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  1. I attribute the discrepency to the horrible editing that plagued the entire series. Sorry Harriett but facts are facts. I just got the Companion and one of the first things I looked up was Tar Valon only to find that there was NO entry for it. An ommission that huge is inexcusable i think the entire series could have benefitted from some college interns proof reading, for the ridiculous amounts of typos in the books and looking for ommissions in the case of the Companion because clearly Harriett and staff were not up to the task.
  2. I predicted an overabundance of ALL CAPS dialogue at the end of the book.
  3. I'm tempted to think it's not Rand's bond that's being discussed. It just seems too easy. Another possibility is Cadsuane telling Toveine or Gabrelle to pass over Logain's bond. We know both Cadsuane and Logain have Black Tower business left so it wouldn't seem a stretch to see them team up.
  4. We don't know that we won't.
  5. Even prior to TWOT I wasn't a fan of Sweet's (R.I.P.) drawings of humans or creatures. He's done some Lord of the Rings artwork before (a calander comes to mind) and other work. So for me it's also impossible to not see an improvement in the characters. This is far better in that respect. Having said that, I think Sweet's choice of scene was more interesting though. Unfortunately I long ago stopped caring about the covers due to the difference of what I envisioned and Sweet's interpretations.
  6. ^ Making us wait till Jan '13 for AMOL has a touch of Semirhage in it too
  7. Seeker


    As you have already stated, it's nowhere in the books. Clearly RJ wanted a little more mystique surrounding myrddraal than trollocs. A question for BA.
  8. I voted #1 as it's the closest to explaining a few things for me. First of all the title of this poll says Rand's abilities "after Maradon" but I think it's clear that the major change happened to Rand at the end of TGS on Dragonmount. Afterwards, causing apples to grow despite the DO's touch on the land simply by being in the area and some other effects he's been having on the land are not something I think another great channeler (Moridin/Isy) could also do. So I don't buy #2 that he doesn't have any special powers above and beyond other channelers and I don't buy #3, I don't think Moridin or anyone else can pull that off.
  9. 44 Male Was 33 when I started reading the series. I don't really think gender and age have as much to do with preferences as the fact that most reading this series have some common interests, like high concept fantasy, adventure. My favorite characters are Matt (though his character took a hit when BS took over his dialogue imo, BS can't do Matt's style of humor at all) and Rand. I see a lot of younger people mention them as well. I'm also irritated by many of the characters younger people mention as well, maybe not as violently though ;)
  10. Superb work, thanks for doing this
  11. Based on A Storm of Light, it doesn't seem Rand would need the TP for most things. I doubt the sister's circle could hold even using the OP. The Far Madding comment does seem to be a clear reference to TP though.
  12. I feel the end of the last battle will contain a very major twist. Possibly in who and how the DO meets his fate or who knows what. The simple fact that RJ had the ending written first supports that. RJ frequently commented that he had the ending written before anything, which I take to mean it is a component of the story he is proud of and it is hard to imagine that would involve a predictable turn of events.
  13. Hi all, first time poster, long time reader. To the OP, sorry but I don't find any of those points compelling enough evidence to follow that reasoning. Coupled with RJ's statement (who's credibility I am not going to compare to a writer of children's novels), I don't buy it. As to this point: Narrows the list down to 3? At the battle for Maradon Deepe said: "They have channelers my Lord Ituralde" "I suspect six, perhaps more. Men, since I can feel the power they're wielding, doing something powerful". Clearly the DO has more than 3 men channelers at his disposal and I doubt Demandred or Moridin would put themselves on the front lines unless/until absolutely necessary.
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