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  1. He looks exactly how I imagine Perrin http://www.clevelandbrowns.com/media-center/videos/Peyton-Hillis-Post-Game-Press-Conference/1d94d85c-fbaa-448a-92e4-717cea03bf55
  2. Yeah, I don't think he writes Elayne well. I think he sees her too much like most of you do. Some of it is because he's writing her as moody because of the pregnancy though.
  3. How are Egwene, Tuon and Cadsuane unreasonable though? I'm only up to Chapter 20, but if with Egwene you're referencing her not wanting Rand to break the seals I disagree. Rand admits that he knew she'd be angry, he wanted her to disagree with him, and obviously he has something planned. Her anger and reaction fits into the narritive rather nicely. Also, I don't see her reaction as unreasonable. Oh hey, I'm going to go let the most evil thing ever out, it can unmake existence and other coolness, but don't worry, I don't have a plan, but if I do come up with one, it'll probably include you guys, so be ready to do what I want. Peace out bitches."
  4. Overall I feel like Brandon Sanderson has done as good a job as he could do with WoT. On the whole he has kept true to what I'm sure RJ left, and to what he could take from the first 11 books. However, it seems to me that he has changed at least one thing in a way that Robert Jordan would not have wanted, and is not in the spirit of WoT. That is, the characters are becoming all two reasonable. Now this is pleasant, and something we all probably longed for as we read WoT. Characters that listen to each other, characters that can change each others minds, characters that do the things we as readers want them to do. Before the characters were always very frustrating, and I'm sure you all felt it. The biggest problem with making all your characters reasonable and doing and saying what the reader wants is that they all become different flavors of the same person. They start to lose some of their individuality. I find it somewhat ironic that a lot of the time when Sanderson makes a character do or say something they would not have done in the past, he makes reference to it. Either a character will be surprised by the other characters new found maturity, or the character doing the nice and reasonable thing will have an inner monologue of how they've changed, and maybe were wrong before. Now, I like to think some of this is put down to character development, but what book/series have you ever read where all the characters begin developing in the same way at the same exact time? My problem is that it feels more like Sanderson's will than the logical progression from books 1-11. I don't expect many of you to find a problem with this, since it's probably what you wanted and have longed to see. I expect there to be some examples, of no, they do still have their differences and make the wrong decisions. I'd argue tat these are false issues though, ones that are created and dealt with quickly as the character with the issue soon sees the light.
  5. Semirhage said it best. That people tainted hear voices, and sure, Rand's voice is real, but that doesn't make him any less crazy, it's just a triviality. See, voices in your head are yourself no matter who you are. So yeah, Rand's voice was Lews Therin, who is at the same time 100% Rand. Of course the real question now is, how much is Rand going to know? Is he going to know everything LTT knew? Is he going to know everything that every dragon ever has known? Maybe the big difference in this age is going to be that Rand decided not to be crazy, and now he'll beat the Dark One for good. After all that was his revelation, maybe this time I can get it right.
  6. What's the spoiler here? That if nothing were written about them it wouldn't have mattered at all?
  7. The Wheel of Time, now with more zombies. I loved the back stories he come up with, and the guy who was worried about his auntie
  8. So I was reading RJ interviews and comments and came across this Erica Sadun: Did you deliberately make Rand like Tew/Chew, the god of war who loses his hand? RJ: Yes. Ok, this was from the LoC tour in 1994, so my question is what characters are based off of what legends, and do you think things that happened to those legends will happen to the characters?
  9. well they probably don't see it because rj stated that they were random memories from adventurers that went into snake land... and more to the point he straight out stated (he being rj) that the memories were not in any way from mats past life (ves) that being said, yeah mat is one of those misunderstood things Well find me some quotes or I'm just going to be inclined to believe you're putting your interpretation on something he said
  10. Regarding #1, Mat is definitely, no question, a hero that gets spun out time and time again by the Wheel. His memories are HIS memories from previous lives, the Finns...whichever ones....just gave them back to him. It's why he spoke some Old Tongue before he went to the Finns, he was the ONLY Emond Fielder to spontaneously speak on the Old Tongue. It's why after he got broken from the dagger and healed we woke up with memories of battle and was shouting orders to soldiers why he was being healed, all before he went to the Finns. The holes in his memory were there because he was unable to remember his previous lives, and the Finns filled them. That people don't see this is insane to me.
  11. Mat and Rand are both pretty much told the same thing. They have to die to live. Does anyone else think they're connected, and if it happens to both of them, it almost certainly would happen to Perrin too. Any ideas?
  12. Like take this scenario: You are a Myrddraal who is leading a horde of trollocs that have put up a vailiant fight at Tarwin's Gap against a well trained tough Sheinaran force of heavy cavalry. You're winning and may finally push through after thousands of years in the Blight and win favor among your dark lord master. You are acheiving victory, but oh wait! Some tall red headed dick who didn't even know he could channel 5 minutes ago pops out of nowhere after using the 3000 year lost art of traveling and totally destroys your great army even though he's never channeled before and shouldn't even be able to channel that much after learing how to 5 minutes ago.
  13. It's the world versus the dark one and the dark one has the world fighting itself instead of him
  14. probably about as much as Crossroads of Twilight or Knife of Dreams does
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