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  1. All the debates about Caemlyn.... Hell 1 channeler could take it out. Gateway: Drop in something flammable into a building like vats of oil (like Maradon). Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat, etc.. A few fireballs...the whole places goes up in minutes. And who cares if 5, 10, 20 channelers need to link to do this. One battle won, those channelers can stop and have a breather. Meanwhile you still have the bulk of your forces to use, with no casualties, and an army decimated. Honestly, I think it was more ridiculous that you have an army with what 100? AS channelers in it...
  2. I don't think that's fair. I personally hate the Sharans as the bad guys popping out of no where, felt a little cheap. And that was undoubtably a RJ decision. The characters got left behind in this novel to make room for the action. I prefer character interaction over battle scenes. Hence why it left a very sour taste in my mouth. PS. Lots of people say they were crying at parts in this book...this is one of the few WoT books where I've felt disconnected to the characters and even key deaths were a 'meh' event. (and ToM had more than a few that had me emotionally investe
  3. yep. but it's Camelyn! Who cares if every city in the North is burned to ashes....not the pretty one! we like that one! *rolls eyes* 100% exactly what they should have done.
  4. was very disjointed having him out of the action for a good chunk of the book. I'm glad he got Slayer...that was nice justice for Hopper. The Lanfear bit....I gotta say I didn't get his interaction with her...didn't seem like a matchup/fight pairing that made sense. Perrin really hit his stride in ToM. I agree that BS did a hell of a job with that character. Was hoping for the same sort of excellence in AMoL. Was disappointed (PS. The 'not killing a woman' bit....seriously? Pretty sure that needed to be left out at this point....last battle, forsaken, evil...it's time to
  5. Androl+Pevara was a good storyline, enjoyable to read. Luckers said Pevara wasn't Pevara...my memory is not that good I'd have to go back and read how she was pre-BT mission. But face value, they were a good duo. However I did think that Andol was a bit too epic. I don't like how he was introduced in ToM and then becomes an integral part of victory. I'd rather have had a combo of known Asha'man finally step up and into the spotlight. Nitpicking really. Androl was a good character, just a bit overpowered and out of the blue.
  6. Actually with her item of power she was as strong if not more so than before. Total agreement with Luckers. Her showing up and "reminding" everyone of prophecies /role ahe played was not well done. This. She just beat everyone over the head until they did 'the right thing'. Didn't feel like Moraine. Wasn't handled well. It wasn't a very emotional 'homecoming'. And then she was basically just a Saidar reserve for the rest of the book.
  7. Heh, some of these are aspects of modern warfare, which I think is part of the point. Yeah I got that. Maybe it's more realistic (hell I was like "Dragons inside the mountain and shooting out! THAT is smart")...but it still felt very cheap. Like...why didn't we think of this back when we discovered gateways? *shrug*
  8. I would have enjoyed his Arc much better if it was more about his excellent battle tactics. Mat makes a move, it's epic. Demmy counters with a brilliant move, armies of the Light get mauled. Mat counters, turns it to his advantage, etc. Rather, we get uber power caster shooting balefire randomly, screaming for LTT, and dueling. Seemed out of context and lame. The Dreadlords and Shara casters are enough to sow 'caster chaos'. Let Demmy be Demmy and command the armies, play to his character. *shrug*
  9. I personally feel that gateways killed the battles in these books. When you can just dump lava on an army. When you can sit inside a mountain and use gateways to fire out. When you can use them to view the battle and instantly know what's happening. When shadowspawn can't cross them. When you can create gateways to sever a man's heart. When you can move entire armies instantly anywhere. They're just TOO powerful. Just SO MANY decisions in the book become circumspect with these super power gateways. Why didn't they just link to Androl and have him drop a wall of lava on Demand
  10. Verin remains one of the most amazing characters in the series. ToM was a huge reveal and her death scene was very moving. She was NOT in AMoL. She is NOT Nakomi. Sticking to my gut on this one.
  11. very much not a fan of Elayne...and I was TRULY pissed off when Rand put's her in charge of the Armies of the Light and not Mat (I wanted a Mat vs. Demandred showdown). So I was very resistant to all her command decisions at the beginning of the book. Looking for more ways to hate her. But honestly, Elayne was pretty good in this book. She lead, but was listening to her generals. She fought even though she was pregnant She had the most disturbing scene in the book with Mellar...I actually wanted her to kill that man...and from me who can't stand her...that is pretty big conver
  12. The Tuon-Mat relationship....well, it's never felt 'easy' or maybe like most of the other relationships that seem to 'make sense'. Lan and Nynaeve for example, with him worrying about her safety and her worried that she isn't at her best in front of him....etc. Tuon and Mat didn't have that same 'tentative' and 'longing' that most of the other couples had...sort of makes their relationship seem strained, or cold, or just bizarre. I think that people are right though. They are going to be good for each other, we're just (at AMoL) beginning to get to the 'more open' part of their relati
  13. Thanks Terez for clarifying. and thanks TNine :)
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