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  1. We dont talk about the cloud flare or the cloud flare will eat us miss you Chrissy we should get together for sushi when I get paid
  2. darn it now she's doing it in here too oh well if it makes her happy that is all there is to it
  3. True she can always find me it's not like there's anywhere for me to hide here.
  4. She has a cupcake that's why she started singing we went and got some today and they were goooood.
  5. Chrissy is going crazy here she's trying to catch up with everything and suddenly burst into a song about cupcakes. I think I may need help.
  6. My dad was always gone since he was a truck driver but every Valentine's day he would come home and leave chocolates in the heart shaped boxes and a rose. Receiving those knowing that he went out of his way to get them for us even if sometimes it was our mom that did still means the world to me today.
  7. hmm I'm guessing tomorrow morning it seems to go down in the mornings and stay down for the whole day
  8. Well we are lazy and went and bought a frozen pizza with wingz. This is what happens when you get two people who love to cook but are just too lazy to do it
  9. We will get right on that. We have just been being lazy bums and not really doing anything.
  10. yep been posting in the wolfkin for a few weeks now
  11. I'm not sure yet most likely back at least for now it all depends on what kind of work I get and how busy I get but I'm sure Chrissy is going to make me post all the time.
  12. She joined DM a year after I did and we bonded as sisters back then so I've known her longer than I've known you. Hey remember how we had to wait to bond cause it was taking forever for your promotion thread and how annoying we were getting.
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