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  1. How about a ter'angreal with a mini-gateway on the inside of a pouch, that leads to a large chest or storage room. Boom. Instant bag-of-holding. No more using mules to drag tents, supplies and weapons and stuff around with you when you trek around the country side. "I say, caddie, hand me the Two Handed Sword of Shadowspawn slaying"
  2. Some very good ideas here. I especially like the stealth army. With the new talents thats been discovered, they could make a few thousand ter'angreal boots in short order. As to channeling to the sun, maybe thats what brought the breaking on in the first place. Also, how about using air to simply lock your enemys weapon in its scabbard. Only works in one-on-one I guess, but still. The slighest weave of air could effectively make it impossible for your enemy to draw his sword. Since we know shadowspawn are not fond of light, why not open a gateway to the side of the earth where the sun is at mid day, and let it shine blindingly into the ranks of the enemy? You'd always have the sun at your back, and the enemy always looking straight into it.
  3. I'm also thinking there should be a whole adult market to explore assisted with the power of the source... High priced escorts with .... special... services.
  4. Hmm, could you open a gateway inside a volcano and pour the magma contents all over shayol Ghoul burying the entire thing in 30 feet of lava? Like the idea about the armor. New idea: Set up two gateways horisontally so they form a portal (the game) setup, where you drop a stone into the lower, it drops out of the upper and into the lower again, gaining speed, until it has terminal velocity, then change the top gateway into the vertical, and shoot that giant boulder 50 miles.
  5. This is just a fun little thread, where you can outline ways of using the source, that it isnt done yet. Bonus points for funny ideas. My ideas: - Mailboxes with tied off gateways of 1x1 foot or less, that drops the letter in a similar box in another city. I.e. want to send a letter from Caemlyn to Tear? Drop it in the Blue letter box, and it will instantly drop out of the similar box in tear. Each city would have its own boxes with its livery on. - Same concept, but for indoor toilets. Only the endpoint would be some random place in the waste. Instant sewerage.
  6. When you are outside in wintertime without a coat, and simply decide to not let the cold affect you. And it works.
  7. In a world with trollocs, darkfriends, forsaken, Ogier, people who can foretell, people who can talk to wolves, and people who can do feats of magic without any visible warning, sexual orientation is probably one of the least interesting aspects of a stranger.
  8. Tune: Singing in the rain Just Smooooooothing my skirt; yes, IIIIi'm smooooooothing my skirt; its yeeeeeeeeelllow and slashed just so sliiiiiiightly with cream Iiiiiiiiiiii'm smooooooooooothing my skirt and raaaaiiiiiiiising my eyebrow; Iii'm smooooooothing and raising alll the tiiiiiime. Meh; I'm musically illiterate;
  9. If you think of the Old Tounge as Latin, then the new common tounge may be English or French; something derived from latin. Someone who knew latin intimatly would probably pick up on these simpleton languages super-quick, although the other way around is more difficult. It may even be, that the Old Toungue was spoken by high society, while common was spoken by everyone; even back then.
  10. I think the narrative style matches the experience of the main protagonists. Since neither of them EVER saw an Aei Sedai before, much less anyone else channeling, every "spell" cast, was wonderous and mighty. Same with Myhrdrall. In the first few books, NOONE could stand against a myhrdral without insane luck. As the boys gains XP, every other person around them channel like crazy, making it less wonderous and mighty.
  11. Sorry, but I don't see how that makes sense. Rand is perfectly able to channel while in the throes of fever, ice-chills, near-death, anything; so obviously the body does not need to be all that well balanced to channel. Personally, I found the introduction of forkroot to be on the level of midiclorians in starwars. The force/the source; Its *magick*; I don't think it helps the suspension of disbelief by making it follow laws of physics or biology. Unless ofcourse, it is supposed to hint that every living thing; even when dried up and poured over with boiling water, has a soul / lifeforce.
  12. I think one thing to remember is that THe Band isn't the only force in the Camelyn area at the moment. There are mercenary companies all over the place. I've been wondering if any of those are in the employ if the bad guys? They had to know that were they to invade there would be sufficient forces to repel the invasion, so what's the point? Unless some of the forces camped around Camelyn are on the DO's side or this is all a ploy to delay forces from moving to the Blight. Lets hope the shadow doesn't think to shut and bar the gates....
  13. I think Rand will open an underwater gateway that leads to the battlefield, and wash away the thousands of trollocs with a few million gallons of seawater, and the occasional sharktapus. All Lan has to do, is get on a hill, and he'll be fine.
  14. They should just set up permanent tied-off gateways between all major and minor cities. Then commerce would explode, and prices plummet, as there is no need to pay a merchant a fortune to move stuff around. Everyone could just go to tear and pick up silk, and other exotics. Gateways were balanced when it was required you spent alot of time getting to know the area you were in before you could open a new one, but Rand haxxored that when he found the loophole about jumping a short distance first, then going for the long haul.
  15. I thought it was only the TP that "would incinerate the wielder near Shayol Ghul" (i forget the real quote)?
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