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  1. Didn't like the whole Graendal corrupting the Great Captains thing. Thought it was a bit too obvious a way to force the Light into giving Mat the command. As for her generally...I think what people have said about her being one of the better realised Forsaken is due to the amount of page time she got towards the end. Be'lal, Aginor and Balthamel were like end of level bosses in a computer game; they turned up for a chapter at the end and were taken out. Rahvin went just as he was getting interesting (I liked that he was kind of a male equivalent to Graendal), Rand's battle with Sammael was a bit disappointing, Semirhage got talked about more than she was seen, Mesaana was in disguise for the whole series, and Demandred only came into his own in the very last book. Lanfear, Moghedien and Asmodean all got some good screen time, and I liked Ishamael when he was bat shit crazy, thinking he was the DO. Personally, Moghedien is my favourite Forsaken: she works in secret, she's a TAR master and others underestimate her at their peril. Not every villain has to be in-your-face nasty, after all. My personal WOT wish was always that Jordan had kept Be'lal alive longer. He had the potential to be the most interesting Forsaken, for me.
  2. Books are always going to be a topic where opinions are highly subjective. I recently re-read all fourteen from beginning to end and ToM was easily my favourite of the final seven books: pacy, exciting, Mat-centric (always a good thing). Interesting that Jordan wrote the Ghenjei chapters, I didn't know that.
  3. I feel like the main issue with AMOL was that it actually needed to be another two books. I'm aware that sounds like madness, given how long we'd waited for an ending, but to me, although AMOL was compelling and a very quick read, some of it felt very rushed and did a disservice to the characters to which we had built such an affinity over the previous thirteen books. So you could've had: book 14- Black Tower shenanigans, Demandred and the Sharans in Shara, Mat and the Seanchan, Conference at Merrilor, Lan and the Malkieri, the three campaigns book 15- Mat taking command, Last Battle, Rand vs Dark One, a more extended epilogue that covered more of the loose ends. Some of the decisions made in the book kind of negated all the work that had been done to build them up. Why have Egwene re-unite the White Tower- and take six books to do it- only to have most of the Aes Sedai burnt to the crisp and for her to sacrifice herself? Why go on and on about Logain's future glory from book 4 on and build him as Taim's rival from book 8 on only for Egwene to take that glory? I know he rescued civilians, but that's not the same. Why have Moiraine rescued only for her to be a very minimal part of the book? Overall, I really enjoyed it, but for me, TOM was the best Sanderson effort by miles, particularly Mat's closing speech to the Finns. If AMOL had been as well balanced as TOM it would've been a triumph. As it is, it was more "good".
  4. Male, 30...been reading since '97. Berelain is my favourite character, followed by Moghedien, Nalesean, Davram Bashere, Siuan, Logain, Rhuarc, Gaul, Nynaeve, Alanna. Fave of the central characters is Mat (just like everyone else, it would seem). Not a fan of Faile, Egwene (post LoC), Cadsuane, Elaida, Tuon. Fave of the books: TDR/LoC
  5. Hello all, I have been reading this board for ages, and have finally got around to signing up. Vital statistics: Neil, 30, Brighton UK, High School English teacher, been reading WOT since '97. Re-read all the books between Jan and May in prep for TOM, which I thought was stunning. Berelain, as you can probably tell from my display name, is my favourite character, though Moghedien runs her close. Love and Poison xxx
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