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  1. Ares, I haven't been following this discussion at all, but when he says Moiraine describes Egwene vs Nyneave as a candle to a raging bonfire and you say he's not using evidence to back it up, I really think the problem lies in your reading skills and not in what he says.
  2. Perrin is the best into Perrin is okay into Perrin sucks into HOLY SHIT PERRIN IS AWESOME!
  3. There really is a lot of sexism, I think at least 50 times a book you can read 'that's what men always do', 'girls are this or that' etc. But I don't really dislike it, it's usually funny to read.
  4. So far, the Sea Folk and the Ogier really have been disappointing. And yeah, some more major characters should've died. Someone like Gaul, Tam, mr. Bashere, Berelain, Gawyn etc. Also, I really liked Asmodean (he became a Darkfriend so he could enjoy an eternity of music... How hardcore is that :D). He really felt like a bit of a letdown to me. Luckily I'm re-reading tFoH at the moment :)
  5. In TFoH, the Band of the Red Hand sings: "We'll sing all night, and drink all day, and on the girls we'll spend our pay, and when it's gone, then we'll away, to dance with Jak o' the Shadows. In LoC, they sing: "We drink all night and dance all day, and on the girls we spend our pay, and when we're done, then we'll away, to dance with Jak o' the Shadows." Two verses really familiar but with subtle differences. Too subtle for a song of that kind, I guess.
  6. Quite a lot of steddings in the East, didn't know that ö
  7. Tam got his sword from king Stepeanos in the Whitecloak War where he fought with the Illian army (he was a Second Captain). He became a blademaster there. Just my 2 cents :D
  8. Some names are different when books are translated. I own the English versions now, but my first read-through was in Dutch and Rand was called Rhand Altor and Perrin was Perijn, Mat was Mart etc. I think Logain's name is different in the version OP reads as he used it twice :D
  9. I personally explained it this way: Verin knows about Mat's ta'veren-luck. She realises Mat would see opening the letter as a gamble: he doesn't know what he's gonna get, it can be awful and it can be awesome. But because of his luck, it will go the way that is best for Mat/the world (which makes sense if you see how the letter was opened, it was just some kind of coincidence that the letter opened). So she didn't really have an intention, she just trusted the pattern :)
  10. In addition to the Perrin/Thor thing, his newly forged weapon, called Mah'alleinir. That sounds a whole lot like Mjollnir :)
  11. Sup everyone, I am rereading everything for the first time now and I have currently just finished book 4, tSR. In one of the last chapters, The Traps of Rhuidean, at page 973 in my version, Lanfear says this when she shields Asmodean:
  12. ...When you want your girlfriend to dance the Sa'sara ...When you dream about something and wonder if you are a Dreamer
  13. One thing I'm really waiting for is the return of book 3, where Rand tries to bring someone back to life again. I think Jordan didn't put it there if there is no one to be resurrected from death, and it fits the prophecies' condition when Perrin dies (falls to the Towers of Midnight), but Rand revives him afterwards.
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