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  1. To be honest, i'm giving some (not so serious) thought to not reading the last one. Its gonna destroy a lot of the fun speculation and intrigue...
  2. Nah, it was "kidnap" Mat was reflecting on his kidnaping of Tuon.
  3. How would you have expected him to respond? IMO that is totaly consistent with Mat's charater, like for instance when he blows the horn of valere way before the last battle because "noone said we couldn't".
  4. Whats with all the Luca haters out there? Hes one of my absolutely favorite side characters in the whole series, and hows this for foreshadowing: "For enough gold, Valan Luca would kidnap the dark one"...just sayin.
  5. As far as I know, Rand seeing the song being sung when he is in Ruidean indicates that one of his ancestors knew the song. I find it hard to believe that no other Aiel since the AOL has seen the same thing during their Clan Cheif trips. Keep in mind as well that Rand now has access to LTT's memories, not those of his ancestors. I don't believe there is any indication that LTT knew the song, and im pretty positive that he wasn't Aiel, so once again I don't understand how everyone is so sure that Rand knows it. Im not saying for sure that he doesn't but like a lot of things in WOT, it seems to b
  6. Am I missing something? Where are we getting that Rand knows the Tinker's song? I dont think there's been any indication that LTT knew it, so how would Rand?
  7. The thing that allows the dark side to use the Ways is that the dark leaders are willing to accept some "shipping loss" in the same way that egg producers know that some eggs are lost in transit. The egg producer cares about the resource waste in shipping, but doesn't get emotionally involved in the loss of the individual eggs. The dark side knows that they need to send 2 or 3 fists into the system to get 1 fist out. The Chosen might care about the resources represented by the Trollocs, but they don't have any emotional or moral investment in the Trollocs themselves. I think the Ways wou
  8. Hey Pandemonium, rejoice! I mentioned your theory to BS on twitter and he was interested enough to ask for a link. Heck yeah! I used to write questions and posts back on wotmania and RJ responded to at least 4 or 5 of them over the years. Now I caught the interest of BS as well! Actually, my theory kind of reminds me a bit of Mistborn. Elend's father (can't remember his name) was dutifully working to raise Mystborn and other mistings. I wouldn't be surprised to see something similar in WoT. Why waste some good genes? Elend's father was Straff, just in case not remembering w
  9. I voted "will be destroyed". Recently, it seems that darkfriends and shadowspawn have been the only ones using them and there is evidence (depending on who you talk to) of Demandred moving his armies through them. With that in mind, I have a feeling that they will be destroyed by the forces of light in some sort of trap or otherwise desparate manuver to take as many down as they can in one foul swoop. Loial is gonna be pissed...
  10. My vote: Taim is Taim. I honestly didn't buy it when he submited to Rand during my first read through, so him being up to something sinister is not a suprise for me and doesn't require and elaborate exlplination.
  11. Bingo. Weather or not Moridin was capable of knowing about this moment of exposure in time to act is irrelevent. We know from his philosophical musings with Rand that he has no intention of acting against him until TG (if then).
  12. On the subject of free will vs. predestination (also called determinism) Daniel Dennett has an interesting lecture on the subject available . In this lecture he outlies the case that determinism (or predestination) and free will are not mutualy exclusive. Basicly, knowing what choices you will make does not negate the fact that you made them.
  13. Brandon debunked that one, alas. Luckers asked him if Moridin was gay, and he said he couldn't remember anything in the notes indicating one way or the other. I'm sure if Cyndane was his love slave that Brandon would know. I fail to get how Morridin not being gay means that Cyndane is not Morridin's "lover"??
  14. She'll live too. Min had a vision of a babe in a cradle with a sword around Lan. RJ said several times that Min's visions are about the future. That would mean the vision is of Lan's son and I can't believe it could be anyone's but Nynaeve's son. They are married, he is her warder and if she dies he won't live long after that. Lan himself on the other hand might bite the dust given that same vision. One interpretation of this vision is that the babe is Lan (we certainly know that he had a sword in his hand when he was a baby). The future event that this could refer to is Lan fullfilli
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