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  1. The prologue was incredibly cool and, in my opinion, the coolest part of the entire book. That is both good and bads thing in a way... Problem was just that after seeing Nazgul,there were a few chapters titled "Paddler" and "Gleeman" and one couldn´t see how this was supposed to be trilogy in any form and I was simply nervous if something happens quickly - fortunaly it did. As for the rest of the book - well action is there of course but there are potential issues with Jordan´s writng as a whole and that´s obviously stuff for bigger discussion than about first book only. BTW, I´m at the start of TGH and the pacing is kinda similar. I liked prologue with Damien Thorn´s black mass and Artist formerly known as Bors, but then it kinda drags with Rand being scared by pack of women and his girlfriend taking him into dungeon (hmmm).
  2. Thanks, both of you, very much! I´ll try White tower eventually.
  3. Hello people, I´´m 25-year old czech who is studying Media and I must confess that as of now I am inexperinced with Wheel of Time and it´ll take some time before I´ll read it becouse I have some titles on my future Fantasy list already (I am close to end of American Gods, then I´ll move on A Feast of Crows and then there are some urban fantasy books I must try) but I belive I could get into Jordan´s saga as I get into Martin´s. Well, you probably see that I read a lot of old stuff but I am mixing it, it´s just I am very picky. So if you have any questions...
  4. Thanks for your answers! I will avoid spoilers but it´s pleasent to be among you...
  5. Hello, I am a new member, I didn´t did my greeting post, so maybe in the days to follow... Anyway, the only piece of Jordan´s writing I own right now is "The New Spring" in it´s original short form. And I see that author was quite skilled but also that his sense for detail could get out of control. So here we have Morraine´s story about what she wore, where she slept and to who she smiled at instead of paying him, with some tidbits about unimportant stuff like Dragon Reborn, so I see where tha accusations of graphomania are coming from. But I would like to experience world-crossing journey, political intrigue and SM soceresses. In your opinion how much story and descriptivness enriche each other in tha main bulk of the story? I would like to prepare myself with some better idea before reading Eye of the World. Thanks in advance.
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