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  1. This is the definition of a fast reply, and I've only read half the posts here (will read more later) and only have access to one of the books, but let me pose a better question to you: Now that Rand has reintegrated and is a legendary 400+ year old Aes Sedai, shouldn't he know how to heal his hand by token of AoL knowledge? I remember reading somewhere that everything short of death could be healed in the AoL. In fact, I'm positive Nynaeve is fixed upon this fact. So are we to take lost limbs as being short of death? Or is it an equivalent? A limb can "die" while still attached to a body can it not? Now admittedly, I remember a PoV where Rand stated healing was not his one of his strengths or something, and fair enough; he can't be awesome at everything. However, I'm positive that Rand/Lews is far beyond anyone with regards to skill with flows. Even Egwene, she of "nothing more to be taught" fame. Even if he can't do it, I'm sure he should know how to do it. So why does he not instruct one of the Asha'man, who has a talent for healing, in how it would be done and get his hand back? To give an example, much like how Asmodean taught him to weave...gates was it? Asmodean is different yes, in that he was blocked at the time and couldn't because he couldn't muster the power, but I believe it would be a similar thing. Flinn has a talent for healing, yes? I'm pretty sure he could figure it out with Rand's instruction (I know Flinn is not in his present company). Better yet, why doesn't he link with Nynaeve, so that she would be able to feel or see Saidin and show her how it's done? The only answer for Rand not getting his hand back is simply that he doesn't care about it, which I'm inclined to believe. Another interesting question: Rand said in the AoL, that Aes Sedai thought healing madness was impossible, yes? But Nynaeve did not heal madness, she healed taint-induced madness. The taint wasn't around when Lews Therin was alive, and he killed himself shortly after the backlash which established the taint. So perhaps in the AoL, healing madness was truly impossible and Nynaeve is doomed to fail in her "heal everything but death" quest, as a sort of weird, extremely detailed foreshadowing? The only other reference to healing madness I could think of is reintegration, but (and I'm ver unsure of this so correct me please) wasn't it Semirhage that claimed hearing past-life voices was part of the taint effect and that healing it was nigh impossible? Given that the taint didn't exist until after she was bound, how does she know of any of this, besides probably experimenting on male channelers in the current age after her release?
  2. Didn't read through the whole topic (too sleepy). Will edit in my response over time. However... What a worm and the grown up stage of a worm look like and why they're so terrifying. If they're the most terrible of Shadowspawn ever mentioned in the series, shouldn't they be at the LB? Speaking of Shadowspawn, what else does the DO have up his sleeve? Trollocs Gholams (no more of these, thank God) Myrdraal Draghkar Dark Hounds Jumara (worms) Grey Men The Jumara only ones we haven't seen. I want to know why they're so terrible. And why big, bad Sammael considered the grown up Jumara even worse.
  3. If we go that route we have even more direct evidence of Tam (I almost said Rand, but then I remembered he's not even an Al' Thor by blood) and the Al' Caars being descendants of Aemon. Not that anything's wrong with that. My main objections are: Is Aemon a Hero of the horn? Many a poster has raised beliefs that Mat and Perrin are Heroes reborn, but the contradictory point has always been that Hawkwing referred to Perrin and Mat as Bannerman and Horn-Sounder respectively at Falme, while he referred to Rand as Lews Therin. This would imply that they weren't, as Hawkwing didn't recognize them as such. I know Mat being a Hero is not the point of this topic but it leads to my other question... Are any souls except Heroes' tied together? Birgitte and Gaidal are tied together, destined to fall in love with one another over and over as the ages pass. But we don't have any examples of normal souls ever being tied together. For instance, Rand is a HotH reborn and Ilyena doesn't seem to be (there really is not that much info about her at all...one of the few areas I wish RJ had fleshed out). The love of his previous life is not even a part of the series other than in name. He's fallen for 3 totally different girls. So why would Mat, someone whose soul we don't even know to be bound to the Wheel, find the same soul he fell in love with in a previous life, when that soul isn't bound to the Wheel either? He could well be Aemon, it's quite plausible, but Tuon being Eldrene seems a bit wild. But hey, that's why theories are cool right? They can be anything you want them to be. Although... Eldrene died by channeling too much in defense of Manetheren correct? Tuon's channeling ability would be a nice point in favour of them being the same soul, as channeling ability is tied to the soul. Not that she couldn't be another channeler soul, but hey; theories right? The "live again a part of what was" thing could just be figurative. In his previous life he was a warrior king married to an Aes Sedai wife, in this one he is once again a warrior king married to a channeling wife. Most plausible happening IMO.
