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  1. Lanfear is a great resource for truth in the series isn't she...... If the Dark One had removed her station, he would have removed her entirely by breaking her mind trap
  2. and yet Androl was able to force both Taim and Graendal to run in fear. I think he could easily have killed Demandred if he had duplicated what he did at the tower and just started to have thousands of Sharan drop to their death especially effective if he placed the other gateway above the other Sharans, just drop about a hundred sharans on Demandred that should easily have killed him. It was joke that he "defeated" Taim and Graendal. That is the reason that I have been saying that his skill are ridiculuosly owerpowered. Especially compared with other Talents. At least Graendal should have had a counter for his deed, because he was not the first who was born with his skill. There is an the intricate balance present in the world of WOT for everything, so it does make sense to have a way for channeler to neutralize his Talent aside from the Dreamspike. He couldn't have killed off Demandred, because the latter (+ LTT) also had Talent with Travelling and Gates (see FOH? and indirectly BWB). If I remember correctly he even used it against Logain. In case you forgot, Androl was not the only one channeling there. There were 20+ male channelers who entered the fight, do you honestly think Graendal/Taim would be able to deflect the weaves from 20 people, and still have enough to deflect Androl's puny weave? Remember, neither of them considered Androl to be a threat (hence not shielding him) so his weaves would have received the absolute least priorty for deflection
  3. Tud, The mechanics of Balefire had been WELL established by RJ around the time Rand saves Mat from the darkhound (book 4 I want to say, don't have my books handy) wound using Balefire. Also none of the forsaken were "demoted" I'm not sure where the hell you got that. Some had fallen out of favor, but a demotion???
  4. Actually it's been stated that the guy from Shadar Logath could take over your body if you took a gift from him. It's not really merging, and it suggests that you can take over another body, so what happens if he takes your's? Can you take over someone eles? Aside from that fact that he was something uttery unique, Mordeth didn't really have a body. That can hardly be called a swap. As for Terez she is merely stating the obvious. While her theory is an opinion I don't think anyone would argue that she has a better grasp of the material than the vast majority out there. That was what she meant with the "knowing" line. If you have to explain what Terez meant, perhaps she should spend the time to relay her thoughts a little more clearly. Terez, I understand you feel like you have more understanding than everyone else who isn't as active as you on these forums, but every last ounce of your "understanding" means nothing until the book is released and your proven to be correct. Until then, please allow others to voice their theories and speculations, without the belittling jabs.
  5. Fair enough. Lip licking in general annoys me. It annoys me twice as much as when Mat does it.. no idea why. I believe that Mat is responsible for his actions while you believe he's immune to any blame because of his upbringing... hmmm... +1.. minus Mat dying. Nynaeve is my favorite character fighting for the light and if she dies, I'm bound to make a bunch of self destructive decisions starting with the murder of a certain author for putting RJ's ideas to words. As sad as I am to admit this, her situation very closely resembles Eldrene's.. assuming Lan WILL die. I hope she has better self control and doesn't go all kamikaze at the LB. From what I can tell based on all your arguments, you just have something against the men in the book in general. I wouldn't say its because of what they do or who they are, but simply because they are male. I find this to be unfortunate, because there is so much more to the series than you will get until you can let that particular bias go... Not reading Mat's ARCs [Removed] seems a poor way to repay RJ/BS for their countless hours planning and writing such an epic tale :(.
  6. Time in Finland passes differently than time in Randland, Moiraine could have been in Findland a week before the gate melted in Randland. I would think its entirely possible that one of Moiraines wishes was to have the bond severed in such a way as to: 1.) Meet the criteria for the passing of the bond to Myrelle 2.) Make Lan think she is dead so that he doesn't attempt to enter the tower to save her (she knows that is Mat's destiny)
  7. 1.) Tuon - Who else could have stood up to the Dragon, while he focused his will on her? For me, that moment in tGS was the most impressive display of inner will in the series. 2.) Verin - Killing ones self for the greater good takes a ton of will power. Tuon only beats Verin due to the fact that her will power was stronger than the Ta'Veren power of the Dragon himself For what its worth, Setalle wasnt "stilled" she was Burned out, which while both events leave the person unable to channel, a burned out woman can no longer sense the source. It would be the difference between: Smoker A quits, and never sees a pack of smokes again. Smoker B quits, and has, always in sight, a pack of smokes that no matter how hard B tries, they cannot reach.
