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  1. Leigh Butler's reread of the series on Tor's site is just about to reach the chapter in CoT with Elayne's infamous bath scene, so if you missed such scenes much, be sure to check it out tonight or the next few days, when the update should be posted. ;) Actually, it was just a comment to get the thread back on Elayne, instead of Eggy and the WT. They have their own threads after all. The only reason I picked baths was because of Luckers comment in post #1. I thought about making a "Bela" comment instead, but I have noticed that some people do not like to have conversations diverted by Bela. Sorry for diverting off topic, I was one of the person at fault (and I am fighting in those on topic threads too). I extremely like this Elayne character. The way she is developing gives us some interesting insight in WoT world and people.
  2. There are two reasons behind the said use of Callandor. 1. The prophecy that Light needs to be hold before the maw of darkness. 2. After Eye, the only place we saw something akin to Light is when Rand faught Ishy using Callandor. This time he killed him with Light. Callandor works like a lense that concentrates Saidin to form Light. So, use of Callandor to produce Light is a must. About requiring two women, we know Callandor does not have buffer. Two women would probably give enough Saidar to create a Buffer. I doubt that is what needed though. What we need most is a protection from taint or any similar strike back from DO. We know that saidar was used as filter to create Eye and to cleanse Saidin. So, IMO that is how Saidar would be used, not as Buffer but as Filter. Here I float another theory. Any takers?
  3. I can assure you that she would stand against Rand.
  4. Completely agree. Now without any companion, it is probably hard to put anything during her bathing time to push the plotline al all.
  5. Thanks Darth Krewl. This is the essence of White Tower witches. Remember Mo took a oath to Rand to specifically state that she will not keep the interest of white tower before all anymore.
  6. The quote above, which I found on another post, clearly indicates just what an intolerable selfish and arrogant ass this woman is. Rand will always be a foolish boy, despite the fact that he's way ahead of Cadsuane in every possible way now? If he were half the "foolish boy" that she makes him out to be, Rand wouldn't have been able, not only to survive but to succeed, for so long. This comment clearly indicates that the woman's extremely jealous of Rand because his mere presence means she's not the top honcho anymore. There's someone much more powerful, knowledgeable and experience around and her ego (as in selfish pride) simply cannot bear it. The second part I've highlighted in bold clearly demonstrates that, while Cadsuane is extremely overconfident and has made one of the biggest mistakes in the series (letting Semirhage escape and get the male Domination Band on her watch) her swollen ego totally blinds and renders her incapable of seeing her own mistakes. She's throwing rocks when living in a glass skyscraper. Her pride over Rand is not based on the guy's accomplishments, but on the fact that the old hag actually feels proud to see how her self-appointed task to "lead" and "guide" the "foolish boy" (as if she had really done anything big in this sense) seems to have worked. Cadsuane's not a little prideful and is not just a bit arrogant. Pride is one of the biggest traits of ego and everything that derives from ego is selfish. Hence the synonym "egotistical" and Cadsuane's extremely self-centered and ego-based, hence egotistical and arrogant to the extreme. I beg to differ. "but the fool boy - he would always be a fool boy, no matter how old he was". This bold part could also represent afection for Rand. He amy have memory but he is just 21 years old and Cad is 300. I can very well see My great grand mother thinking about me like this. "Not that he didn't need her anymore. Men like him grew overly confident. A few little successes, and he'd trip over his own feet and land in some predicament." She is thinking about protecting him. I understand that she is having difficulty acknowledging the fact that a 21 year old guy could have the wisdom of 400 years. But she still thinks him as a 21 year old and wanting to protect him only confirms her afection for him. "But ... well, she was proud of him. Grudgingly proud. A little." She is not proud of her success. She is proud of him. She is a stern teacher who holds very high standard. But if she can feel pride, not for her, but for her student, then can't we be genuinely certain that she is atleast thinking about him not herself?
  7. This is is all but a big dream of Rand while he is in coma. Remember what Snakes said, To live you must die. Remember the Aiel saying, Life is a dream from which all must wake up. To live in real world, Rand must die and wake up from this dream life.