  4. Is there truly balance though? The problem with the series may not be this unrealistic lack of death (and I do very well understand it's the realism you're commenting on, not the death dearth) but that the balance that RJ wanted to maintain is not possible in a series that is supposed to be a perpetual cycle. IIRC, the AoL and similar/surrounding ages did not know the DO's touch at all. Then, their peace and prosperity was disturbed by this event, the advent of the Bore. The world spiraled into chaos, but it was never lost to it. If the series were truly balanced, shouldn't DO have won at some point? Shouldn't his nature as antithesis to the Creator allow him to actually have destroyed the Wheel? But the DO has never won. At least not in this world, because the Wheel continues to turn. For that reason alone, this world's imbalance in terms of good and evil likely must exist as it does, just for the sake of the story. We cannot see the instances which establish this balance, because they do not exist. The DO destroyed them. To that end, it would be very interesting to see the DO and the Creator tallying results on a chalkboard. Creator: "Ah, ya got me there Darky old buddy. That world is lost." DO: "The score is almost even. Shall we go again?" Creator: " Huzzah!" Anyway, I posted somewhere about the Shadow just...not seeming as threatening as it was in earlier books. The Light are on course to win. Not without casualties of course, but the tallies of channelers vs. the dreadlords is one telling statistic that I believe to be heavily in the Light's favour. Maybe it's because the series is so long. It must be damn hard to construct a scenario where the heroes can't get their act together enough to seem like they have a chance at winning, and still pull off a victory over the course of 20 years. I'm just hoping the last book blindsides us all. Every, single person in the fandom. Maybe the ______ in the Blight will help out. Or the totally unforeseen Cyndane-dream. Or the Moridin-Rand link. Or Fain. What I'm saying is, though it has its predictability with regards it not being so much a "what" as a "how" in terms of occurrences, I believe there are sufficient "whats" to keep us enthralled. After all, I still don't know if Rand will live or die. Or how the heck Fain comes into play with his zombie powers. What is that bastard up to I wonder...
  5. A constant theme (this word is so overused) that has been present in the series is growth through circumstance. The two other Ta'veren have both echoed Mat's developments through their own struggles. Of the three however, Mat is the one to most retain much of his mannerisms and habits. If it was a comparison it would likely be: Rand, Perrin, Mat; in terms of how closely they have stuck to their original character traits. This does not mean he hasn't grown, it's just a different type of growth than is shown throughout. There have been times when Mat would have shirked some of the tasks given to him (actually, I believe there was one such instance where he left Rand to go his own way) but there is no doubt he accepts the burden of responsibility IMO. Also, he'd be better than Hawkwing because he has lived tons more lives (at least in memory), and participated in tons more battles, not to mention he can learn from those losses he's suffered. He has the edge on Hawkwing in experience by leaps and bounds, and he's not that far off Ta'veren wise. Your reasons why he wouldn't be better work against you. IMO you're taking Ishamael's words too literally here. It seems a more literary (and hence, figurative) than literal use of the word whisper. If I wanted to play up my power, I'd say I merely had to whisper too. Perhaps compulsion is no greater a feat to him than whispering. I'm quite sure it never said he couldn't remember growing up, just what they look like. And once again you're downplaying Mat's history of stepping up to his responsibility. Even if he does barely know his sister, the fact remains that she is his sister and he will feel something. He's saved lesser people for less. Anyway, your point about Mat not being able to change the Seanchan is not particularly true. He has but to influence Tuon, and keep her alive (more than possible thanks to his Ta'veren nature). The Seanchan will then fall in line, in time. With conflicts, yes, but with time. Add to this the fact that he will probably garner their respect (and fear) through his battle prowess and he can change certain customs simply through that. The Seanchan as they were cannot exist anymore. Their homeland is in chaos and the LB looms, which will dwindle their numbers in Randland and introduce them to things they did not believe existed. Admittedly Aviendha's trip through the rings contradicts this but, considering what they have, and will meet, I just don't find it likely that they continue that existence. Mat's Ta'verenity (so much better than Ta'vereness) is perhaps the pattern setting the Seanchan right again. There's no reason to believe he can't somehow. Hawkwing's Ta'veren trait was not purposefully set at forming the Seanchan, and it is not a case of "Hawkwing couldn't keep them straight, so Mat shouldn't be able to". At the same time, I don't want it to seem like I am picking on your posts (I realize they're the only ones I've quoted) but there are meaningful counterpoints to what you've said so securely. I do agree that Mat is immature and mischievous, but to a point and at certain times and in certain places. When things have to be done he gets them done and he is as much a man as Perrin.
