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  1. So i guess i have been a member of this place since 2010, could have fooled me. Just finished reading AMoL and needed to see what everyone else was saying about it. I started reading this series in 2002. Kind of sad that it's all over now.
  2. im sure it has been mentioned, but i couldnt bring myself to dig through 27 pages at 330 in the morning, while i thoroughly enjoyed the book, the dialog..... OH MY GOD! it was terrible! Even in the RJ days the dialog ran to the cliche and the cheesy, but this was just hard to get by. I will admit it may have seemed worse than it was as this was the first wot book i have listened to and not read but it made everything that much worse! The two characters that really got the shaft were mat and moiraine. mat just seemed like an indifferent oblivious fool and moiraine was even worse. Then you had special friend demandred spouting nonsense on his hill. And am i the only one who is glad that there will never again be an exasperated woman storming off from a clueless or grinning man? i have been yelled at glared at sobbed on and suffered the pained awkward silences of car rides home but i cannot say i have ever been a part of the uncomfortable interactions that the men and women in these books seem to have. sorry for the rambling run on sentences but i thought that after a years worth of rereading it had to be brought up. i can only hope that when they turn this crazy monstrosity of a story into a movie they will have someone create the dialog a story this wonderful deserves to have.
  3. Even though it isn't true, this is how I'm choosing to remember the end of this book. I had read the spoilers before reading the book and so i knew Egwene was going to die making me hesitant to even read the book. She had not always been a favorite of mine but after KoD and her rise she grew on me and then during my reread i was able to really enjoy and appreciate her. It was kind of nerve racking expecting her death and destruction around every curve but i was pleasantly surprised with how her death was handled. i think the parallels that someone had mentioned before between her and Eldrene were very fitting. So it was sad but not as devastating as i expected it to be. I think Olver's reaction to Bela's death was really the more heart breaking. Earlier he had begrudged her even having value and she had saved his life to the best of her abilities. Also him sounding the horn and being saved by Noal was pretty great. I would be lying if i didnt say that all the deaths touched me in one form or another, but the survival of some of the characters was unnecessary. I enjoy Talmanes Falie and Lan but come on, in all reality they should all be dead. Galad as well for that matter. No one has mentioned it but the realization by the tinker man that violence may in only the extremist of cases be right for other people kind of got me misty eyed.
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