  8. I really like that analogy! It's just that in my picture, there is no drinking straw, but a copper wire. So cut ends definitely look different than melt ones (which is why Setalle doesn't feel anything through the a'dam) but both can be bridged. I might well be wrong, and it might be that nobody even tries to heal Setalle, so we never find out (unless Brandon tells us). Let's just hope for clarification sometime. The difference between Stilling and Burning Out: Stilling is a clean cut along the conduit between the person and the source (this leaves the conduit intact, just seperated, or severed if you will) Burning Out is when so much of the power flows through the conduit as to destroy it entirely. (you wouldnt have to pieces of copper wire to re-fuse together, you would have (if anything) a small puddle of copper slag. Don't mistake burning out to be as humane as being severed(stilled). TL;DR = Stilling = severed conduit Burn out= Destroyed conduit Setalle doesnt feel anything to do with the power, because her ability to do so was DESTROYED
  9. I still disagree with this line of reasoning. He didn't choose between the two of them because he could have helped both. His choice to help Moiraine might have been delayed by helping Verin, but not cancelled. Maybe not even that. While this is a valid counterargument I believe that Mat would have been locked up in Caemlyn for quite some time fighting the dragonspawn. Verin described it as a vast army moving through the ways and the time were already short on their hands when they decided to leave Caemlyn. When they had managed to clear out the darkspawn the number of days for the big meeting were already numbered, I dont know if Tom and Mat could have justified putting Moiraine infront of the last battle, after all none of them knows of her importance, only Min does. I will however admit that my idea of Mat's timeline around this time is very obscure, I dont know the amount of time they spent in ToG, but with Egwene's PoV of Perrin arrival and Perrin leaving shortly after Mat's departure we can assume that between the decision of Mat deciding to help Verin instead of Moiraine, too few days would remain to save Moiraine. Had Mat opened the letter after ten days, he could have passed word to Elayne to destroy the Waygate that very day. Then, his part is done. That allows him to get to Moiraine ten days earlier. Of course, he didn't know that what the letter asked him to do might be done in an afternoon, but he didn't know it couldn't be either. Nor did he make any attempt to find out. Even if he had waited 30 days, he could have given word to Elayne, left the Band behind, and gone anyway, with no loss of time. Do you honestly think, from all we have seen with Mat, that he would simply tell Elayne to disable the waygate and let it be? Mat would have felt like it was his duty to see the entire task through, and plan backup preparations in case Elayne was unable to disable the waygate. This planning would have push his departure date back. As we know Mat must play a part in the last battle, he would be unable to see to Moiraine. So yes, Verin <-> Moiraine
  10. My vote is in for Perrin. His character went from trying to avoid being a lord 8ish books ago, to him trying to avoid being a lord in ToM. Something fresh plz
  11. Mat doesn't trust Aes Sedai. He would even expect Elayne to ask for some sort of payment for her services which he is not willing to pay. He trusts Verin to some extent, and while it may sicken him, he has no reason to distrust the Asha'man. Just because you say "Elayne owes him bigtime" does not mean the Elayne sees it that way, in fact, I would argue that Elayne thinks Mat owes her for letting him save her.
  12. I fail to see how attempting to lure the WT attackers into an attempt on her life (that was the whole purpose wasn't it) would give her confidence that she was only in jeopardy in TAR (the whole reason to put wards in your room is because you expect some sort of attack there, yes?) I;m not saying she was a dumbass, but it seems that the largest fault with the WoT women, is a lack of adequate planning. (most have the framework for great plans/ideas, they just fail to add in the appropriate fail safes, and take proper procautions. Incidentally, not being aware of the bloodknives, doesn't exempt her from taking proper procautions as her death would be a serious blow to the light... In most high positions of power, ignorance is not an excuse
  13. Going to have to disagree. The Finns obviously seem to love draining their victim of the one power (and enjoying the victim's sadness as it happens), and Moiraine/Lanfear can't have been the first Aes Sedai they've done this too. I think they would have learned the limits they could draw from without killing them, so as to keep them sad for longer. After all, what's the point of Moiraine saying that she saw a man come and mention she wasn't the one he was looking for if Lanfear just died due to a mistake by the Finns? Doesn't have much relelvance: it appears at the least that a man came into the Tower looking for Lanfear. Lanfear was the strongest female Aes Sedai to ever pass live. You don't think its possible, when presented with a bountiful feast, the finns perhaps ate a little too quickly and ended up with a tummy ache? 40 year old men still make that mistake every thanks giving, in spite of "having done it before"
  14. IIRC, there was a span of time between Nynaeve discovery of how to Heal severing and Flinn duplicating her feat. Maybe Landane was Healed then. Also, wasn't it mentioned somewhere that the Healing Talent is more common in women than in men? There may not be another male channeler capable of doing it. Yes, Lanfear was resurrected and mindtrapped before Moghedien who escaped from Salidar before Dumai's Well. Only Nyn's healing method was known at that stage. Again, you cannot still and then heal someone who cannot even channel. Also, Cyndane was first introduced in a scene with Graendal. Moghy was there too. Could you point me to scene where it says that Cyndane was resurrected and mind trapped before Moghy? Moghy sees another mindtrap around Morridins neck when she meets her mia cova for the first time.
  15. I thought so too. So, on that note, I'll just run with it. The consensus seems to be that it was well written. I won't disagree with that, but I was a little disappointed in the fact that she seemed to realize that it wasn't real but went ahead and broke the rules anyway. Typical Nynaeve. I think she shouldn't have been raised. The only reason she was raised is because it needed to happen that way in the story. A test has rules for a reason. What if Army Green Berets and people like that decided to just do whatever they want during their testing? Can you imagine someone who has just made it to the end of training killing someone with a gun when they are supposed to use a knife, and just sniffing and saying "I completed the (task) I needed to. I maintained focus. Etc..." I'm sure many will disagree, but that's how I feel about it. Yes a test has rules. Those rules are designed to bring out a certain path to follow while taking the test. Over time (3000 years) the ends desired by the rules have shifted, Nynaeve's take on the test was to prove she was already Aes Sedai, not to prove she was ready to become one. The current ages idea of Aes Sedai while on paper is the same as in the AoL (servants of the people), their actual attitude has shifted, and with that shift, their priorities have as well. So while I agree with you, Nynaeve should not have been raised to the current age Aes Sedai, she was certainly more than qualified to be Aes Sedai from an AoL point of view. Bottom line, her motivations are to help/protect/serve, not rule/coerce/intimidate. To follow along your green beret analogy, it would be more like this: The perversion of green beret customs, now requires you to face an army with your bare hands during your testing (protecting the villiage behind you from certain destruction). You go before the army expecting to be tested, only to discover your enemies all have ak-47s. You are left with a choice to pull your sidearm and defend the people, or hold to what men have decided is the proper way of testing and die, sacrificing the villiage for the sake of the rules. You do the math here
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