  6. I'm pretty sure that the Song is mixed up in a Ter'angreal that Aviendha had read way back in one of the books. Oh wait no, that was the Talisman of Growing. Or is it both? Can someone help me out here?
  7. I think you guys are reading far too much into his willingness to walk into the WT. Beyond his confidence in his Ta'veren abilities and his new outlook on life, what could the WT do? Honestly, severing is not even an option for them at this point with the LB confronting them. They have to have him around at full capacity or else they risk losing so severing is out the window. Rand would know this. Now, he can still be shielded and held you might say, but with Egwene as Amyrlin and her attitude towards Rand and all her monologue to Elaida about "reaching out to him, offering guidance [etc]" I highly doubt holding him would appeal to her. It would be considered obviously, but with Rand's sheer military might and the threat of the BT (If they saved him from the Reds, you have to consider that Egwene would consider them coming to the rescue again), it's honestly not a smart choice for a leader. Too much tension and division (Isn't that what Egwene is fighting against anyway?) in the world in the face of their darkest hour, and all focused on the WT while it is still in the process of rebuilding. You might argue Rand is unaware of Egwene's attitude towards him (Which is essentially true), but he is aware of their need of him, the force behind him and the division of the Tower. I simply think that these things combined to make him totally nonchalant about the whole thing. Plus, he's the Goddamn Dragon. A 400-something year old legend. Shouldn't be phased much by AS IMO.
  8. Not having thought of it before you mentioned it, I wanna know what happens to Bela - or a get together of all the people that haave ridden her. Gasoline. Lots of gasoline. And the lighter..where's is that blasted thing? I apologise Aross (OP) but this must be done. Judging from Mat's attitude towards AS, the Fox-head Medallion, and recent...events involving a certain someone's tongue, I am in hearty agreement with you here. Aren't Nynaeve's parents dead? Wasn't she taken in by the Wisdom at a really young age or something? I probably am just spouting incorrect nonsense, so don't take my words for anything. Wait till someone who has access to the books currently can tell you.
  9. The Ogier, specifically those around Loial. I would like to know the results of his speaking at the Great Stump, and see them in battle. The ones with the Seanchan are supposed to be terrifying afterall. The unfortunate badgers Mat seems to keep catching. Aludra. The Emond's Fielders on a whole, definite agreement with you there. And with Tylee as well. And so help me, if I see any mention of Bela I will burn this thread to the ground.
  10. Wow, wow. Certainly didn't think my comment on LoM would bring about such a response. We've gone way off-topic guys. Though, to be fair, it was a limited discussion. Anyway, not to abandon a fire I started, when I talked about the LoM and Demandred's army it was perhaps in haste or excitement. I do agree with Moratcorlm in that it would be bad writing to suddenly make it a major plot point in the series so late. Nothing in the books gives any rise to it: no characters are from there, no POV's of people visiting the place, no visuals, no descriptions, no mentions, no nothing. Not even a visit from our friend the wind. Shoehorning it in would be a cheapening of the reader's experience, and the very nature of WoT, where every thread seems to be carefully pulled through the series. Weaved, if you will. However, there are certain ways it could work; certain ways that I imagine could happen, given RJ's "not so firm" stance on the LoM appearing. The Shadow needs Dreadlords. I do not have the figures on hand, (I'm sure there's a thread about military numbers somewhere), but the Shadow's advantage seems to be in the number of Trollocs and sheer bodies it can commit to the LB. Its most powerful channelers have undergone a dispatching throughout the series, leaving the Light with channelers that are Forsaken-level without opposition. Nynaeve, Alivia, Rand, Logain, Egwene, Aviendha, Miss Grandmother-woman who upsets the Aes Sedai so much (Can't remember her name right now), the Sea Folk girl (Verin made off with her sometime no?) and possibly Damane that we have not been introduced to (The Seanchan will fight the Shadow, that much is certain). Counter that with what? Demandred, Moridin, Graendal,Lanfear and...Taim? Lanfear and Graendal seem to