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  1. Just another of the meriad unfinished plot threads and unanswered questions that we'll be debating forever regarding this series. Oh well, if it wasn't the ending, at least we got an ending.
  2. Huh. I didn't catch that that was what Rand was doing when I read it. But as I think back, I think you may be right. And I did have the impression that Lan had received a mortal wound from Demandred, so I was very surprised that he survived. I need to re-read that section -- it looks like I missed the significance of what Rand did (or may have done) for Lan. Didn't Rand himself Sheath the Sword and survive in tGH? It isn't necessarily a fatal move.
  3. I have read the first 11 books in the series 4-5 times each, and tGS and ToM 2 times each. I thoroughly enjoy all of them each time I read them, they all have their special moments that bring a smile or a tear. I won't try to rank them in any particular order because for me it's too difficult an exercise. I won't even say I likes CoT the least, because while it didn't do much in plot advancement it offered a different kind of read from the rest of the series. As for picking a favorite book, again it's too hard to do, but I would say that it probably comes from books 1-6.
  4. It's a shame because every unanswered question and every unsatisfying conclusion to an arc is going to inevitably lead to the same lament: "If only RJ had lived to write it..." We can either all of us accept what we got, or go slightly mad wondering about what could have been. I'm wrestling with it myself right now.
  5. While Rand fought the DO, he was outside the Pattern, and while there he gained a greater understanding of the Pattern. At the end he was fighting the DO not with the One Power, but with actual threads of the Pattern. I think Rand came out of the Pit of Doom with a "mastery" of the Pattern, if you will. He was able to manipulate the Pattern, to a degree that he could at least make small changes in reality around him (i.e. light his pipe). How much could he manipulate the Pattern? We'll never know will we?
  6. My first post! Anyway, regarding Taim, was he with the shadow from the beginning, or was he recruited after he met Rand? His concern for Rand seemed so genuine at the time when he first came to Rand and gave him one of the seals, and was pretty shocked when Rand (Lews Therin) immediately looked like he would try to break it. I was pretty bummed when it became obvious that Taim was a DF. So, was he one all along?
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