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  1. Also I do have a question and I am sure there are probably topics on it already but would the Wheel really stop turning if the dark one won? It definitely makes since but I thought I had seen something before about how the Dark One might need Rand turned to completely stop the wheel else he would have just had Rand killed instead of trying to turn him. Or did he just try and turn him to make things easier for him to win?
  2. i don't think preferring them to the victory of the dark one and the destruction of all of creation is quite the same as not minding them. . . even if the wheel did somehow keep turning, i'd still have to choose to not be ruled by the dark one. . . Oh yeah, I was just refering to the comments people actually made about them straight up and not just taking them over the dark one.
  3. I wasn't really meaning this to be that big of deal. This was kind of my thinking. The series is going to end so I don't really care to much what happens after the books so I don't really care if the Wheel stops. The Seanchan just bug me so much, not really even so much because of the slavery thing but just because of how arrogant they are. So if Rand where to beat the Dark One just to have the Seanchan take over the whole world like in the vision I would rather have the Dark One win if it meant the Seanchan get a royal screwing over. Obviously RJ is not going to do either of those so I am not saying either are going to happen and I definitely want Rand to win, I just started this to see if other people hate them as much as I. Suprisingly quite a few people don't seem to mind them which is fine, I was just curious.
  4. Wait would Tuon be one of those in on the secret because if so...what the crap!
  5. Okay so I started rereading the books and reading The Great Hunt reminded me how much I absolutely hate the Seanchan. I realized that I would actually rather have the Dark One win if the Seanchan were able to just take over the world if Rand won. I seriously hope they get what's comign to them and more. Like I don't think Jordan or Brandon could come up with an idea to screw them over that would be to harsh for me. Anyway was just wondering what other people thought. :)
  6. So I just started rereading the series and I am done with book 1 and 2 and I had quite a few questions while I was reading them but I have forgotten most of them haha. Anyway two I remember are... Frist, can someone explain to me the point of the eye of the world scene? So you have this giant resivor of saidan which Rand uses to kill Aginor and wound Ish but how did he stop the Dark One? Was it just the army of Trollocs and Fades that was the big deal or did he somehow hurt the Dark One's power for a time? I just don't fully understand the point of everything or what the big deal unless it wa using the resivor up just so the Forsaken couldn't use it themselves. Second, how is it that the Seanchan don't know about Sul'dam being able to channel. I mean yeah I guess it's possible that it just never came up but it doesn't seem probable at all. Like when they test to find Damane wouldn't they beign putting collars on every women to test them and then realize even the ones that could learn, non spark ones, could be controlled by adam? Plus does it explain what happened when they find the two chained Sul'dam in Falme later on in the books, I can't remember. I mean maybe Jordan is just stretching chance a little for the sake of the sotry line but it just doesn't seem very likely that they haven't figured it out in hundreds of years.
  7. My favorite movie is Gladitor and I think one of the big reasons is that he dies at the end. BUT...if his family had still been alive and he had died I would not have liked it anywhere near as much. Same goes with I am Legend. Therefore I propose that if Rand dies for good, and I am not sure which way I feel about that yet, then the three women should be dead as well. I mean seriously how awesome would that be. The three of them dying to protect him as he completes the...dragon stuff, and then him dying. I would feel pretty bad about all their kids but I just don't like the idea of the three wifes living on without Rand. Any thoughts?
  8. Since when is Rand(Zen or not) above blackmail to get something worthy accomplished? I mean this isn't Mother Theresa we are talking about. And anyway I think blackmail is to strong of word. To me Rand is like a parent who is telling his child (who is selfish, greatly immature(comparatively), and can't be trusted to follow directions as soon as his Father's back is turned) that if he wants to go play with his friends he is going to need to promise to play nice. Now that may not be the best example but still, parents getting promises out of their children is not blackmail. Rand being much older and wiser and I feel quite selfless is doing what he needs to so his "children" will live to grow up. Also as far as the thought that people should automatically listen to Rand and his cause is far fetched. No person in history has been free of opposition, no matter how righteous their cause. Personally I would feel like it was pretty unrealistic not to mention stupid if everyone just all of the sudden was like, "Yes, Lord Dragon, whatever you say. World peace you say? Of course!!" I also don't like the idea of push over Rand, just because he is Zen-Rand doesn't mean he can't have a spine, and it doesn't mean he won't have to get his hands dirty(and I don't just mean killing people but also strong arming his followers into doing what makes sense). That's just my opinion though, for example I love Harry Potter but it frustrated me that he never had to get his hands dirty even at the end with Lord Vold. I mean that just isn't how it works.
  9. Hey so I am always trying to figure out or remember what everyone looks like and what certain groups of people look like so I was wondering if there was already somewhere that I could find a write up of something like that or if someone would want to make one on here. For instance Characters: Rand-Tall, dark, and handsome. Bela-Tall, dark, and...handsome? Etc. Races: Borderlands-Asian? Andor-White/Scandinavian Etc. Mostly just the main characters would be nice, including the forsaken (those are the ones I get confused on the most). Anyway if anyone wanted to try making something like that up I would appreciate it. Thanks
  10. Hey I am new here so sorry if this belongs in another place, but...has there been much discussion on if Ilyena will or has been reborn and if so who she might be and what that will mean for Rands other three women?
  11. Oh that's a good point. I was also wondering about what Rand said when Min asked where he had found the king, so I guess that kills two birds, Thanks.
  12. Not sure if there is a thread already talking about this but anyway. I am pretty clueless about the letter Rand receives when he is talking to Siuan in the White Tower, does anyone know anything about it?
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