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  1. I have hereby declared myself to be the master of all matters Bacon, mead, and Viking related... And I will go in a bloody duel of eating bacon, should anyone oppose my claim!

  2. 18, male Surpriseingly few people under 20 around this thread :)
  3. Werent Asmodean described as the weakest forsaken? Not certain, just going by my memory.
  4. Plotting world domination

  5. I just died a little inside at "Warewolf" D: English may not be his first language. Quite right, meant no offence by it. My apologies if any were taken.
  6. I just died a little inside at "Warewolf" D:
  7. I think we can agree that the previous answers pretty much covers it up. But I recon I would make sense that Wolves become associated with evil when there exist wolfbrothers and other such "abnormal" beings to rise suspicion. If cats became the Aes Sedai trademark, then you bet the whitecloaks would considder cats connected to the shadow as well. Lets face it, at a glance of a Wolfbrother on a bad day, they could appear a little shadowy, even more so when they go feral... And if a person like That seem to love wolves, then its a fair reason to be suspicious about them.
  8. Lets see... Strange obsessive real life behavior... Well, I do regularly exclaim "Fortune prick me" at times... Oh! And I tend to imagine balefireing people... Of course all they see is me pointing at them, and looking extremely determined... When I catch myself doing that, I usually take it all the way and include some old tounge muttering... Or pretend I am Rand going up against one of the forsaken... You know, just for the sake of confuseing them
  9. I know most people would frown at me for saying these things, but I kinda like Elayne. Shure, she is a bit of an arrogant snooty kid at times whos expecting everything to be done according to her wishes... But dosent that kinda come with being the heir to Andor? I mean, looking at how a typical European medival princess would act in her situation... Its not absurd... Of course its a fictional person in a fictive setting, and as such its very different from "real life" for the sake of writeing a good story... But it adds a layer of realism to her personallity... So to speak. ... Still, I can understand the fustration about her, I know it fairly well when shes around Mat. About Rand, he's actually quite possibly my favorite char... Not so much because he is the one the great "hero" of the story, but because he is so derailed... I dont get fustrated with him, if anything I pity him... The way he constantly struggles with his sanity, his very continued existance, combined with the giant external preassure resting on his shoulders. Cant help but feel for him when there aint anybody he can relate to, and he needs to manipulate even his friends for the sake of reaching his goals. And Elaida you say? Yes... Shes a bastard. She needs to die... In a fire preferably... Balefire is too nice... And served to trollocs... With onions. ... I dont like Elaida.
  10. *Wonders if Perrin should spend some points in Charisma...* Jokes aside Gotta confess I like the thought of Perrin being our "regular guy" in terms of fightning skills. Hes allways seemed to be the most beliveable of the main chars, so somehow it would be fitting if her werent that awesome in battle. Generally I prefer to belive his advantage in battle comes from people haveing to focus on dodgeing everything he does in battle, rather than him being an awesome killing machine... Its a lot harder to get an opening when you can possibly hope to counter you foes attacks
  11. Thanks for the info, see you around! :D
  12. I myself am a huge WoT fan, but that dosent mean I cant find some aspects that could fustrate some readers: One thing I think some might fall off on, could very well be that the WoT aint what you would expect from most fantasy novels Issues like (for instance) Rand being borderline insane, not to mention a serious jerk at times. This is the sort of things many come not to expect from fantasy novels, in which you usually expect to see a young, valiant and unselfish hero that would never compromise in order to reach his goals. Furthermore, there is the entire PoV thing, which I of course have to step furthermore around in. I found it myself, that I considdered this a great annoyance in the first 4-5 books or so. I kinda felt that the different chars needed time to really "grow" on you, before you didnt mind skipping so much back and forth between them. Also in extension of this, when you got so many opposing points of view, you kinda have a hard time decideing whom is "right" and who is "wrong", for instance, when we see times where Egwene and Mat are in the same place at the same time, and we skip back and forth between them, your oppinion of the entire situation can become pretty vauge since one moment your fustrated with one, and at the turn of a page, the other seem to be the annoying childish one. Finally, there is one element that annoyed me endlessly during the first books: Aes Sedai The white tower was constantly looming over all the main chars, pretty much manipulateing the guys we had come to like at all times (Or rather, I got a feeling that they were doing so) Of course these things cant hold a candle to this amazeing story... But I do think those aspects could put off some readers.
  13. Seeing how much it annoyed me that no one in Denmark actually seem to know WoT, I thought I might as well seek out the company of fellow WoT geeks on the interwebs. Looking forward to argue senselessly about whos the most awesome Forsaken! Also... You may find me quite mad... Cheers everyone! <3
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