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  1. Don't forget brew your own beer/ale, cider and wine.. Win Win!
  2. The one thing that stand out for me for men from Murandy is their moustaches or "tashes" as we aussies like to call them.. Also from wiki: Men commonly have curled moustaches, waxed to a point (ACoS, Ch. 27). They may also have small beards on the tip of their chin (LoC, Ch. 52). Along the border with Andor, Murandians are indistinguishable from Andorans except by dress. Murandian coats have a distinctive cut and are long, reaching to the knees and made of bright silk, red and yellow being common colours (LoC, Ch. 5; ACoS, Ch. 34). I understnad that he is clean shaven.. not Ta
  3. Awesome description. Reading it reminds me so much of Stephen Donaldson's Thomas Covenant and how he becomes the white gold himself.. Could RJ have something similar in mind.. Rand becomes light/One Power itself and creates the barrier to block the dark one..??? Random out of left field theory.. just another one
  4. I can't help but think that Shaidar Haran is involved in some way and some how.. as well as Ishamael obviously because of his link to Rand Fain's invovlement is valid.. but i'm unsure to what extent he will be invovled. RJ and BS are going to bring it.. and it will be awesome and something that no-one really thought of. My vote: Dark one sealed away.. prison made hole again.. how..? no bloody idea!
  5. Undoubtedly when the seals are destroyed and the bore is opened the Dark One will have an increased.... influence on the world at large. Remember though that in the Age of Legends from the time the bore was drilled to the time that LTT and the Hundred Companions sealed it was hundreds of years. So it's not like the world will end the moment the bore is opened fully again. +1 Have to agree with you here.. I believe a lot of people may forget the length of time that the bore was open for in the AOL
  6. This is his Fisher King properties. The land is one with the Dragon and all that. That is why you saw the food spoil immediately in Arad Doman when Rand was all Dark Rand. Now that he is Zen Rand the opposite is happening. Add in his ta'veren effects to let them find and open the unspoiled food and this makes sense without Rand having to become a god. I had always assumed that the food spoilage was caused by the dark one's touch and not rand....the same with bug coming out of people's mouths and blight sickness on plants that are 10000 miles from the blight...I'm noty saying I am rig
  7. I'm starting to get mad about word not bleeding back to Satella about flynn or Nynaeves ability to heal. +1.. But i do continue to wonder what she did for them to still her..? I know that a couple women are mentioned in the books around stilling but i can't for life of me remember if she is mentioned. Does anyone know anything or made any links..?
  8. Love it!!! Although i'm more inclined to say: Hammer +5, with +5 fire damage to Shadowspawn! Impervious to Damage. Will never need to repair.
  9. My out there crazy theory is to coincide with his visit and attempted annihilation of the Seanchan. It think the sickness and dizziness may have been building and building and culminated at that point to prevent him from wiping them out.. Coincidence..? did the pattern bring him to that point..? Now I'm thinking the Seanchan have a more important role to play than initially first thought. Whether it was linked to Moridin.. or his LTT seperation psychosis..? i'm not sure.. My personal opinion is the LTT pyschosis.. i understand that it only appeared after the moridin incident however not
  10. Oh, the Two Rivers clearly do, and some of that is due to the 'Old Blood' from the interbred remnants of Manetheren to be sure. But it's been two thousand years since Manetheren fell, not twenty. The people of the Two Rivers had no knowledge of any historical connection to Manetheren, no traditions. And the Two Rivers is by no means all of Manetheren – most of it has been Ghealdan for a thousand years. Most of the rest – Baerlon, Whitebridge, and that region – has been Andoran. And before that it was Dhowlan and Farashalle – for another thousand! The scraps of the Two Rivers and northern Alta
  11. I honestly think eveybody is thinking about this the wrong way.. STRENGTH Remember caddy's comments on Callandor..? linking with two women with one of them to guide the flows?? Rand is going to need someone that has pretty good spinning/weaving ability.. Caddy could be one.. Alivia for pure destruction.. but Moraine could be up there too.. It could even be she who must not be named.. after all the time with Moggy under the collar and learning the new weaves.. Who else is up there..?
  12. +1 Probably one of the passages that tugged on the heart strings the most
  13. I think following on from Min's viewing of Perrin with the Broken Crown(EotW) it may indicate that Lord Bashere and Queen Tenobia will go the way of the dodo. I'm not sure regarding any others at this stage though..
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