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  1. Binding the north to the east and the west to the south. North = Blight East = Shara South = Randland West = Seanchan This assumes that Nicola's fortelling of the land being divided by the return is not a complientary prophesy to this one.
  2. My body-swap theory: When the DO was resealed Moridin was holding the TP at that moment. The sealing caused the TP to be stripped away from Moridin which caused his sould to be stripped from his body at the same time. Rand, being bonded to Moridin, had his sould stripped from his body into Moridin's body at the same time - kind of a flow-on effect. Nynaeve couldn't understand why Rand's body was dying. This was because there was no sould in the body - it was just a shell that couldn't survive without it's soul. The only problem with this would be that Nynaeve would have sensed somethin
  3. I think Birgitte will be reborn as one of Melaine's twin girls. It was stated that she was VERY close to term.
  4. I enjoyed it. I thought he lived up the the hype - the awesome general skills, him subverting an entire nation (the LS forces would have stomped the trollocs at Merillor without them). I never subscribed to the Roedran theory for some reason. But I thought he would have been a candidate to repent or come back to the Light at the last minute. The sword duels were good at first, but got a bit repetative by the time Lan had a crack. I was cheering for Gawyn, not so much Galad, but of course was cheering for Lan. This seemed to me to be the author giving solid in-book evidence to solve the
  5. Possibly the seal Taim gave to Rand had a tracer weave on it. He waited sufficient time for Rand to gather others and hide them all together then followed his trace to steal them all.
  6. I think Cadsuane is just finally fed up with the conversation going on behind her. They have been prattling on while Cadsuane had been getting more and more frustrated. The group behind finally reach a decision - one that Cadsuane doesn't agree on. That is the last straw for Cadsuane and their foolishness...
  7. Rand also knelt before the Seanchan in TPoD when he was chanelling using Callandor against their army. Bashere knocked him down when he lost control - pretty sure he was kneeling at some stage there too. The only difference was there was no Empress in the vicinity at the time. He also lost the campaign (by his standards) and admitted defeat. In a way he was submitting to the Crystal Throne at this point. On a side note, do we know the timing of the Karaethon cycle's first printing? It seems strange that the prophesies would exist on both continents since they were first Foretold after/duri
  8. "As Tam attacked again, Rand lifted the sword and-" I think the sentence is cut short because Rand gets a nice big crack on the head! "As Tam attacked again, Rand lifted the sword and- THUNK"
  9. Is the Truthspeaker the holy woman here? Possibly Selucia announced the person being ignored as a holy woman. The holy woman protested the claim. The quote from Tuon could be her addressing the rest of the room to make the announcement. But normally I think her Voice would make that kind of address to a gathering.
  10. As someone posted on a previous page, channelers seem to complicate everything. I've always thought a good way to defeat a shadowspawn army would be to create a solid, extremely thin ribbon of air across the battlefield and let the shadowspawn charge through it cutting themselves in half! Aran'gar had the right idea - smother the AS in a solid weave of Air around their face. Simple, quick, effective. To stop a heart, create a weave of solid air through the heart. It's not like autopsies are common practice in Randland. But I suppose people randomly dropping dead isn't exactly common
  11. @ herid: why is the dying Aiel speaking to the air and not the person? They are blind - Sightblinder and all that...
  12. Birgitte dies and Elayne meets her in TAR after the LB. Birgitte tells Elayne that she won't appear for a while. This is Elayne saying goodbye. Or, the person speaking is a dying Aiel. Possibly Bael speaking to Rhuarc (or vice versa) I like the second possibility.
