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  1. You see their are more ways then one *runs in close and tickles Kat with a feather then hides back in the shadows.*
  2. Shoots a suction cup arrow at Katoria you think you got away from *cackles Evily then slips back in the shadow
  3. I ban reyler for breathing to loud.
  4. Welcome to the madhouse that is the band! Have a flaming shot! *tosses a flaming shot to tverdosky
  5. Its all good *takes a swig of the offered brew* I think I may remember your name its been awhile.
  6. Don't mind me just hiding some brew from the Calvary of botrh *buries about 500 barrels of leaky brew under Katiora* see y'all around have a taintastic day
  7. Oh that Do sent impress huh? I could have muggles my evil deranged drunk man eating chimp from the blight loose on you. *muggles chitters evilly*
  8. Oh geez I joined back when proboards was the thing and Corki was our glorious leader. So 2008? I think? I had a lot of fun in the archers. *shrug* I was here like 6 months, then well the crap hit the fan in my life in the worst way possible.
  9. *Shoots a volley of suction arrows at so oh*
  10. Reeses and so much has changed I got married I moved I got a well paying job a house a dog and I like country music.
  11. She? I'm insulted I'm most defiantly a He at least the last time I checked.
  12. My original account name was just Rodelle. The chimp here is a bit of a gag? And a great tag team partner in brawls
  13. As The old Archer stumbles with his crazed alcoholic chimp swinging from his bow, Rodelle plops down on a stool in front of the bar keep for the band. Well I reckon I'll rejoin with my rank and position intact.
  14. Heh, I remember when I left for awhile the band was sooooooooooooooo dead. This is lively compared to then I'm glad to see life in the band!
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