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  1. Hello every one, So this is my first forum entry, hope oyu all enjoy. The very last page of the towers of midnight is occupied by the recently revealed prophecy of the shadow. I would like to discuss the second paragraph and its meaning. "The one-eyed fool travels the halls of mourning" Possibility here for Mat to be mourning maybe the loss of Olver (as he runs off to fight in Caemlyn) Second "The last days of the fallen blacksmith pride shall come" Obviously the next bit deals with the death of hopper, however i thought that maybe Perrin is destined to die but somehow still lead the wolfs. Thoughts anyone???
  2. Bonjour tout le monde. Or hello everyone. I am new to Dragonmount but have read the WOT series since i was 10. WOT is by far my favorite series and i reread the entire series at least once a year. I am french and i love that these books and their wonderful story can transcend even language. I hope to get to know you all and participate in the FUNN!
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