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    Art~ welding and sculpting/ reading extensively/ and cats lol!
  1. I think ive forgoten most of the book. I tried to do an "update" and i cant even remember mats last name or his

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    2. Naked~Frog


      You're lying. I'm sitting right next to you, I can hear the laughter...

    3. kchriss11


      Ohh too bad, your now infected with this awful profile!!! Come into the light...dark ...or what ever!!!

    4. Naked~Frog


      It's not an infection! It's a memory! STOP DAMAGING MY PAST!!!

      Can you see the forum yet?

  2. -.- its a WAR! AHHHHH!!!

  3. What about this war that's going on between the artist's and crafter's guilds? lol :)

  4. Logain looks cool XD!!(random i know but ~ you know~)
  5. SILVER!! you have to post on my page in responce or ill never know you spoke!! the only reason i know now is that i know you dont like listening to me~ i know you did this! jezz!well right now the artist guild and the crafters guild are waging war on each other!! XD fun!!

  6. losient lo no megustan dulces!!

  7. sigh i got here to late to get it but ill share anyway~ for some reason i cant get out of my head the part were lan just turns around and walks away when he finds out that moiraine dies, you can tell hes hurting in side and threw randy's eyes it looks like he just moves on, i think he new this would happen~ (bad memory~), now thats of lan! Moiraine is a whole different story, I dont really have one favorite moment of hers but i can name off a few ones i find fasinating, like when rand races to mats door to save him from the darkhounds and after they talk moiraine walks in and Mat pratically screams when she walks in with not a care in the world that mat is starch naked!(hahaha) and then mabey when, in new spring the way she always acts around lans men, threw lans eyes shes so queenly~ haha! Oh and the relationship with her and thom~ at the time when i read it i didnt really get it, but there so mellow and odd when there together (i still dont get it)! well besides mat lan is my second favorite character~ he was number one until we saw mat with tuon ( he is so rediculous). OHHH! I remember now! i love the part were lan just saved nynave and he blushes hahahaha i wont go more in detail~ sigh i miss the book now i think ill read them again!! YEAY MOTIVATION!!
  8. OMG i love cookies!! there my favorite!! (being draged in!)AHHH)

  9. ~Nice name just were did you get it from?(when replying dont forget to replie on my home page or i wont get it( i had trouble with that so thats why im saying this)XD I LOVE MAT!!

  10. YEAY!! i love capes!! WOSH WUSH

  11. SILVER!! you need to put a picture on your profile!!

  12. Hah! I told u Froggie must've been sick!

  13. I was sick on Friday silly, but it's okay. I have a cape now.

  14. FROGGIE!!!

    1. Naked~Frog
    2. CunningSilverpike


      Hey! I love u the most! I'm ur BFF!! duh...lol

    3. Kelsey Christensen

      Kelsey Christensen

      awww i feel loved XD

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