have fallen extremely out of favour, but I assume favour won't matter when it comes to taking care of business. Moridin does not seem to be the one to lead the army into battle. Maybe as Ishamael, but now it seems he's reserved for locking horns with Rand, on a philosophical, intellectual and channeling level as the last barrier between him and the sealing of the Bore...or would that be Shaidar Haran? Demandred also seems poised to take stabs at Rand. Specifically, in a rage. Taim and Logain's confrontation has been foreshadowed and talked about for years. Light advantage. Now obviously, that leaves us with the lesser channelers. People like Narishma, Cadsuane, Moiraine (Her Angreal makes her greater than she was before, which was strong by WT standards. Was), etc. The Light has tons of people to throw at the Shadow here. The Aes Sedai alone number in the higher hundreds now, thanks to Egwene, and the Black Ajah presence is gone from among them as best we can tell. Even if the majority are Novices and Accepted, things like healing, links, and wards will come in extremely handy, situations where the Accepted and Novices can perform under (arguably) less pressure. Then of course we have the BT, which seems to be split down the middle. AFAIK, they are near the 500 mark, and were split down the middle a while ago as to Taim's faction and Logain. Now, this is where the Shadow may have an advantage. Not a sizable one, considering the AS numbers dwarf what the Asha'man can muster, and the men can't link, but in terms of the BT by itself it is one. Now, IMO Taim's core group is not half of the BT's numbers. It seems to me that the large part of his supporters went over simply to avoid the conflict. I would give him a 1/4 to 1/3 of the BT's manpower. Then we have the other groups of Channelers: Sea Folk, Wise Ones, Damane, the Kin. Damane are battle ready. The Sea Folk have no qualms about wielding the power as a weapon (skirmishes with the Seanchan have upped their experience here as well) and the WOs seem ready to do what is necessary. The Kin provide numerous skills and information, not to mention additional healing and gateway support. In all, the Lightside looks to have upwards of 1500 channelers at its disposal. There is potential to be far more, but the WT is the only channeling force we know that is devoid of DFs. The Damane and Sea Folk could be extremely compromised. So could the WOs and Kin, but the Kin's weakness seems to preclude them from heavy consideration by the Shadow, at least in my mind. The WOs are a big "?" at this point and I've seen more than a few questions about DF WOs. Still a Light advantage, however. So how can the Shadow possibly combat this? Shara, and to a lesser extent, the LoM. We know little of either place. We do know that Shara is organised, and the channeling population seems to be maintained, with the large focus on women channelers. Judging by the numbers that the Light side has garnered leading up to the LB and the size of both places we can guess that Shara has a good number of channelers. I am hesitant to put a number, as the maps I'm looking at seem misleading, but I would guess over 400 at least. The Shadow is still at a disadvantage, but the gap is closing. 400 Sharans, 160 or so Asha'man, 50 DF AS that got away from the purge, potentially hundreds of DF Sea Folk and/or Damane (depending on their overall numbers, which I just don't know right now) and the channelers the Shadow could have brought themselves ("there is a ______ in the blight" anyone?).So where is the little bit they need to get over the hump and provide those overwhelming odds that the series needs to keep its tension? The LoM. Finally, we reach my point. Now, I know that it would be quite the machination to have a significant number of channelers appear from nowhere. However, considering the numbers at play already, over 200 or so "mysterious" power-wielders dispersed throughout the LB would not be out of the question. Picture a scene in AMoL where the two sides are locked in furious battle. Each side, is fairly conventional, if unpredictable with their tactics. For the sake of this metaphor, they are using swords. Now, out of nowhere the Light receives a shotgun blast the Shadow pulls out on a whim. That is the impression I have of the LoM's impact on the battle. A tiny number of channelers whose ideas and beliefs of the power are so foreign that the way they use it is unexpected, unpredictable and impossible to effectively counter initially. This sets up room for a narrative covering stuff like: -Strange clothes -Strange language -Sudden appearance and disappearance (possible large effect on the battle field initially, but easily dispatched afterwards) This would allow a small reference to the mysterious place heretofore unmentioned, without the LoM having been mentioned or placed in the book at all. You could argue Shara as a fulfillment of this role, but IMO to ask 600 channelers from a place that is not bigger than Randland without institutions that are based on the power is a bit much, especially when the full number of AS is around 800 or so. A simple sequence such as this would suffice, IMO: "The Aes Sedai in front of Narishma was violently thrown to the side, her torso split open and burning strange colours, another unknown weave in an already confused battle. Its origin seemed to be a strangely dressed woman darting in and out of the onrushing Trollocs, shouting in some mangled tongue. Blood and ashes, but if she would only hold still, he could hope to recognize who he had to kill next. Linked as he was with (insert Narishma's AS here), her weaves were not invisible to him, and her lack of defenses he could recognize was curious. Hesitation was death, however. It was knowledge even the youngest Borderlander kept close to heart, and he lashed out with Saidin, crushing the fist of Trollocs she had plunged into. Around the battle field, he spotted similar occurrences: A wild-haired man incinerated by a fireball after running headlong into a group of soldiers and plowing through them like a boulder. Men suddenly pulled into the ground as if it had become water, while another strange man skipped across it in their midst, solid as it had ever been. A volley of arrows then cut his walk short. He had never seen the power used in this manner, and with such...disregard. It was as if they were all mad." I know this is at odds with my whole "Demandred's army" thing considering how substantial a force his army would have to be, but as a small piece of that puzzle, it would certainly fit. IMO, at least. So...back to Alivia now?
  11. Well, there is no evidence suggesting Aviendha will get pregnant during the last battle. And it is during, because it has started already. I don't see Rand having much time to bed her. Not to mention, Elayne's channeling didn't become truly spotty till months or so into the pregnancy. I don't think the LB is gonna last that long. Rand wants to go straight to Shayol Ghul from the looks of things. I don't think he'll sail off to live somewhere else. That's just too...LotRish. Rand is not an elf! When I see that scene, I think more of the floating funeral pyres certain cultures send off, except Elayne, Avi and Min are there for some reason. Maybe Rand's pyre floats down river and they want to accompany him on his "final" journey. Though there are shades of Boromir in that as well...Quite the dilemma really. I also think the Land of Madmen will have its place in the final book. Demandred's army could be pulled from there. It's there or Shara IMO. Though Shara has more of a precedent established already. I mean, the place is bound to have strong channelers if you only survive by avoiding death by mad Saidin-wielders. A little Dark One magic and presto! Previously unseen dreadlords who use the power in dangerous new ways. How do we know about the Land of Madmen again? What characters have mentioned it in the books? All I remember is seeing it on the maps and reading about it on the (unreliable) Wiki...Shame no one has gone there. Wonder what it will be like now Saidin is cleansed? I know the madness that's already there remains but still...if anyone resisted, it would be interesting to see what kind of culture those conditions brought about. Provided there are still people there.
  12. Well, you're not the first to think Callandor is not just a Sa'Angreal for the One Power. I can tell you that thanks to my time here as a lurker, so don't let my post count dishearten you. One of the other theories that has been thrown out are that it's also a SA for the True Power, but there's nothing to support it well of course. And I don't know where it is I read it on this site. Lost in some pages long thread that got moved in the shake up I suppose. And there's also another theory that it is Rand, Mat and Perrin's Ta'veren-ness (Ta'verenity?)that will seal the bore when they are in the same place, at the same time, fighting towards the same goal. At least, I've read it around here somewhere...but I suppose that doesn't help support your point either. I guess this post wasn't too helpful, but at least you know you're not alone.
