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  1. well ok but Gray Men would be Shadowspawn and they are human-like. So if an Aes Sedai suspected someone of being a Gray Man could she kill them?
  2. oh well then wouldn't they be able to kill someone they think is shadowspawn?
  3. ok since in the three oaths the Aes Sedai take it says that they can only kill someone with the OP if they are about to die or if their target is a blackfriend. If some Aes Sedai tried to attack everyone in the White Tower wouldn't they kill everyone of the Black Ajah?
  4. ok thanks. I never noticed they made gestures, but I always pictured it in my mind that way, and everytime I read that someone channeled the same question came up
  5. yeah i know that there is no need for movement from the battle with Moghedien where they said they were both standing still but I thought it would feel more natural to move while doing it, if you are still
  6. Do you think Aes Sedai, or any other person that can channel, move while they channel, because when I read I imagine them twisting hands or flailing arms while channeling.
  7. the naked woman was on the sign on the "good night's ride" inn
  8. yeah I just got finished with the part I was talkin about earlier. I am in the second place in the waygate. The Blight was the best level ever!!!!
  9. ok SinisterDeath you obviously didn't play the game MAJOR SPOILERS The main character was tricked to channel through a terangreal that shielded her from the One Power so the Amyrlin could trust her. SPOILERS END so you see she's not really weak in the power
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