  13. Moiraine asking Thom to tell one of his stories. Not that I've ever got the impression that Thom had gone to Shara. Maybe that's the name of a story/song and the capitals or italics have been removed for this 'memory'
  14. Distance may have been a factor. If you blow up a wall 20 metres away it might be easy. If you blow up a wall 1km away it would be tougher
  15. A few references to the Dragon in the AoL make me wonder who/what the Dragon was in the previous age. Demandred could have been named the Dragon if it wasn't for LTT. This suggests that it is a title granted to certain people The Aiel were known as the People of the Dragon. The entire race used to only serve the Dragon. I can't recall if it is stated the Dragon or LTT specifically was served. This service was before the War of Power which (we know from Rand's visions in Rhuidean), so the title existed before the war broke out. For an entire race to be known as the People of the Dragon it w
  16. My crazy Taim theory - he is one of the Hundred Companions who was sucked into the Bore when it was sealed. He escaped with the rest of the Forsaken and decided that he had already been on the losing team once so decided to turn to the Shadow. Possibly helped by some whispering in his ear by the DO while he was sealed. This explains how he got the seal that he gifted to Rand - he was sealed inside the seal with a seal!
  17. I started my re-read beginning of last year. Took me a month to get through EotW. Then I got distracted and did a re-read of Game of Thrones... I thought the rest of the series would be at the same pace, but my flatmate started reading the books for the first time so I was reading at the same pace as him so we could discuss as he read. I finished the series at about a week per book. Finished last month. I really don't have the energy to re-read before January, but I think I'll re-read KoD onwards over my xmas break. I first started reading the series after LoC and finished just in time
  18. If Rand lives Alanna will die - how else can he retire in secret? She can just track him down with the bond. If the reincarnation theory is true, Rand will die then his soul will be transmigrated into another body - possibly Moridin.
  19. When he first showed up I got the impression that he was Seanchan. But there was nothing that I could really put my finger on. He had travelled, seen the Sea Folk Islands, was very shady about his past. As someone mentioned above he has a Taraboner accent? Maybe it's a fake accent - Seanchan conquored Tarabon so he would have time to study and learn to impersonate them. His knowledge of the Knoks rebellion kinda ruined that one for me. He did show up at the BT pretty early on. He was mentioned in the books well before he appeared on-screen. One of the AM (with Perrin I think) mentioned
  20. What happened to the sword that Aviendha gave Rand? There is no mention of it after his first meeting with the Seanchan that I can recall. It's strange that he would stop using it after it meant so much to him - in Far Madding he didn't want to cut the peace bonds because it would mean leaving it behind.
  21. When it was implied that Gaidal was reborn during this series I could never figure out what was the point of an infant hero during TG? It would make sense not to weave out any heroes and save them all for when the horn was blown during the Last Battle. Also, is it assumed that all ter-angreal in existence at the time of the series were created in the AoL? If so, it would imply that the HoV was only created in the AoL. If you assume that the horn was created during the AoL, it would make sense that it was created during the War of Power since the entire concept of war and fighting for good
  22. Just throwing this one out there... What if Taim is one of the 100 Companions who was accidentally sucked into the Bore during the sealing. He escaped around the same time as the other Forsaken and, seeing all the strife around the world, thought it was up to him to lead the world against the Shadow. This obviously didn't work so he joined up with his old leader reborn in Rand. He could foresee Rand's upcoming defeat and decided to finally jump ship and join the Shadow. Perhaps the seal he had was sucked into the Bore with him... This would explain his attitude towards the Aiel and
  23. I am re-reading the series and am now reading LoC. The series of events leading up to Taim giving Rand the DOs seal doesnt sit right. According to Taim, he was given the seal by some farmer after he had declared himself a false dragon and (I assume) prior to his capture by AS. Then he gets captured and escapes. Did he have the seal on him when he was captured and they just let him keep it? Or did he escape, run back to his hideout and get the seal, then run south from Bashere's army, then hear about Rand's amnesty then seek him out to give him the seal? It doesn't seem likely that after hi
  24. What happened to the sword Avi gave him? Laman's sword? I would have thought that would have more significance to him.
  25. Hi all First time poster - apologies if this theory has been posted by another... Per Rand in his meeting with the Borderlanders, prophecies are about events tha might happen. Looking at the prophecy in that light, it is telling of how things might have unfolded had certain events in this book gone differently. The one-eyed fool is Matt, who having paid the price with the Eelfinn and lost his eye couldn't figure out the purpose of his spear, therefore destined to 'wander the halls of mourning'. Him not being able to figure it out might make him a 'fool' also. The Fallen Backsmi
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