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  1. Of the non-channellers I think Dobraine seems pretty under-rated.
  2. This could obviously most apply to Perrin and the wolves but it could also be fitting for the Aiel or Borderlanders going to war I think; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TY_zITJ68k Especially with lyrics like; Unleash the wolves Carnage has no rules Comparison, competition We'll bury one and all Look in the eyes of rage A loyalty bred of suffering The fire inside it burns eternally, victory Look in the eyes of pain The scars on our souls forever remain Calling the sheltered of the broken Wing, join the fray
  3. I'm reading through The Gathering Storm again and I forgot how funny the scene is where Mat meets up with Verin and she whips out one of the pictures of him that's being passed around and says it's darkfriends that are doing it. Mat is a little surprised and says he thought it was Verin and she asked him how he thought she did it and he replies; I thought you saidared it.... Always makes me laugh.
  4. The poor OP... If he thinks the women are bad now... Wait until he reads far enough that blankey gets called to the blankety-blank.
  5. THE DARK ONE HASN'T GOTTEN ENOUGH SCREEN TIME, FRANKLY!!! Also; Talmanes, Bashere, Ituralde, Narishma, Flinn, Lan, Uno, Furyk Kedere, Asmodean, Taim, Demandred, Weiramon (comedy value), Pedron Niall, Ingtar, Tam, Bayle Domon (prior to his neutering and ruination as a good character by the appearence of his missus), Birgette - Elayne + Mat = greatest missed opportunity of the series.
  6. For the most part I quite liked the Whitecloaks. Some of their characters were certainly boring/1 dimensional but there were things I really liked about them. For example, in a world where religion was essentially proven true there were very few religious fanatics and most of the nations were quite secular so it was nice to have an organisation of foaming-at-the-mouth fanatics running around to add a bit of contrast. I also liked that the Whictecloaks were essentially a transnational, independent military organisation, loyal to a philosophy/ideology instead of most of the wetlands soldiers who were loyal to monarch/nation/or coin. Sometimes the world needs dreamers.... :D I also liked the irony of how, in theory, the Whitecloaks should have been a standard the world could rally around in the name of the Light but most of the world actually resented them or outright hated them because they were too heavy handed or just plain evil. I liked the irony of how their uncompromising view of the Shadow actually blinded them to it's influence on them because they were too fanatical to accept they could ever be wrong. And yet, in the Questioners, there was part of the organisation that even the Whitecloaks tried to reign in because they were even worse. And Pedron Niall - legend. I loved his cool, calm nature despite leasing an organisation comprised mainly of hot-heads and outright maniacs. I really liked his scheming nature and how he had the patience to plan and manipulate as he was well aware that it would take more than just blind fate to get done what needed doing. And lets not forget they guy was one of the Five Great Captains. He rubbed metaphorical shoulders with the likes of Ituralde and Bryne. And it's impressive that he reached this status using what was essentially a giant cavalry formation, which would have greatly limited his options on the battlefield.
  7. 'Veiled' and 'Veil'. As in; "There was a large number of Taraboners in the army, noticable by their distinctive chainmail veils". "Sensing danger, the Aiel veiled themselves". And wasn't Tuon 'under the veil' when she arrived in Randland?
  8. One of my favourite little moments is in Knife of Dreams, if I remember right and Ituralde is pondering his plans to attack the Seanchan and the consequences he is likely to bring down on himself when the Seanchan retaliate as they would never stop until they'd crushed him. I don't have the book to hand for the exact quote but he basically says to himself (or someone else, can't remember) that he was embarked on his course of action and that was that and possibly the only thing that could pursuade him to turn away would be the Dragon Reborn appearing before him and telling him to, and since that (to Ituralde) was a near impossibility it meant he wouldn't be stopped. The next book and who walks right into Ituralde's camp and tells him he's in the wrong place and fighting the wrong people and he's needed somewhere else and oh, by the way, I'm the boss now? You guessed it
  9. Where will I go when it's all over? I'll probably initially ease the pain by throwing myself back into the grim darkness of the Warhammer 40k and Horus Heresy books. From there I might go and re-read all the Dune books, including all the recent prequels. After that, I'll need to sit down and have a think....
  10. I've been going on the assumption that a portion of them would just be regular Darkfriends, like the sort that tried to kill Rand and co. in the first 3 books, who manifested the power while young and brought north for "training". There were Dreadlords during the Trolloc Wars if I remember right and so there must always have been a steady flow of male Darkfriend channellers from the civilised nations who head to the Blight.
  11. Would an Ogier like Hartha have the strength to physically rip him to pieces? Ogier strength has never really been quantified too much. I know Loial saved Rand from a Trolloc by almost ripping it's arms from it's shoulder sockets. But Loial is only a young lad really, barely finished Ogier puberty (I imagine...) and he's a scholar - never really done physical labour for a living to build up some muscle ala Perrin. An older ogier like Hartha who's soldiered for a lifetime would likely be much stronger. Edit - spelling.
  12. Rhuarc would win hand-to-hand for sure. I would put Lan as second to Rhuarc then Avi, and Im sure Perrin is fierce with his wolfish hands. Avi would not stand a chance in a hand to hand fight with most of the males in the series. We don't have any indication that she is even the best amongst the Maidens and the physical strength/size difference between her and any of the tough males would be too much to overcome despite the fact that she would have much more skill then them. Why exactly would she have much more skill than them?
  13. I hear the Malkieri Avengers are a hell of a powerful team but that they are pretty limited in their tactics...
  14. All this talk of weapons and blademasters... What I want to know is who would win if it came down just bare hands. I'll stand open to correction but in Randland people are very fond of their weapons and I think only really the Aiel have anything like a formalised approach to hand to hand fighting. Not quite to the level of our own martial arts but certainly far more than the rest of Randland whose default setting for weaponless fighting is 'brawl'.
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