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  1. Just swam 0.75 miles in 29 min, sea was great sea grass and fish swimming beneath me

  2. I’ve been playing around with spoof covers for a bit of fun and practicewith Photoshop. So, I thought I would reference the fact that Robert Jordan isa southern writer using a dead mule and a burring city. Robert Jordan, shortlybefore his death, joked about the lack of dead mules in his work. However, if internetrumors are to be believed the final book in the series will include dead mulesin the prologue. Apparently RJ chose to deliver a punch line from beyond thegrave. Go to Deviant Art to download
  3. I like the idea of 'a mock tagline written with a straight face'. RJ was a southern writer, perhaps dead mules could be used, to make the whole deal look like a western, fonts and all.
  4. Photoshop using a bunch of different brushes using the lassoand circular marquee tool to constrain them to create the planet andclouds. Then I added the lightning by using the gradient tool trick. I tried using a star field generator but inthe end I painted them in. I then played around with the colour settings tillit looked ok. Then I converted it all to 16 colours. I agree about the first book and the epic night ride out ofthe Two Rivers. I’ll have to have a look at the how comics tackled that. Thoughit would be quite cool to do a close up of Bella’s eye with a Draghkar reflected in it, that wouldtough winged men tend to look bad unless you are a god at anatomy. I could even do both! I better get sketching Draghkar and horses.
  5. I am trying to produce a series of mock up e-book covers,for practice and fun. Obviously I can’t do too many with my own name and chosen title without looking a little megalomaniac. So could I have some suggestions for spoof titles, names and story synopsis? Silly is ok, but please nothing too crazy. I’ll happily do fan art, especially WOT fan art; why elsewould I post this? It will be a better exercise to have someone else pick the sceneand a lot more fun. Here is an example of a Sci-Fi cover I did recently,
  6. I think that the WOT community will have some staying power. After allit has weathered the sad death of RJ and adopted Brandon. There are multiplecons for JRR Tolkien which should give everyone cause for optimism. Also DM is a private enterprise isn't it? I don't think it gets fundingfrom TOR or the Jordan estate.
  7. I am writing a novel by posting drafts online as I go along, welcoming feedback and generally trying to complete the novel before June. This is intended as a bit of fun, focused practice and a way to get a novel written. It is a supernatural mystery full of dusty old books and one teenage girl. A very rough draft of the first two chapters can be found here http://guernseygoat.deviantart.com/#/d4i2l20 Day 5: Yes you missed days one, two, three and four. Thisis a good thing given how broken the first chapter was. I received some really great feedback which helped me get this story rolling. Thanks to Naria-hime and Bish. I am a bit behind on the word count due to having to edit quite heavily,t here goes my weekend. Day 5 Statistics: Words written: 2204 total, wordssurviving to appear in chapter 1 and 2 1571. Reading : Snuff by Terry Pratchett
  8. I will be running the JOGLE for Asthma UK

    1. Tynaal Consen

      Tynaal Consen

      That's awesome :)

    2. Aiel Man Can

      Aiel Man Can

      Thanks if you could spare 5 seconds you would really help me out by liking the Facebook page I've set-up for the event the link is on my profile.

  9. Wishing everybody a happy Christmas!

  10. Can now download content from the US itunes store. Also swam 550 m sea is getting warmer !

  11. Thanks for the vote of confidence on my profile name

  12. LOL! I love your name :P

  13. Aiel Man Can

    Cults are Worrisome

    I agree, I’ve found doing charity work round the Christmas period does a disproportionate amount of good (some people find this holiday challenging) and it helps get your head screwed back on.
  14. I like the idea of Rhuidean, or rather the Crystal column Ter'angreal, being sentient. Avi sensed something along these lines when she touched and attempted to read it. There are lots of Sci-Fi notes in the WOT and the Crystal column, to me at least, comes across as a power wrought AI programmed to guide and protect the Aiel. Nakomi is the AI’s avatar is my guess. Or maybe I’ve watched too much BSG
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