seen no evidence in the entire series to satisfy your query. It appears the 'creator' made the 'wheel of time' world, and abandoned it. If it was real, it would highly irresponsible (on the part of the creator). But it's just a story, so it's ok.
  9. Yes, the plot speaks as the plot wills. We will just have to sit it out, and see the results.
  10. Yes, I was noticing that in the book. He was carrying the CK everywhere he went, and holding it often. Often doing so in some sort of reassuring way. As for the argument that someone else could take it and use it against him, I understand it, but it doesn't move me. After all the same argument holds for Callandor as well. If the CK can be stolen, so can the 'sword that is not a sword'. But now having only one Sa'Angreal, at least it's easier to protect one than two artifacts. :)
  11. Here is what it says: [page 1061] So, yes, PEOPLE (Who?) may have thought it was too powerful to use, but it didn't say that RAND thought it was too powerful to use. Though the only person here in this scene is Rand. Therefore I assume it had to have been Rand's opinion. With the characteristic narrative in Jordan's writings being 80% character thoughts and 3rd person narrative, and little to any dialog, I can only guess as to whether this was Rands thoughts, or the narrator's comments. I'm still left with a bitter aftertaste on my part that I have to play the part of editor to figure this out.
  12. When I read the end of The Gathering Storm (Chapter 50: Veins of Gold), I was severely disappointed when Rand, out of the blue, suddenly destroys the Choedan Kal (CK)!!! I mean things were going along fine, he was finally melding with Lews Therin, his attitude was adjusting, and he was regaining his memories. But destroying the CK? Why? What purpose could that possibly serve? There was no back story leading up to that point that could possibly have linked the CK with helping Rand with his transformation. It was utterly pointless (like the prologue). Did Jordan specify the CK must be destroyed before the end, or was it literary license on the part of Mr. Sanderson? Even if it was specified by Mr. Jordan, I think the abrupt narrative tangent was jolting to say the least.
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