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  1. Thanks guys ^_^ and sure can nyanna, just tell me what u want it to look like!! as much or little detail as you want ^_^ <3
  2. looked at your other blog and the list looks pretty good to me, tho i do think lan should possibly be tier 2. Also love the choice of Maggie Smith for the twins. I was so sad wen they died! Are we allowed to suggest actors we think would suit roles?
  3. Zaffiekitten

    Zafirah Sedai- Pixel WoT

    Pixelations of WoT characters, both orriginals and from the book
  4. Oh! and if someone could tell me how i can make a gallery id super appreciate it =D and if anyone wants a pixel doll of their WoT character or one from the books let me know, im super bored =)) .:Z:.
  5. Hello everyone! My name is Zaffie, and i live in Australia land ^_^ I started reading the WoT books about two years ago and fell in love with them. Finally bought the E-books for 12 and 13, so im eating my way through those! Anyway was just websurfing through WoT stuff on google and arrived here and decided to call it home a whiles =) .:Zafirah:.
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