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  1. Case closed. We're ignoring it because this obviously refers to a regular person, not someone with all their past memories. /also, his lame sig.
  2. Upon death the title of Aes Sedai and the First Among Servants would obviously become void, with no reason to formally declare it. Obviously. So obvious in fact that you would not write any law to specify it, but as of Egwene's raising to the Amyrlin Seat what is obvious is not relevant, only what can be interpreted through some serious mental gymnastics. Therefore, provided the Aes Sedai of old didn't specify that a person lost their titles upon death, Rand is still Aes Sedai and the First Among Servants.
  3. Egwene became Aes Sedai thanks to a loophole that wasn't intended to replace the usual process. She hasn't learned the one hundred weaves and refuses to prove herself the way every other Aes Sedai has. Every Accepted will know that when they're forced to learn the difficult weaves and take the test; every Accepted who fails will leave the Tower knowing Egwene gets to stay without having passed. Even with the current Cult of Egwene Worship in the Tower, that's bound to cause resentment down the line. Egwene's participation in Nynaeve's hazing/testing made her seem even more like a hypocrite
  4. Hell, the WT couldn't figure anything out given 3000 years. What a failure they turned out to be. As for what he did during that month. Well, we know some of it, but the fact that we only got one very short POV with Rand is probably very deliberate. Having his POV would likely have ruined some surprises.
  5. Rand isn't speaking to just Egwene; he's speaking to an audience. Speaking to Egwene in private might very well foil one of his main purposes behind the meeting; to make the shadow believe the light is divided. He has to assume the shadow knows every word said in that meeting, and that it is privy to at least some of Egwene's letters to the rulers of Randland. Think of it as enforced method acting. Right now the shadow has every reason to believe that tFoM is going to turn into a confrontation between two major forces of the light. As Napoleon said; never interrupt your enemy when he is making
  6. And could she not have waited to have additional knowledge (which Rand said he would give her) before taking a stance? She still could have done everything she has done. She just wouldn't be making an instinctive decision. No. He basically showed no respect for her or the tower's authority, and said he was breaking the seals. And you want her to do nothing for a month? And when they get more info what can they do if they are right? They be unprepared to do anything? The rest of the tower fears him. They consider him warbringing, murdering, madman. Do you think they would stand t
  7. For me, the reason I don't like Egwene as a character is the fact that in order for her to succeed everyone opposed to has to act concussed. She has a very powerful stupidity-induction field around her that turns supposedly smart, experienced women into complete idiots. A recent example would be the sitters granting Egwene authority to deal with the monarchs, somehow managing to forget that Rand is the king of Illian, even though they have Mattin Stepaneos walking around the tower as a constant reminder. This effect started just before she was raised to the Amyrlin Seat, if I remember correctl
  8. Unless Caemlyn had to be destroyed in order for light to win. So Verin had to make Mat promise it in a way that would keep the Band near Caemlyn, but also in a way that would prevent Mat from actually preventing the attack on Caemlyn. If that makes any sense. xD There is that possibility.
  9. That reasoning isn't legit. From Mat's perspective he has the car he wants from door A. He has Door B, and by opening Door B he can get 1) a box of rotten vegetables that replaces the car 2) a sack of gold AND the car 3) an empty box and the car Now Mat want's the car - why on earth would he open up door 2 even if her knew there was a better than even chance of keeping the car if its just the car he wants? (set aside Mat's luck as it has no effect on the actual choice since chance is not involved in that as it is here). If you want the car, would you, as a matter of course, op
  10. IMO this ties in very well with Also, the weighing on scales ties in with another dream of Egwene (DR Ch25): At least this one is not in doubt - Mat sacrificing his eye to save Moiraine. Presence of balance scales in both dreams is highly suggestive IMO. Seems to imply more that he would have to choose between Rand or Egwene, particularly concerning the stakes the book keeps hinting at. Rand certainly walked around insisting people call him "Rand Sedai" and behaving Aes Sedai to the most extreme. To the point that even seasoned Aes Sedai claimed he was behaving "Aes Sedai." I
  11. The characters I mentioned above are not at all one's I'd like to have killed off, except Faile, her getting offed would be quite satisfying, I just chose the ones I thought survived encounters where characters shouldn't necessarily have, particularly Thom. Gawyn surviving against three bloodknives while successfully protecting their real target from any harm. That, to me, is the one that stands out the most.
  12. Have to agree on that one. RJ could have really stood to take a few lessons from GRRM there. Maybe not go quite as far as he has, though. You start to care about a character and then they die.
  13. Well then, allow me to rephrase. CoT was the book, for me, when the backtracking became egregious, because it involved the entire book.
  14. 1) RJ used the BA hunt as a way to get our main characters, i.e. Eg, Nyn, Elayne out of the monotony of the WT initially, and then as several others mentioned, the BA hunt was a subplot- it's been a way to flesh things out while the things they do drive the main plot(s) such as locating and obtaining the Bowl of the Winds, using it, locating and acquiring the Dominion Band(and then foolishly trusting Domon to dispose of it) etc. The things of importance were the large plot themes such as fixing the DO's touch on the weather and making sure the male equivalent of an a'dam wouldn't fall in the h
  15. I can't speak for Grandis, but my complaint is not that there was a sideplot - it was actually one I was very interested in - or that the Hunters failed, but just that the plot didn't seem to get wrapped up. It just seemed to abandon its existing direction, tread water for a bit, then evaporate. It would be a bit like if after 12 books of Morgase and Tallanvor, Tallanvor suddenly met a tavern wench, married her, we saw no reaction from Morgase, and they were never mentioned again. I didn't have a problem with the hunt. I thought it was one of the more exciting plots in the series. Hence
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