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  1. Thank you! I'll check the encyclopedia, but it seems the dungeon prophecy is the link I was missing. I'll have to look up its wording.
  2. Hello, A few years ago someone wanted me to read The Wheel of Time, to add to the conversation at work. I did so. I felt a little forced through it, but it was a fun ride. I have a question though. At some point in the series the connection between Slayer and Isam was revealed to me. Not in the book. By the friend. I never saw it. I read through the series a second time, and still never saw the connection. Can anyone explain it to me, and how exactly it was revealed to us?
  3. Hello, I was just wondering if there is something I have to go through to post in the Artists, Writers and Crafters guild subforums. It says in one of the posts there that if I can see it I can post, but I can't... Do I have to register for the board, or is there a requisite number of posts or something? Thanks for the help, Addison
  4. Sounds fun. I'll stop by. :)
  5. Oh yeah, about me. I enjoy reading, but don't do nearly enough of it. I enjoy writing and seem to do even less of that. Lately I've ventured away from writing epic fantasy and (spurred on by a recent fascination with Terry Pratchett) have been writing a bit of humorous fantasy. I am a graphic artist/typesetter/web maintainer/everything else at a newspaper and love my job. :) I occasionally delve into some CNC work... Oh, and I'm 23. Did I get everything?
  6. Hello. My name is Addison, and I thought I would come by and join the craziness here on the eve of the last battle. I created this account a while back, but never introduced myself or really got involved. I've rectified one part of that now. :)
  7. All copies of The Gathering Storm and Towers of Midnight have a facsimile of RJ's signature. If I remember right, Brandon said he wasn't comfortable signing the books without Jordan's name there as well.
  8. Sadly incomplete. :( (I have the missing ones in paperback, but it just isn't the same) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v458/theckenast/DSC02547.jpg
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