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  1. Sanderson had really big shoes to fill walking into an immense project like this. He agreed to finish a series with Millions of fans worldwide eagerly anticipated it's conclusion. Writing is no simple task in general, and writing/finishing someone else's magnum opus would be even harder. Jordan was a great storyteller. He was truly one of a kind and I think Sanderson hasn't done a perfect job, but I am satisfied. To call Sanderson a bad writer based on him finishing someone elses series is unfair. I happen to like his writing style. The Mistborn trilogy and Elantris are really unique and clever stories. I mean, really, it's all preference and what you enjoy. Everyone has an opinion and that's cool in my book. We aren't always going to agree with eachother and that's fine too. If everyone thought and felt the same, this would be a pretty sad and boring planet to be a part of. The characters feel a bit different, yes, but like previously stated, you are getting these characters through a different writer. I actually think Nyn is more tolerable under BS. When Jordan was writing her, there were times when I cheered(ie:vs Moggie), but most of the times I wanted to slap her(constant sniffs, whining, pushing others around).
  2. I'm fully expecting to see Mat on a raken with a handful of grenades made by Aludra.. hmmm, the moons, daughter of the nine moons, perhaps? Matt, possibly bringing the Seanchan to TG, by convincing Tuon to come down off her high horse.
  3. I see Rand killing the DO, and Fain ruining the celebration by coming from out of nowhere to kill Rand.
  4. Robert Knepper from Prison Break as Fain.
  5. Based on real life, other than the womanizing, I'd say Mat. Gambling and drinking and being a beast at leading armies and fighting with a bo staff. Awesome! Or I would be an Asha'man post taint cleanse of course.
  6. I think the question should be, Is Demandred going to be a letdown? After 13 books, he's done practically nothing and now he's just going to poof! on to the battlefield? He better do something awesome! If he shows up and gets pimp slapped like all the rest of the Forsaken have, then I'm going to laugh and cry at the same time.
  7. also, Maybe Rand will die at the Last Battle, but will be tied to the Horn and when Mat blows it, Rand will come back and finish the job.
  8. I think that the Dark One's role and nature is pretty simple and has been made clear. He's the antithesis of creation. I don't think that there's much more to it than that. The Dark One wants to destroy the Pattern utterly. The Creator creates, the Dark One destroys. Equal and opposing forces. If there's any big revelation, I think that it'll be that the Dark One has won in ages past; when the Dark One wins, he destroys the Wheel of Time and the Pattern, and then the Creator remakes creation. I don't think that the Dark One will be destroyed or transformed; I do think that Fain will be bound outside of time with the Dark One, and that all future turnings of the Wheel will differ because of that. See I was under the impression that Rand was of the mind that the Pattern must be changed finally. Yes, it's all cyclical and the fact the Dragon has to keep being reborn to keep resealing the Bore is prevalent, but I was under the impression that Rand wanted to finally end this cycle and destroy the DO so he didnt have to keep getting pushed out in to the pattern time and time again. If the pattern keeps repeating itself, obviously something needs to change so that it doesn't, otherwise, resealing the DO over and over again seems an act of futility. I understand the whole without evil there could be no good argument, but really, I think Rand/Lews are getting tired of being spit back out every other lifetime to keep repeating the same agenda. I think this time, it will be final. Fain will be the anomaly in this age. His like hasn't existed int he other timelines and events. It's a different factor to the already repetitive nature of the Pattern. The biggest foreshadow I've always felt was the huge impact his dagger played in the 1st 3 books. Perhaps his dagger is the instrument that will seal the fate of the DO once and for all.
  9. I'm not convinced Lanfear is the tragic character you think she is. She's more the type that lusts for power. The fact that most of the Forsaken are self-serving gluttonous people just makes more sense to me. Lanfear is more the type that the word no makes her angry. Generally the fortunate wealthy and powerful people like to have all doors open to them and when someone denies them of anything its more of an ego trip than anything. Lews Therin kicked her to the curb and she manifested the 'How dare you dump me' attitude. She's vindicative and spiteful towards him/Rand because of this.Her coming to the Light would involve some sort of promise/commitment from Rand which I would hope Rand couldn't give her.The fact bthat shes reaching out to Rand is probably based on some sort of desperation, and that she probably wants to use rand because Moridin has her and Moggie on a leash, and again, that ego comes back into play. A poweful and wealthy person being put on lockdown doesnt bode well with them.
  10. Demandred doesnt care about Moridin so much. He only hates LTT, because he was one step better at everything. Its not about Moridin being Nae'blis or LTT having a higher position. Its more about the constant fact that everything Demandred did, LTT always did one better. IN any case, I doubt there will be any power struggle between the two. Any of the other Forsaken are more likely to turn against Moridin. Demandred perhaps the most accepting of Moridin. Ahhh! I can see that. Thanks for the response.
  11. Do you think there is a sort of power struggle that is inevitable between Moridin and Demandred? Look at the past, the relationship between Lews Therin and Demandred. D was always second best, overshadowed, back burner to Lews and it ate at him. So do you think Demandred is okay with Moridin at the helm? Do you forsee him showing up at the final battle guns blazing for Rand and the light, or do you see him maybe plotting on Moridin? If this has been discussed on other threads I apologize. I've read a bunch but to have read all of them would be insane! haha! Also, I think Fain and his dagger are going to be a huge factor at the last battle. Possibly the DO slayer?
  12. I'd like to see a Lan and Moraine reunion to be honest. and I'm seriously hoping Logain takes down Taim! Epic! The final battle, when Rand and Mat and Perrin reunite; goose bumps.
  13. Greetings! I've beem a huge fan for years and just recently subscribed. It's an honor to be on these forums and I've learned much insight from reading threads on here, and hopefully now, I'd like to maybe contribute.
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