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  1. Nynaeve is so much better now. In the beginning I found her really overbearing. She was quick to anger and prone to petulant name calling. She still does the latter but to a lesser degree. She healed stilling, helped cleanse saidin, and apparently madness. Who knows, she may be able to eliminate the effects of compulsion. And finally in this book she actually has an understanding of the failings and limitations of Aes Sedai. We can only hope that Egwene listens to her. Nynaeve is definitely one of the very few competent Aes Sedai.
  2. Does anyone else see the irony in regards to Lan? All the main characters from the first book were forced into positions of authority. They've all since accepted, than embraced their respective positions. Lan, however, although being twice the age of any of them doesn't accept what he is until the 13th book and only right before marching 12,000 men on a suicide mission. He finally accepts leadership and his first action is to ensure the death of him and all his men. Now it's up to Rand and Nynaeve to pull his ass out of the fire.
  3. Elayne is going to the meeting with the intention of supporting Egwene. She tells Perrin that Rand's plan to break the seals is foolish and he must be stopped. She also tells Egwene that Perrin will likely be difficult at the meeting. As to what she'll decide when Rand finally has his say, I have no idea. But right now all her actions are 100% in support for Egwene.
  4. There is no character in the WOT that I care less about than Demandred. This guy has had so much mystery surrounding him on exactly who he is and what he's doing. Not to mention all the buildup of what he is going to accomplish for the Shadow. At this point unless he is single handedly responsible for the death of a few main characters and he levels a few cities that we actually care about I find him totally irrelevant and the most disappointing of the Foresaken.
  5. Can't really assign blame to only one person in this situation. Pretty much have to share it between a few people. Rand, because he did a pretty half ass job of locking down the waygate. I never understood why he didn't just destroy them since it is the only viable option for Shadowspawn to travel long distances throughout Randland. Elayne, because she actually had information that an attack was imminent and she never thought to reason out how it would be accomplished or how soon. She also takes her armies to the meeting and leaves no one protecting Caemlyn except half the band. Verin, because she actually has the exact information that people need but risks everything on only one letter and the belief that curiosity would ensure Caemlyn's survival. Not sure why she wouldn't have just sent a letter to Elayne as well as insurance. And lastly Mat, because he actually had possession of the letter. I can't really blame him though. Verin gave him the option to open the letter after 10 days and do whatever it says or wait 30 days in Caemlyn. The last part was her making sure that Mat would be there during the invasion. He took option #2 because who knows what's in that letter. He had to get the dragons under construction, find out about the Towers of Ghenjei and than rescue Moraine. What happens if that letter had asked him to complete some task in the Borderlands. Without access to Traveling it would have wasted weeks of his time.
  6. Well, how can Rand fight him if the prison is still mostly intact? Which it is. The Bore is just a little gap that the DO can reach through. Right now, that gap is just somewhat narrower because some seals are still holding, but the DO can reach through nonetheless. We've seen the results over and over again. So, if the DO can reach through to the world, then someone in this world can reach through to him. In fact, channeling the True Power requires just that: you must reach out to the DO and use him as a Source. Therefore, it is conceivable that Rand could do something without opening it back up to where it was when the AoL ended, and I can see why Egwene might think what she does. I also think she's wrong, but she hasn't had the view into Rand's skull that we've had, nor does she have all the extra-textual information we readers have gotten over the years. My statement was within the confines of the knowledge that the characters have access to. Common consensus in Randland is that the Dragon Reborn will face the Dark One. They also believe that breaking the seals will most likely release the Dark One. We understand that breaking the seals won't release the Dark One right away. We can also reason like you just did that it may be possible for Rand to reach the Dark One through the bore. But I've seen no evidence of that line of thinking on the part of any of the characters. I for one don't really believe that Rand will face the Dark One himself. It just seems too out there. He'll just wind up getting his ass handed to him. This whole series seems to be about balance: asha'man/aes sedai, saidar/saidin, good/evil, creator/dark one. I can't see the destruction of the Dark One as a continuation of that balance. I think it's more likely that he has to fight Moridin and figure out a way to put a legitimate seal in place.
  7. Since the beginning of the WOT I've always felt that Egwene's character had an overinflated sense of self worth and that she was far to malleable a personality to sympathize with. It seems that her first instinct when it comes to Rand is to take up a judgmental position in which she lambasts his decisions regardless of how necessary they may be. This is evident throughout the series. I could also never get a true read on her allegiances throughout the series. It seems that her allegiance lies with whatever organization she is currently a part of. When she left the Two Rivers she immediately became an Aes Sedai apprentice under Moraine. When she was in the White Tower she became an obedient Aes Sedai novice. When she was with the Wise Ones she started to question many of the traditions of the White Tower and began to feel that the Wise Ones had more effective traditions. When she became Amyrlin she became a stereotypical Aes Sedai and abandoned most of the thoughts she had of Aes Sedai while with the Wise Ones. In ToM I couldn't really understand what she was doing. Does she think Rand is crazy or doesn't she. If she believes Rand is sane than the gathering of his allies and their respective armies is an effective plan to hopefully get him to see reason with regards to the breaking of the seals. However, if she believes he is insane than this is quite possibly the dumbest move she can make. I can't see how gathering his closest supporters all of whom have sworn to him and all their men and telling him that he can't do exactly what he wants to do wouldn't antagonize him. Her actions are those of desperation. We know that she won't fight him, and we know that Rand won't fight her. She has no leverage in getting him to do what she wants, she really has no legitimate option in stopping him. Her only hope would have been to find evidence that destroying the seals were unnecessary. Unfortunately she has taken no action when it comes to a plan with keeping the seal in place. Verin said in TGS that the Last Battle wouldn't play out the way Rand thought it would. This of course was before his epiphany on Dragonmount. However, in ToM it is Egwene that has no clue. Here are two Egwene POV's from ToM that are diametrically opposed to each other. Her reaction to this statement is perfectly reasonable. To your average person in Randland breaking the seals is definitely a bad idea. The problem with this is that she is gathering all his allies and telling them that Rand plans on breaking the seals but she neglects to tell them that he plans to reseal the Bore. It's a convenient omission that allows her to gather pretty much all his allies. Also the common consensus in Randland is that the Dragon will face the Dark One at Shayol Ghul. How can that confrontation happen if the Dark One is locked in his prison. Here is another Egwene POV with Nynaeve, and Elayne: To me this is further evidence that she really is clueless when it comes to the Last Battle. The statement makes no sense. How can Rand fight the Dark One if he is locked behind the seals. How can he defeat him if he can't get to him. Why would you need to reseal the Dark One behind the Bore if he is defeated. If Rand really is supposed to face the Dark One I would think it was going to be a kill or be killed fight. It's not some boxing match that's gonna go to the score cards. The last thoughts on her part reinforce the argument that many have had in regards to her opposition of Rand and the rationale that she uses when her own allies support him.
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