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  1. Hello, everyone. It's been a while since I've posted (life, career, you know. . .IRL) but I wanted to share two things with you. I've seen the stuff on FB that's been posted regarding WoT being eligible for the Hugos. I've also seen some of the counter-arguments. People are entitled to their own opinion, of course, but I felt the need to step out and say "wait just a damn minute". The WoT has been a positive part of my life, and I was fortunate to meet RJ before he passed. I've also met BS & Harriet a couple of times, so I wanted to defend my friends. I've posted an essay on my website
  2. It would be neat to find out the value, but it's something to hold onto for now. It means more sentimentally than the money, but in 20 years. .. it may be time to send them to someone else who will love them more. I like it b/c it's a complete set, signed by both of them. I wanted to find Darryl Sweet, but two weeks after I thought about it, he passed away. Maybe Tom Dougherty (sic) will be my next target. That would be pretty cool. The CoC library has a copy of the first volume of the Russian EotW. It may be in the pictures here on Dragonmount somewhere. It's a beautiful printing. I also
  3. It's really cool; I saw it when i went for the signing. They have Perrin's axe, and a couple of pages from tEotW with RJs corrections on it. B
  4. Hmm. .. makes my full set signed by the authors and editor seem puny. But it does look badass. The coolest RJ thing I've got is the Russian translation, sign by RJ and Harriet. 2nd coolest is the error dustjacket of Fires of Heaven (Eladia is spelled Fladia) and the next is my PoD cover, which has a printers error. (The cover as offset, so the raised lettering and the red lines are 1/2 inch off) B.
  5. If this is in the wrong spot, I apologize. . . you can Turn me later. I'm wondering if anyone out there has a Tower of Midnight post card. You know, the small cardboard squares Tor puts out to advertise the books at signings and bookstores before it comes out. I've got a KoD, TGS, and AMoL post cards all signed, and I'd like to have a ToM so I can mat and frame them. If anyone has one, I've got a TGS 11x14 poster signed by Harriet and Brandon I'll trade for it. The only thing is, I need it before the Atlanta signing. (Feb. 22nd, I think) (I went to Charleston for the signing there) Ca
  6. yeah, but reading the entire section leads the reader to think he was specifically told Rand was the one. About the same time, Ba'alzy quit chasing Matt and Perrin.
  7. Okay, if this has been mentioned. . . .you know. I've read WOT 5-6 times, and never caught this. In TGH, in the chapter titled "Kinslayer" (page 243 in the mass market paperback) Rand is having a dream. He's already tripped through the portal stone, and Ba'alzy appears. They verbally spar for a minute, and then Ba'alzy says, "..."but my followers number even some of their own. The Aes Sedai called Moiraine told you who you are, did she not?" At this point, Mo has only told 1 person who the DR is; Suian. But Verin figured it out, and flatout asked them. Verin was also there when the
  8. loial has a saying about humanity, how they flit and flitter from cause to cause. This has caused him embarrassment when he speaks out of turn, and is afraid he upsets his human friends. Does some have the quote handy? I don't have my books with me. Thanks, B.
  9. There is a mention in NS about Tam finding a baby. It's just one line, but "the two rivers" is in Mo's book she carries. Mo also says later in the series she didn't know which of the 3 it was, but knew she was close when all three had "namedays" close to each other. She even berates herself for not picking up on Rand healing Bela and his horse on the way out of Edmond's field. B.
  10. Wow. Granted, I only lurk, but I didn't realize this many people disliked Eggy. I see her character growth as natural. She may be wrong about the seals, but she doesn't know what the 400 year old Grand Male Super Power Aes Sedai does. And people hate her for it? Yes, she's bitchy, but she's in charge a a building full of women who think they know everything. Wouldn't you be? So she requires her friends to toe the line. Have you ever had to be the boss of a friend? And pretty much the whole world is riding on her, so it's a little more important that say, delivering pizzas. Tha
  11. This may be out there somewhere, but I think it is a good possibility Rand will use the TP to seal the Bore. He may have to in order to prevent any backlash tainting both Saiden and Saidar. (Which may happen anyway, if they are entering an age without it) Wouldn't it be a kicker for the series to end with both men & women going insane? B.
  12. I enjoyed when she tried to de-sword him in NS. . . probably the only time he was able to "lay hands" with out repercussions! Even though he ended up in the lake, it was still a good moment. B.
  13. okay, just read the "Simple Question. . ." thread, it was A&A there, in replies 153-163. Oh well. . . . . . B.
  14. This isn't really a question in elayne's arc, but since it touches on Brigitte, I guess it can go here. Mods, if you want to break it our, feel free. I think we have a clue on Gadiel Cain. on Pg. 172, Grady is talking to Perrin, asking to go home. He mentions he wants to see wife and kid, and says WTTE, "My kid is big for his age and ugly as a stump" The kids name in Gadren, which is pretty close. I'll let the detectives do a full search to see if Grady has a kid in the earlier books, and when he was born. I think Brigitte had said she was missing him the TAR,and she thought he was
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