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  1. Well, I have to admit that I agree with quite a lot of that. Given however how the world functions there, it's between getting stuck in fate or being devoured by an eldritch abomination. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. As for the poll, I would have to roll as an Asha'man. However at some point all must come to an end. The question is how long would you want your thread to be recycled, recycled and recycled? Forced to live through the same fates, tragedies and ages again, again and again ad infinitum. There is no linear progression but only a circular retardation. Nothing changes, not even this age is unique or special as stated by RJ. At least if one destroys the wheel the pattern is finally broken and the bliss of chaos that defines nature can finally take hold. The unleashing of the Dark One does not destroy the Creator, merely the rotating hamster wheel of the current plane of existence. The question is does one want to run eternally in the hamster wheel only never to arrive at any destination one has not visited before? Or perhaps destroy what should have never been and is an affront to existence itself, so as to allow for the possibility of a new creation to be formed in the void left behind. There is nothing to prevent the Creator from forming or creating a new plane of existence that finally functions in a linear form. Opting out of fear and selfishness to be trapped in what is essentially the Creators eternally repeating minstrel show seems to be a shallow existence devoid of true meaning anyway. You should read Veins of Gold again...I think that was Rand's dilemma: Why save the world when all the suffering would happen again and again and again? And then he realized that all of the love and friendships, etc. would also happen again and again and again...So I guess it depends on what we think the "true meaning" is.
  2. Yes I agree completely. I was mostly shocked at those moments but not so much touched even though there seem to be a lot more tragedies happening in A Song of Ice and Fire. So what I am trying to say is that VERY little can make me VERY emotional in WoT exactly because of the fact that I've grown up with those characters :)
  3. Actually until ToM I hadn't cried/teared up because as you said nothing that bad happened to my favorite characters (as opposed to in A Song of Ice and Fire series where as soon as you get attached to a character he dies...) but ToM really touched me. I guess there are two explanations 1)the Jain Farstrider/Moiraine/Mat being so noble part was really sad and 2)the fact that the series is so close to its end made me so emotional, in which case I really have no idea what I am going to do with the last book :(
  4. Why would anyone wanna be a Warder? Well, apparently there is at least one person who wants to be a Warder. I guess it's because of all of the benefits that come with it like endurance, strenght, the cloak, etc. The only problem would probably be that you'll have to listen to your Aes Sedai most of the time, but I dont' think Warders really obey their Aes Sedai except when in public. Lan is pretty cool even if he wasn't the Uncrowned king..I guess that was Gawyn's dilemma as well...To each his own :D
  5. Sorry guys, I accidentally managed to delete the poll (AAAGGGH) :( While I was trying to add Warder there (can't believe I forgot it the first time) Anyways, if someone is curious there were around 5 Asha'man, 2 Aes Sedai, 1 Amyrlin, 2 Ogier, 3 Others, and 1 Maiden of the Spear
  6. So, if you had to choose, who/what would you want to be? Remember these are very dangerous times...It's not easy to be the Dragon Reborn, the Aiel people may disappear, soldiers are paid with food, the Horn of Valere is already found, etc.
  7. So, I just finished ToM (I know I am very late but I was waiting for it to come out in my native language) and FINALLY came back here after what seemed like years of keeping myself away from spoilers. I have just one word to say about the book: WOW. I am sure you've all discussed it for a long time now but I just wanted to ask if anyone else was as touched and overwhelmed by it as me. I mean I started tearing up when I first opened it and read what Loial had written, then when Rand helped that poor guy and his apple trees, then when Rand started crying and apologized to Tam. The list continues with practically every appearance of Lan and then culminates with Mat's experience in the Tower of Genji where I cried from the moment they first saw Moraine untill they got out. Is it just me because I am starting to get worried? Did any moment in the book (or even in the series) made you cry?
  8. Hey guys! I thought it would be interesting to start a thread about the couples in the book (sorry if there was already one that I didn't see). For example, if Mat wasn't destinied to marry Tuon who would be the best match for him? And if Rand had to choose only one of his three girls, would you want it to be Min, Aviendha or Elayne? I have a feeling that a lot of people will say something about Faile and Perrin but personally I can't think of someone for Perrin...Berelain maybe? :D I think it would have been fun for Mat to end up with (and I know that it will upset some of you)..Elayne. It's just that he's always saving her and they can't stand each other (at least in the previous books) and that looks like a promising love story :D What do you think?
  9. I completely agree about Mat being an "irritating paranoid whiner" at the beggining :D but really when he started traveling on his own (at least not with Perrin or Rand) his awesomeness started to shine! I see I forgot to put Min up there but she is also one that changed for me. Not that we saw her much in the first books but when she started shadowing Rand that's when I started liking her/noticing her more. And Fish don't worry your secret is safe with us :D
  10. Hey! So I was recently thikning about how much my opinion about Nynaeve changed throughout the books and then I realized that she was not the only character that I grew to like a lot more in the later books. For example, I didn't like Moiraine at all during the first books...I also didn't particulary like Matt in the first two books but now he's my favorite character...with Egwene it's the same. Of course, the opposite thing happened as well. Gawyn, for example, seemed really sweet, nice and humble in the first books and now...UGHH!!! So what about you guys? You can also add the moment that changed your opinion about that character. For me, for example, for Nynaeve it was when she started to act more mature and accept that her opinion is not always the right one and when she defended Matt before Tuon in tGS :)
  11. female 17 (from the posts I read it's not such a common combination :( ) favorite characters: Matt, Egween, Rodel Ituralde,Nyneave used to annoy me but tGS definitely changed my mind...I also kinda lost respect for Perrin and Rand although they were some of my favorite characters when I started the series (I hear they are pretty awesome in ToM though - I still haven't read it) and YES Elayne...why do you all hate her so much? i find her pretty fun to read dislikes: hmm I really can't think of any...except Padan Fain who is kinda creeepy
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