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  1. I think that far more major 2nd teir characters tend to die around Egwene and Mat than anyone else, whereas the others almost never see it...and Perrin's few experiences are so laboriously heart wrenching for him that a few is all we need or want. But to suggest that no or almost no major 2nd teir characters have died is also stretching it. People who've had a major presence in multiple books have bought it, including Niall, Verin, Aram, Noal, Hopper, Asmodean, and Nicola. Not to mention a lot of strong one or two book supporting characters like Someshtra, Bornhold, Nealsean, Adelas, Vande
  2. the DO would have to possess the ability to think he could fail/be wrogn to have this kind of caution.....as he does not, I doubt this concept matter sin his choosing while not a Forsaken, Taim seems a likely candidate given some commentary about differences in him past to present...and given the fact that he himself is not doing this to people
  3. I still think its likely that Demandred has multiple proxies (Taim included) and has been behind some event sin the series that we're not aware of (besides successfully building an army of dark channelers) Some thought son the matter -We really don't know who Hanlon's boss has been. It keeps shifting and he keeps appearing to have higher orders. If it's Demandred, then that's a fairly effective proxy. -We don't know who the murderer is that rules in Seandar. -I hold suspicion that Asunawa was actually a darkfriend, and working for him. It fits Demandred's style and it could hav
  4. Because at that point, Egwene and Elayne knew next to nothing whatsoever and coupled that with almost no practical experience. Up to then, all three girls had mostly relied on raw strength and teamwork to get through things. Basically Elayne/Egwene is not equal or anywhere near equal to Adeleas/Vandene, while Rand (although still raw himself) is actually more powerful than even the majority of Forsaken in answer to the original questions..the BA sister were arrogant, stupid and not careful as they didn't respect the level of threat the three girls represented
  5. Okay, so lets recap. Recognized Living Blademasters (as far as I can tell) Lan Sleete Tam Galad Byrne Bashere Ituralde Definite Blademasters but possibly not recognized Rand (depending on Lan's dialogue that may have stated he was) Gawyn (depending on whether the killing of Hammar and Coulin and/or the defeating of Sleete were enough, which is hinted at but not confirmed) Probables and Possibles Demandred Tallinvor Elyas Angelmar Jagad Darlin Karede Galgan Not sure if I missed anybody. As far as the Galad/Gawyn debate goes...yes, Brandon is THE source. H
  6. Egwene had no way of knowing who tigraine was when she told elayne, so no eggy does not know
  7. I think it might be more feasible for channelers to use lines of fire vs, hordes of trollocs and still be more effective than balls of fire
  8. reading the basis of the list is interesting, although I disagree with the writer there when he says women go to 21 and men go to 24...I think what was intended by saying men have another 3 levels doesn't change what we knew about Lanfear...it just made her unique...as though to say Lanfear is in the top 21st bracket, but pretty much no other women are above 18 as for ranking, well, we knew LTT/Rand is it, and we know the Lanfear and Ishy are supposed to have been roughly equal...we know that Demandred and Taim both have just a little less than Rand/LTT, and we know Aginor was the 2nd stro
  9. they are consistent with a ruler who has to take care of minor but pressing issues before dealing with a much larger one...also, i think the first was a negotiation tactic and the last was never actually seriously considered, just used to get info
  10. Let me just add to the Egwene issue here. Not only is she blindly power hungry, she's a special kind of power hungry. She's completely willing to sacrifice anything up to and including herself in order to see the White Tower furthered. So she's fully committed, and as ruthless about it as Niall or Masema were. She's just prettier. Elayne, by way of comparison, makes ruthless moves as well, and gathers power, but her thought process' seems to have the Last Battle first in her mind, where as Egwene's thoughts are for the Tower first and foremost, and then for the battle second and the world thir
  11. I would say ultimately Egwene is both dumber and MORE power hungry than Elayne. The entire attitude of believing Rand should be showing HER respect (just like Elaida did)is one of AMAZING arrogance that surpasses anything Elayne does. Especially given that Elayne was actually brought up for this her whole life. Egwene has been away form home exactly as long as Rand has, and has accomplished less. In 200 years, her job will be taken by soemone else. Fifty years later, by soemone else. Fifty years later by someone else. There is ONE Dragon Reborn and the Prophecies say nothing about the Whit
  12. Instead of saying more deaths would be needed, I'm going to go sort of opposite. Obviously, RJ had a plan in place for all the major characters. So we simply need extra major and important 2nd tier characters, so that THEY can die. I would've made a point of introducing all the 2nd tier characters quicker and gave them larger roles so their deaths seemed more important. -Imagine the extra impact if we'd gotten a few POVs from Verin in the first 3-4 books. -Imagine if Moiraine had had a second Aes Sedai with her who was a part fo thigns for a few books, then was killed. -A 4th Two Rivers bo
  13. Okay, this is too fun not to get into. Let's start with basics, even though some is already gone over. -Speed. Perrin is pretty quick. Now, we're never explicitly told this, but we have a ton of suggestions of it. It's probably greatly enhanced by his wolf nature, but Perrin is fast. Even in EOTW he was quick enough to get the drop on two trained Whitecloaks who knew he was there, and who were already armed, if I recall correctly. He has only improved form there. -Basic technique. Given Perrin's personality, he practiced what Lan taught him quite a bit. It's in his nature. He repeats t
  14. Why are we so certain that Semi killed the Seanchan royals? There's no explicit point of it that I recall.
  15. this is the first time since that he's expressed any kind of desire to get it back which might be important if he's ever going to blow it again
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