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  1. My dad was always gone since he was a truck driver but every Valentine's day he would come home and leave chocolates in the heart shaped boxes and a rose. Receiving those knowing that he went out of his way to get them for us even if sometimes it was our mom that did still means the world to me today.
  2. Elyssa sat stunned through all of the conversation. It was shocking to her how far the Ajah had fallen since she had been gone. It hurt her when the First Selector said that she had abandoned the Ajah. What else was she supposed to do when her Warder disappeared. Was she supposed to just sit and wait for him to return. If she had done that she never would have been able to live with herself. Stunned she walked out of the room and headed straight for the Sapphire Chamber and began preparing for what she believed would be a difficult day for all in the Ajah. It would be one of joy for one woman and sorrow for another. When she was satisfied that the room was up to par she returned to her room and changed her gown and put her shawl around her neck then returned straight to the Sapphire Chambers and waited. OOC: Sorry guys I've been busy I'm here now. Thanks for the poke
  3. "I am doing the best I can considering." Elyssa didn't know what else to say. She hadn't been back in the tower for so long it was hard for her to see what had become of her ajah. There was hardly anyone in the halls and the First Selector looked as though she hadn't slept in months. " How are things going with the ajah?" OOC: Sorry it's so short and it's been so long things got a little hectic around here but they are quieting down.
  4. So someone recommended The Name of the Wind by Patrik Rothfuss and I was wondering if anyone else had read it and what your opinion of the book was. Thanks
  5. Lesson #2 ************************************ IC: Ely smiled at her students as they came into class. When everyone was there, she started the lesson. ”Hello everyone. In today’s class, we will be learning more advanced elemental control. No doubt today you will be very tired when we are finished but you will have learned a great deal. However, to do this, we will be going out to the tower garden so please follow me." She stood and walked towards the door. She led all of the students through the tower halls and out into the garden. She first took everyone over to the big pond in the middle of the garden. ”First we will learn control of water. Now water, as you will recall from Introduction to Saidar, is one of the three threads females work easier with. However this doesn’t mean it will necessarily come quickly and easily to you. Do not fret if that is the case. Many Sisters have to take their time working with water, so if you have questions or need to see something a second or third time, please ask. Now, not surprisingly, this involves the water thread and sometimes a bit of air depending on what you want to do with the water. These weaves I show you next, affect the weather so using Air is quite natural. Watch closely as I create a little whirlpool here in the pond.” Ely took the water thread and wove it around a section of water in the center of the pond. Then, using a touch of air, she pushed it in a circular motion, causing a swirling mini whirlpool. ”Now I will do another simple weave to create waves. Watch closely now.” Ely took water and air again, weaving water around a section of the water and using the thread of air to make the whole body of water move resulting in a visible effect. "This weave is much more easier if you use more air and make only the upper part of the water move. In that case the waves aren't as big or effective, though, as the whole mass of water isn't moving. As you can see though, there are benefits to each." Next, she led the class over to a large maple tree. “Now I will show you control the patterns of wind. Watch carefully,” she told them. She embraced the source and channeled a great deal of air. It was fairly easy, because air was her strongest element, but it was very intricately woven together. She summoned strength and whooshed some leaves off the tree in a great gust of wind making them dance all around the novices. She then released Saidar with a grin of pure pleasure and explained to them, “It takes quite a bit of strength to make strong winds, when you practice, do not make it any stronger than I just did or you’ll hurt yourselves.” she warned them. "Remember that all these weaves are NOT be used on a large scale, as results could be devastating to farmers, villages, almost anyone and everyone. Affecting weather causes nasty side effects you have no control over when your weaving is through.” ”Now. I want you all to practice each weave at least until you get the hang of it. Keep your weaves small so as not to hurt yourself or your environment.” Ely watched them group up, and stood in the garden’s center, waiting to see who might need help. Ooc: Practice 2 kinds of weaves from those listed above - for the sake of things in the future you all learned each weave though. Remember having problems can be fun and feel free to npc Elyssa helping you to better understand! Tell us how it feels to channel, what your body does, what a person who doesn’t channel might see you looking like and of course what you like and don’t like doing. Have fun with it though! OOC2: Sorry this took so long for me to get up I'll be better about it in the future. I will wait till the two of you have posted and then make the next post
  6. Elyssa smiled at the girl. She was glad she could make someone happy these days. She still wasn't sure of herself and wished she could truly be happy again. Ely made a note in her head to be sure she was at this child's raising she wanted to personally hand her the shawl but that wasn't the tradition she would have to settle on welcoming her to the ajah and just hope that she got a pie out of it.
