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  1. Am I the only one who thought that Demandred was a bit too amazing? I mean, he was better with sword than Lan (granted, Lan was a bit tired), as great a general as the combined knowledge of however many memories Mat has in his head, had the 2nd most epic sa'angreal in existence, conquered a whole continent and got it to fight for the shadow and managed to sound like an utter idiot shouting at the battlefield (although that came with losing a lot of his credibility in my eyes, sounding outright idiotic) etcetc. I suppose it would just be a little more believable if any of the other Forsaken had managed to be even remotely competent... But all in all, I liked him. Definitely my favorite Forsaken. But then again, that's not saying much. Also, I really hoped that Lan would have died while killing him. It was one of the most epic scenes in the book to me, and him surviving somehow cheapened the scene in my eyes. Plus, that would have left at least one of the 'main' characters without a spouse. I found it very Romeo & Julietesque that all the people who died died with their spouses, or while revenging their spouses. Now that I think about it, did anyone actually survive without losing their husband/wife?
  2. I, personally, kept banging my head against the wall because of the things they DIDN'T do with 'portals'. I was very, very pleased when Androl showed them how shit is done. And it still left me thinking "DAWGS Y U NOT DO *insert random thing they could have done with Gateways*", and rather often, too. At times it was really suspending my belief that Demandred or Mat didn't/hadn't figured those things out. Demandred was amazed by the window looking over the battlefield? Really? That's like the first thing that came to my mind when I was thinking of different battlestrategies with Gateways.
  3. Seems more like a bragging thread to me... Although I can't blame the guy, I'd be bragging too. :D
  4. If this was written by GRRM, I'd see the end go like this: Rand: LOL GALAD GO CHECK OUT THOSE ROCKS OVER THERE! Galad: Wut? Why? Rand: JUST GO BRO! I GOT YOUR BACK! Galad: Okay... Rand (Whispers to DO): DUDE NOW! YOUR TIME TO SHINE. SMITE THE BITCH LOL. Galad: What's going on? Why Rand, why? Rand: GALAD U JUST GOT SACRIFICED LOL. LIFE, I CHOOSE YOU! *Travels away*
  5. I dunno... I always figured that Rand would infect DO with HIV in the end, thus killing him for good.
  6. Pretty sure it was mentioned in one of the chapters of CoT. No one just ever read it.
  7. I tossed a coin on whether I vote for 1st or 2nd option. Really, both are plausible in my opinion. It's been foreshadowed that Nynaeve will heal death... But then again, I would guess that it requires that she gives up her own life... And TAR ripping has been done before, and I could see it happening again to Rand... Blah, I dunno. xD
  8. Maybe the Martinesque scene BS had to write was Red Wedding type of thing that happened after LB was done, and all main characters died. Lol.
  9. DO's agenda is destroying the pattern. Ishy is the only Forsaken (that we know of, some suspect Demandred knows and might switch sides for it) who knows DOs plan is to destroy it. Other Forsaken don't want that, they want power. And if Pattern is destroyed, there are really no kingdoms to rule and power to be distributed, now is there. So if other Forsaken figured out that DO wants to destroy the pattern, they'd just switch sides. Sure, they'd still be evil and all, but they wouldn't try to get DO out of his prison.
  10. Ishy is the only Forsaken who actively works towards Dark Ones goals. The others just fight for their own agendas. And yeah, as Mark D said, it might have something to do with that, too.
  11. There's always the option of reading the wikipedia page for A Memory of Light once it's released, that way you get to know how it all ends without having to read the books. Or just follow the discussions at forums, so you can read how the loose ends are tied. Personally, I still find the books wonderful and love Sanderson's writing, even though I recognize there are some utterly moronic things in there :D I don't let them bother me too much, as the books are still very, very entertaining. It's admirable how deep some of you guys can go into this world, but I do find it a bit overkill at times...
  12. I don't know if he's a good guy - he's a total nihilst (which doesn't make him bad, necessarily). But, he likes to torture women and kill people, etc. I wonder if he actually takes any joy in it... Though if he does, it sort of does make him a sadist and evil person. Before he became Moridin, he was definitely evil. But now that he's evolved as a character... Not so sure. EDIT: I'm not saying that torturing and not having fun while at it is "the right thing to do" or in any way make him a good guy... I'm just saying he doesn't really consider it wrong either. It's the thing he has to do to keep the folk in line. "End justifies the means" kind of thinking.
  13. I don't really consider Moridin evil. He does the logical thing, what he feels is best for the existence. In a sense, you could say he's a good guy. And this contributes in no way to this thread.
  14. This is pretty much exactly how I think of it.
  15. To me the theory that it's Lanfear sending them out as a warning sounds plausible, though I do wonder why she would do it. Maybe she thinks that it's her "get out of jail -card" if shadow gets owned... I'unno. It also could be the reason she's being punished the most.
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