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  1. Thanks for the help! I received an email last night, so I will be in touch with my trainer. :)
  2. Welcome! Be wary and on the lookout for spoilers, as you're not done with the series in its entirety yet. Otherwise, good to have you around!
  3. For me, still has to be the first one. It whets your appetite for more (and there is plenty) and it hooks you onto the story. Sometimes I feel like he almost made it to be a stand-alone, but when I re-read it, which I do from time to time, I get the feeling of just entering into a huge, new world which a vast history and unpredictable future. I absolutely love it.
  4. Hey man, I'll AIM you sometime. Thanks! Stay warm.
  5. Hi Lessa, thanks for the reply. I actually sent some kind of form to join the warders. Do you know anything about that? I'd like to be a part of it, so let me know.
  6. New to this forum, but I already like it.

  7. Hello all! My name is Benjamin and I am from the Cleveland area. I have been an avid reader of WoT since about 1996. I am almost 30 and I absolutely love the series. I have played the video game and I own about every book/ancillary item that possibly exists for the series. I have even extracted the music from the game to a CD. It's not bad, actually. Anyway, if you're also in the Cleveland area, drop me a line here. I'd love to talk some Robert Jordan/WoT.
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