  7. "I am sure of this child Nastacia has always been that way to everyone even to full sisters, I for one would be glad if you joined our ranks" Elyssa didn't tell the child that she would personally be present when she was presented the shawl and would be beaming with pride if she asked admitance to the blues. She smiled to reassure the child that she was sure everyone would be happy to have her as a sister. " I am sure you will do fine in the testing and make the right decision on your choice of ajah"
  8. *sneaks in and still some Yogi tea* I'm back too just didn't flaunt it
  9. Elyssa only looked in front of her when Estel mentioned Dafydd. The pain was still too new and just hearing his name made her want to cry. She looked around the ajah's hall and didn't see the activity that had once been a part of this place. It felt empty to her. " Estel does this place feel empty to you, I can't shake the feeling. Let's go find the First Selector and find out what's been going on while we've been absent."
  10. Elyssa had gone to the library to catch up on some reading and she hadn't wanted to stay in her rooms. They were too lonely. She had brought some tea with her and sat quietly reading up on different places that she wished to travel to at some point. She heard someone address her and listened to the child. " Of course you can ask me about anything you would like to know." Elyssa smiled and offered the girl a seat at her table.
  11. Elyssa was shocked at the question. How could anyone feel that they would be treated with such shame just for refusing to go through the arches the first time. " Of course we would consider anyone who wished to join our ajah. We know and understand that some girls cannot face their arches the first time. It is a hard thing to do." Elyssa remembered her experience in the arches, after she was through them she had wished that she'd refused to go through them. " I hope that when you are raised to the shawl that you will ask us for acceptance into our Ajah, I for one would be most pleased to have another sister come home."
  12. Lesson #1 ****************************** IC: Elyssa waited inside on of the classrooms standing next to the door. She was playing unconciously with a strand of her red hair. It was much longer now than it had been in some time. One by one the student’s started arriving. Elyssa handed each of them a small rose and once everyone was there and found a seat, she began. ”Welcome to Intermediate Saidar. I am Elyssa Lliet, a sister of the Blue Ajah.” Elyssa said smiling. “I hope that by the end of this class we’ll have gotten to know each other and of course learned something as well! We will be learning a lot of tough weaves in this class, so get lots of sleep each night. I’m not joking about this girls. Late nights chatting was something you could afford before, but this is not going to be a walk in the park, so get the rest, you’ll need it. Before we begin, I can only guess that not all of you know each other either, so why don't you shortly introduce yourselves. Who you are and perhaps where you come from." After everyone had briefly introduced themselves, she continued. ”First we shall practice creating a ball of light. You will have done this in Intro to Saidar already so this time we’ll make it larger and brighter. I’d like each of you to take hold of the source and then focus on threads of air and threads of fire. Watch me.” Filling herself with the power of Saidar, Elyssa pulled together thin strands of red fire, blue strands of air to fuel it and then, making a large bubble around all that with silvery threads of spirit suddenly to the mundane eye a ball of light appeared floating over her hand. With a mischievous grin she balanced the glowing ball above her hand for all the students to see. ”Notice how I only use thin strands of air and mostly fire though you must weave it together just so,” she wove them together one more time until the form was solid, then she let the students study her finished product for a moment. They looked as if they understood, the weave seemed fairly simple, even with so much fire, but she thought some of the newer girls might have trouble controlling and separating the fire thread. She released the source and looked at all her students. ”I will show you the rest of the weaves of this lesson and then you will practice with me to help you through them so don’t worry. Not everyone gets it right on the first try so never fear if you don’t. The next weave we will do is an Amplify Voice -weave. First I will show you how to make your voice louder.” Elyssa embraced the source and wove strands of air into a funnel shape, so when she spoke next, her voice boomed, “Did everyone see that?” They all jumped back in surprise and nodded. ”Now to make it higher.” She took air again and a bit of spirit, and she wove it to be like a net held out in front of her face to catch her voice and funnel through it. Each strand was pulled tightly. When she spoke, her voice was high pitched. ”Next is low” She took the same threads as before, and