  13. Kalm


    I don't believe the books state that expressly...however, they do state her full name: Ilyena Therin Moerelle. And IIRC, only Aes Sedai; ones that had done great service to the community, could achieve 3 names. So Elan Morin Tedronai, Lews Therin Telamon, Latra Posae Decume etc. were all of this distinction. I don't remember where I read this though, so it doesn't particularly answer your question. It might even be from wiki, so it's not to be relied on. At least, that's IIRC anyway. We haven't run into anyone from the AOL with 3 names that hasn't been an Aes Sedai AFAIK. If that's true, I want to know some of Ilyena's accomplishments. We know Latra did a great service to the community unknowingly by virtue of the Fateful Concord a.k.a. no female Aes Sedai to accompany the hundred companions, and then subsequent guidance of the Aes Sedai after the men went mad. We know Lews Therin was...well...the Dragon, even if we don't know his accomplishment prior to the War of the Shadow. We know Elan Morin Tedronai, a.k.a Ishamael a.k.a Ba'alzamon a.k.a. Moridin (Boy he likes alternate names doesn't he?) was a prominent philosopher and had sway in the community, leading to him gaining the name "Betrayer of Hope" (Another one, and there's more to boot...wow Ishy you get around don'tcha? Well I guess you gotta compete with the Coramoor, Lord of the Morning, Car'a'carn, Dragon Reborn, Prince of the Dawn, He Who Comes with the Dawn, Shadow Killer...let's just stop there shall we? RJ sure loved his titles.) after he switched sides, but we have no clue what Ilyena accomplished. Interestng how she's such a tidbit when factored into the big picture, despite being one of the major points around which Lews Therin's character is based.
  14. Kind of new here, posts wise, but be assured I have been lurking for quite some time and have read the series in depth as well. My take on it is this, Rand is not the most powerful based on how much of the power he can wield, but how he uses it and his attitude towards it. Remember where we are. In this age, there's a bunch of stuff AOLers didn't know of/consider dangerous or primitive. The healing of severing. The Warder bond. The unraveling of a gateway thread by thread. Rand was brought up in this age. He views the Power fundamentally different to how Lews would have viewed it, despite Asmodean's teachings. No one from the AOL knew how to cleanse the taint it seems, yet Rand did it, and though he may have been aided by Lews' memories, it was still a completely foreign act that he may not have even considered. Then we have the fact that Rand now remembers all of his life as Lews completely, with an intimate knowledge of the Power, its workings and past results he's had from using it in certain ways. Combine that with Rand's viewpoints and it should be clear that he should be stronger; but not through force. He's stronger in sheer efficiency and skill in how to use the Power as he wants. That's how I viewed the scene anyway. Then there are other factors to take into account:- We don't know exactly what Lews was capable of. We don't know if Rand had any Angreal or Sa'angreal on him at the time (though I'm inclined to doubt this). These Trollocs were pretty much charging into a grinder. There were no opposing channeler Rand had to deal with throughout his onslaught, so they had no protection whatsoever. So it's not so much a matter of Rand being beyond what anyone else could be, he's already that. He's just smarter to boot. With regards to the story now, I'd say he's alright. He's supposed to be powerful. It irked me slightly that Rand's own evaluations of Logain and other Asha'man pointed toward them being almost as strong as him. Now he's above and beyond them (as he should be, considering he's the Dragon reborn and what not), but in a believable and supportable manner (i.e without a jump in sheer power). That's in addition to the fact that, at the LB he won't be fighting Trollocs. That's the armies' job. How many ants you can kill is not important if you leave the bear's cave behind you unchecked. Rand will be battling other channelers (despite his claims of not being pulled into fighting more minor battles, I still think he has a small role to play in some of these skirmishes. Maybe a quick swoop by while taking on Moridin and saving Narishma from something or other, only to have Narishma take what he saw and implement it again), possibly Moridin and/or Demandred (though I highly suspect that he will be taken out by a combined force), Shaidar Haran (someone has to take care of him, and his powers concerning channelers and how much we don't know is worrying. This may be the perfect point for Fain to step in though) and then he has to go down to the Pit to face Mr. Evil himself. And despite people thinking that the sealing has little to do with the power, I contend that the Bore was made with the power, sealing it should relate to it in some way, otherwise there's a giant disconnect in process here. The Bore was made by a team headed by the most powerful AOL female channeler, so it fits that Rand has to be especially powerful to seal it, considering that he'll probably be the only one doing the sealing despite his expected linkage with females in the use of Callandor. Will he be too powerful after? Won't that make it sort of lame if he is? Well, I don't think so...He could fade into obscurity by leaving the Westlands entirely. He was on a boat in Min's visions, but that would be waaaaaay too LoTR-esque. Someone mentioned Avatar way up there, a good series. Aang was basically all powerful too, but that didn't make the ending any worse to me. It was satisfying. It's a matter of opinion. Besides that, Avi's visions show us that Rand may not even be around afterwards, and that the world has a ways to go till it's "done with battle". I, personally, would like Rand to be there if the Randland has to face the Seanchan, but that's just me.
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