  8. It would actually be a match of Sh'ara. Moridin was pissed of because Rand left in the middle of a game and went to sleep. Eventually Rand will wake up and resume the game again. Remember the Aiel saying, Life is a dream from which all must awake.
  9. The Borderlands regularaly pay tribute to the WT. It is stated in the book that the tribute isn't needed anymore, but they still have the borderlands pay it. And yet the Green ajah sits in the tower twidling their thumbs, instead of fighting trollocs as in their ajah mission statement. Nations ask these things of them and they provide them yes, but what of the other ajahs? The WT supposibly is occupied by 1000ish AS. Thats not counting AS who are abroad. I'd think there should be about 100-150 AS to capture male channelers. Maybe 10-30 for treaties, another 10 as advisors. About 50 more for (sigh) Hall, Ajah heads, amyrlin and keeper. Another 70-80 for novice/accepted teaching. That leaves about 760-680 sisters left in the tower, pursueing their own interests and soaking up the WT's gold. I'd call that unexceptable in ANY institution that receives donations. Except when this is an institution of Bullies. A Bully expects the payment just because she is a bully. Otherwise she will beat you (mind that not harm you, beating is for your own good) or should I say she will cause a little inconvenience to you. About the count - 100-150 to capture male channelers is overestimate. If they were not busy plotting to plant false draggons then they shouldn't need more than 50. 10-30 for treaties, kidnapping rulers etc. seems to be too small a number. This role is directly related to power politics of nation. At no time we see that at least one representative from each Ajah is playing this role at each powerhouse of every nation. So, with 9 nations to count and each having more or less 5 major and 10 minor powerhouses on average, I would say 250 - 300 total. Good thing is they also cover the spy network of each Ajah. I would agree for rest of your count. We still have 500-600 sisters in tower doing nothing. That is, if the rulers know everything thats happening everywhere in their kingdom at any given time. The fact is, anywhere we see AS interact with anyone other than other AS, they try to take control.(Im looking at you, Joline, Cadsuane) The objects of the One power thing is just ridiculous. If a Spanish ship bearing Gold, property of the Spanish government crashed and sunk in a hurricane in 1655, and it was found today in the Carribean, would Spain demand that all the gold be brought to it at once? If the gold is of Spanish gov then atleast they have a valid claim. The objects of One Power were made by Aes Sedai for general public. These are public property. Just because these WT witches have power does not make them rightful owner of those. It is like Nazis confiscating properties of Jews. Because one has power she becomes rightful owner. The scenario was in the 3000 or so years before Seanchan and traveling. They would undoubtably(seeing how smart and wise all AS are) be positioned so that they could serve the densest population while presenting the shortest traveling distance to them. 100 miles is a lot different than 500. More people would go because they are closer. The borderlands would not need many healers, as they have a whole significantly large ajah, the greens, that is devoted tho fighting shadowspawn.(this is in a perfect world where greens are actually doing something useful) Kahilka is trying hard to play WT pretend AS. lol:)
  10. So I guess it was still too complex for you then. Sorry, but there's no point me breaking it down any further, it's really not that difficult a point to follow. Luckers: Removed. Rude.
  11. We do not have a single example. We have plenty of example of These WT witches bullying rulers to form treaties or just kidnap rulers, etc. We really do not see anybody asking them. We saw them forcefully go into sovereign countries and kidnap men. We also saw them floating false Dragons :)) Sometimes people do not mind them taking tyrant dragons, but nobody begged them for there service. You can say even a Bully does a few good things from time to time and common people may be thankful for a few of their actions. That does not make them any less bully. This shows Some rulers fear WT more and less spine to resist. Nowhere it is mentioned that any country has law to follow tower law.
  12. Why do you think New Rand is greater than LTT in any other aspect other than character strength? (In character strength new Rand is definitely better than even LTT)
  13. The Seanchan-occupied territories do not have a problem with their food rotting. Right. Because they are better at serving the needs of common people. Common people are happier under Seanchan rule
  14. This isn't the Oath free Egg anymore I can imagine she being collared this time if she goes into the tower. Can't even feel sorry :( After all she dug her own grave (she took the oath so that she can play better power politics).
  15. Problem is Hawkwing will come at Mat's bidding but he won't follow him. They only follow DRAGON REBORN.
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