wove them thicker and with more spirit to let the strands rumble. Her voice came out low this time. ”And finally, to change it completely.” Elyssa took the same threads again and this time some water and even more spirit. “That’s it,” her voice sounded so unlike her own that they jumped back again, even though they were expecting it. ”The last weave is very handy when used with the disguise weave you may learn as Accepted or Full Sister in the Advanced Saidar class. Be creative and use different kinds of weave combinations to mimic voices of someone you know. It might take a while to succeed, but it is fun.” ”Now, I want you all to practice the voice tricks and the globe of Light until you get it right. I’ll be coming around the room so if you need help I’ll be right there.” Elyssa started roaming the classroom and gave pointers to some of the girls. When everyone had managed the weaves she continued. “All right, that was all very well done. Please take out the flowers I handed you on coming to class. I’ll show you a weave called Keeping. This weave requires a lot of practise for doing it properly. It is used to preserve thing. It is often used with grain to keep it from spoiling. A lot more common use is preserving flowers so they don’t die. Now I can show you how the weave is made, but the effects will be harder to see. I picked some flowers from the garden to show you the keeping weave. You wont see the effects of the weave today or even tomorrow but in our last lesson you’ll notice that the flowers should look just the same as they do today.” Elyssa explained and embraced saidar. This weave was not so easy for her either. She wove fine threads of Spirit around the flower, adding strands of all other elements in it. The weave was complete. “Now I’d like all of you to try the same weave I just made on the flower in front of you. Remember this is a tricky weave and it might not be come so easily for you.” The class began to practice and Elyssa walked to a table at the back of the class an placed a rose without a Keeping weave on the table. After everyone had managed the weave she told them to place the roses at the back and leave them there for later. “Remember to get a good night’s sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow!” Elyssa told the tired class and watched them all go. OOC: Just write yourselves introducing yourself to the class, practicing the ball of light and the voice tricks and finally the Keeping. Feel free to write in Elyssa helping you. And Have fun! You have two weeks from today to post to this thread and then I will start the next class. I'll put the classes in different colors so we will know which the new ones are.
  13. Elyssa was appalled to here Estel talk the way she was. Had she really been gone so long that this poor woman had been through hell and back. " Estel I would have dismissed the novices and then shown you what you were doing wrong. There is never an excuse to act as you have in front of Novices. You know me better than to think that I would ever yell at you or call you names in front of anyone but our own Ajah. I may not be perfect but I do have respect for my fellow sisters. Especially the sisters of my heart in my own Ajah. Now let's hurry and see what kind of a shambles our quarters are in." Elyssa walked on fuming about how Estel had treated her. But mostly she was fuming at herself for letting her emotions show in front of the Novices. It was the returning here that had brought on such emotion. She hadn't stayed away long enough for the pain to dull and seeing the Tower again had brought everything back to her. If Estel hadn't shown up she would still be crying on the shoulder of the Red Sitter never realizing who the woman was. Never paying attention. "Estel thank you for what you did for me even if it was out of line the way you did it. If it weren't for you I would have sat there crying for who knows how long. I am not your enemy and I need all the friends I can get right now especially ones who knew me and Dafydd. I need to remember the happy times with him and that he sacrificed himself willingly and unselfishly so that I could live on." Elyssa became quiet for awhile and then they were at the Ajah quarters and in front of her rooms.
  14. Elyssa had only been back in the Tower for a few weeks and wanted to get to know the accepted she thought would be good in the Ajah. The Ajah was in termoil and Elyssa wanted to reassure everyone that the Ajah was still as strong as it had always been. Standing in the halls the person she was looking for walked up to her and she motioned for her to follow her. Once in the Ajah's halls she sat with her on a setee. "What may I do for you, Aes Sedai? I really must be getting to my rooms to practice for the test of one hundred weaves..." The child must think she was going to be called to test soon if she was that worried about studying. "And who are you meeting to study with that it is so important to want to be out of the company of an Aes Sedai?"
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