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  1. Started reading my freshman year in High School with The Great Hunt. Every time I read the series, it changes with me, and it takes on new meanings (the sign of a great story). CoT was originally my least favorite book, but it is actually climbing the list a little bit now. Winter's Heart is now my least favorite, btw.
  2. "Does your bond chafe after all these years?"...when Moiraine tears down his defenses, and then Lan rebuilds the walls. It gave a sense of humanity to both of them. Lan could fall in love, and Moiraine could grow jealous.
  3. I chose Tam, also. It used to be Mat, who is still completely off his rocker awesome. But I have a 6 year old daughter now, and I try to model my parenting after Tam (who is almost exactly like my dad).
  4. My take on it was that he would "bind" the nine moons with an a'dam. Somehow, Tuon will wind up with an a'dam on her, proving that she can channel, and causing upheavel in the Seanchan social structure. This could also act to tie her strongly to Rand, since she may need his protection to keep her power. What do y'all think?
  5. The most annoying female character is Elayne. I can't put a finger on why, but I would find an excuse to leave the room every time she came in if I knew someone like her IRL. I really was never that annoyed with Faile, or even Cadsuane. Cadsuane is really just a crotchedy old woman, and that doesn't bug me (we all have that irrascible old grandmother or grandfather). Perrin's "whoa is me" attitude for the last few books has been really annoying (he was fantastic up through tSR). Gawyn has become kind of a petulent, immature kid, too. That is a shame, since I really liked his character up-until recently.
  6. Except those who happen to be slaves. And then there's the secret police which can torture anyone suspicious. But apart from that, everything is great in the Seanchan lands... I would, again, put that back to the Seanchan Culture. You really can't trust the other high-ups in their society (consequently,they are the ones that are questioned and tortured). For the common folks, they have a good life (Even Rand commented on this). Obviously, there are some issues with the Seanchan form of government (slavery, questioners, etc). I didn't say they had the perfect form of government, but they do some things exceptionally well. They have a very rigid hierarchical structure of government, but in a pre-industrialized society, that is often what is needed to keep the country peaceful and prosperous (unless the entire ruling family is killed...sucks for the Seanchan).
  7. Tuon isn't a bad person. In most ways, she is an exemplary ruler. Her people are safe, secure, and well taken care of. Her only downfall is regarding channelers. Let's look at it from her point of view: Her nation was founded by a man that loathed Aes Sedai. They come to a new land, and are met by crazy folks wielding the One Power to battle each other. The only way to make them safe was to collar them. This has worked for them for 1000 years, and now we expect them to just say "Oh, well these Aes Sedai are different..." Come on, people, you can't hold it against her just because she views Aes Sedai as dangerous animals that needs to be controlled. That being said, she will have a "Come to Jesus" meeting with Mat (and Setalle) and will begin to the process of allowing "new" channelers to learn under the WT.
  8. I'll chime in on this one... I think that one of the things Rand did during his hiatus involved Logain. We know Logain isn't at the Black Tower, but Rand tells Naeff to give a message to Logain, as though he knows where he is. BTW...how do we know that Maradon was towards the end of his MIA? I must have missed that...I thought it was closer to the beginning. FWIW...I think Mat will help make the overall plans for the Last Battle, but he won't be on the field for the LB (will be with Rand instead)
  9. Hi there fellow fans of all things WOT... I've been reading the series since my sophomore year in High School (1994) at the risk of giving myself away as old. I am totally stoked with the way Brandon Sanderson is handling the series, and can't wait for AMOL. I think his "balls to the wall" style is just what was needed and really compliments Jordan's style. I've totally been putting off joining this site for years, and figure it is about damn time I got around to it. I'm from the Columbus, GA area, so if anybody is from these parts, send me an email. Laters.
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